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PRICE DROP - $200 or best offer...
I recently bought a pair of 649s, non polarized, in tortoise. They are the highest quality sunglasses I've ever owned (I typically buy Rayban), but do not suit my oblong head shape. They typically retail at $279, and I would like to get $200 or best offer on them. This includes shipping.   These are 100% authentic and come with the box, glasses case, and Luxotica (company that owns Persol and most major sunglasses manufacturers) paperwork. Can send my receipt from the...
Selling a pair of Size 32 Weird Guy Left Hand Twill denim from Naked and Famous. Pair has been worn 3 times - minimal stretching. Purchased only about two weeks ago. Zero fades, only selling because they're a little too big. Would trade for another Weird Guy cut in 31.   Measurements:   * Size 32 (34.5" waist, 10.25" rise, 12" thigh, 8.7" knee, 35" inseam, 7.7" leg opening)
Are there any current promotions or discount codes for Blue Owl? Perhaps a first time customer code? I'm looking to pick up some new denim.
Lightly worn pair of  Weird Guys in a size 30. Made the mistake of sizing for waist not thighs, can't really fit in these. Would trade for a 31 or 32 in Weird Guy (thigh measurements depending) or sell for best offer.
I had the same decision to make a few weeks ago and went with the essential navy as I thought it would be more versatile for a variety of occasions including the more formal stuff.. However, it is very dark, and if your concern is that you want a lighter and more visible navy hue then go with the sharkskin.
    Thanks. It's partially my own fault; I wait till last minute to order it.   Not that I know, I know sometimes people post it in here, if I see another one come up I will.
  There have been at least 3 offers this year, I waited on the first two, claimed that last one. My bet is there will be another one in time for holiday shopping,say November?   Thanks for the heads up. I guess I'll get it in the mail and see what's up. Hopefully when I emphasize slim in the first email they took that into account.
Placed an order for the Essential Suit in navy on Monday. Emailed a few changes right away and got a response back that the changes were received. Received another email confirming they would make the change on Tuesday. Sent an email last night (so roughly 72 hours after the original order) requesting that they raise the armholes and take some padding out of the shoulders and received this reply:   << Thank you very much for your email. I can confirm that your...
Looking at two pairs of Weird Guys, the Left Hand Twill and the Deep Indigo and was hoping someone could educate a raw denim noob:   1)Is there any reason to recommend one over the other? I've read around a bit and there are some people saying the deep indigos dont fade as well while others say it takes longer but ultimately fades better. Still others say the construction on the left hand twill is sturdier and superior to some of the other designs.   2)Both pairs...
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