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Finally got my Powerdrill of choice ! damnit, this lil Fu*#er is fun to use.....hehe!´re right. But hey, that´s exactly what I was listenin to at that time...Homeboy!!! lol!  
@oneeightyseven: Don´t get it....^^ By using the term "Hooptie" I´ve discribed my actual car, that I´m drivin during my stay in Germany and not the C300 I´m waitin for...haha. But I think, you figured that out already....did you? Moon
Uuuhm, how come, that my last post in this thread  is nowhere to be found??? Did I write something wrong? Enlighten me... Moon
It sure does.....
Damn!!!!! That Lotus Exige S Roadster looks frickin hot!!!!!! Still collectin doe for my upcomin C300...the raggedy Hooptie I´m actually drivin is way too ugly to show off in this forum!!!! (An old messed up Volkswagen Golf 4! *yikes*) Whatever....the posted photos are a pretty good Inspiration.  
A bottle of water straight out the Tube...... Damn, I love germany!
As long as it´s a dark sorta beer, I´m fine with it! But I prefer the Original...Guiness, you heard???
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