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Now I have to make noise too? I already strut around like a peacock when I enter shops to warn people off my racks!
We need some sort of code word.I ran into @jebarne the other day and had no idea...
  Means I can fuck with him all I want, right?     BTW, you all should block this asshat ASAP. He's been a member long enough to know how to game the system (1999).
  So, it took a second call this morning to finally get the feedback removed. And then I just got this...  
I just walked 1.3 miles to the Post Office with a few deliveries. And I was chatting with one of my consignors on the phone. Multi-tasking at its finest. At least it's a dry 90 here.
I do.
  My first thought is that would be a great place for a "stash"....
  I do the same. Occasionally it comes up to bit me in the ass too, if you saw my post yesterday.  People ask the stupidest questions on Ebay. Is there a contest somewhere that we're unaware of?
  I got a neutral feedback for a "color didn't match pics" removed. As long as you used generic colors in your listing (ie, yellow, and not mustard yellow) and your pictures show that color item, you should be able to talk a CSR into removing the feedback. Unless the policy has changed drastically in the past few months. 
New Posts  All Forums: