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Are they 24"?
New business address coming up! I got a 5.5x11 box at the Post Office. About the same price I was paying before, but way more convenient...
  I'd looked pretty jacked too, wearing a women's shirt. 
A few recent finds...   Breckenridge Brewery tee     Iron Maiden Tee       Ironman Louisville Jersey     Arc'teryx Fortrez Hoodie (Women's Large)     Kuhl Coffeenna Hoodie (Large)     Kuhl Cotton Sweater (L)     SmartWool baselayer top (women's Large)     SmartWool sweater (men's XL)  
  Welcome to the madness... If you use the clothes and sell later, you can definitely still mark them as having a cost for tax purposes. Otherwise, anything you buy with the intent to sell which turns out to be unsalable can be redonated. Track mileage on your vehicle -at least in the US, you can claim that as a business expense at a sent amount per mile. Track everything.
  LOL, we just moved in. We did however, bring fresh baked cookies over and talked to her and her husband (who works for a competing aerospace engineering company) and daughter. The neighborhood we live in was built when IBM built their local facility, so a lot of the older folks in the hood are retired engineers and such. I would hazard a guess that my mere Bachelor's Degree brings down the average education of adults in the area.
I'm sure that there are some wealthy people in our hood. We live a couple of blocks from the Country Club.   The closest I've found to a celebrity I've discovered here is that our next door neighbor is the project manager for the team building the replacement for the Hubble Space Telescope.
  Man, if that's your view, you have some big trees. 
  Did you find it while drunk searching? 
+1... Those are usually the days I leave for a bike ride at lunchtime. Like today...
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