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Isn't it against EBay's TOS to adjust the price higher after the fact?
  I'd say you'd know me by the Patagonia label(s), but then that describes half of the guys in this town. Filson will be easier to spot in the crowd.
  The last really obvious one I saw was last Friday. Dude had a cartful of stuff when I walked in, and was checking almost everything on his phone. I was in and out of the store in like 10 minutes with four decent items. He had a bunch of shit in his cart, and didn't seem to even be checking stuff for damage.
I should clarify that I didn't spend $10k. That's retail on all the parts.I have a one- off Look 595 that was built as a prototype for Rock Racing back in 2008. Parts are Ultegra Di2. Wheel set is Shimano Dura-Ace.
Anyone after a size small road or time trial/triathlon bike?   http://www.ebay.com/itm/2014-GIANT-Propel-Advanced-SL0-10-Speed-Ultegra-Di2-Small-50cm-EUC-/201788434076     http://www.ebay.com/itm/2011-Giant-Trinity-Advanced-SL-2-Time-Trial-Tri-Bike-Ultegra-Di2-HED-Small-/201655872985  
  Ah, I missed the NWT part. That would change my perspective a bit. If the upfront cost isn't an issue, that's probably reasonable. Given that you routinely list 400+ item per week, I wouldn't think listing 300 suits would be a problem. Oh, and if I walked into a thrift and they had that many suits at $60/each? I would pick the ones that would have the best resale value. 
As for the suit question... I probably wouldn't buy the lot.   But then, @SpooPoker will get a lot more for those suits than I would, and I also don't have $18k to throw at a lot like that. My experience suggests that $110-130 is what I'd get for a Zegna suit, and $90-110 for a Canali suit. Whether that ROI is worthwhile for the time that it will take to sell them? Only Spoo knows. Couple that with the potential purchase being sight unseen. I doubt I would go for it.
  Have you ever seen a grown man naked?
  That's insane... My highest viewed listing is 1260, for a BINOBO that has been up for more than four months!    As for the other bike I mentioned earlier today, I sent a text to the person I'm selling the bike for and she said she would be happy with $320 for the bike. So I guess I know where I'm going tomorrow morning! My wife pointed to me that TPC probably has mechanic(s) on staff who can fix up the bike so they can sell it for more. I know that if the bike had a...
  Surely you can't be serious?
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