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@TheNeedMachine, nice find on the Mountain Hardwear GoreTex bibs! USA Made? I'd ask size, but my TNF ones are perfectly functional.
Do you have the package type set as standard envelope?
As I get ready to move, I thought I'd look to see how my seller performance is doing...   .21% defect rate on 469 transactions? I'll take that... The one defect for item not received could be removed if it was worth the effort... The item showed up the next day, well within the USPS First Class delivery window.  
@Nobleprofessor, love that Atari shirt... A friend's dad was one of the creators of Pong, so I get to hear a lot about the old days of Atari.
Oh, I'm certainly with you on those. My wife was putting offers on a $100 item at $90, then $95 and finally $96. All were rejected. She bought from someone else for $97.
It really bothers me when people send lowball offers on auctions, especially since the starting price is generally the least I'm comfortable selling the item for at the moment. Just about anything that is a waste of my time will get ignored. If the offer is reasonable, I may go for it. I frequently end auctions at the starting price when folks ask nicely.
On an auction listing starting at $74.99... LOLZ
Valid point, but the question was posted in the buying and selling thread...
I saw a tie in a Silicon Valley office this morning... . . . . ...draped over the wall of someone's cubicle at Netflix.
  Yeah, I've thrifted a good chunk of the state. It's not the Bay Area, but it's not bad at all. Den ver has everything from hipsters to trads to outdoorsy types, so it fits my scattered approach to thrifting pretty well.
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