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Some recent stuff... Coogi   [[SPOILER]]   Orvis Signature    [[SPOILER]]   Snap-T (2002 vintage)    [[SPOILER]]   Patagonia Puff Jacket (1998)    [[SPOILER]]   Patagonia Primo Jacket (2006)    [[SPOILER]]    Schnee's flannel-lined trucker (L)    [[SPOILER]]   RAB pertex Jacket (XL)    [[SPOILER]]   Patagonia Capilene 4 (XL)  Patagonia Capilene 4 (XL)    [[SPOILER]]   Todd Snyder X Champion     [[SPOILER]]    Voormi Drift Jacket (M)   TNF Denali Hoody (2XL)  Barbour...
  Early 1980s vintage. Is it a mountain parka? Those things can do pretty well... Can you read the date on the back of the GoreTex tag?
  Thanks, that makes sense... That was the one fabric I didn't think of looking for. 
Any Chinese readers present? The material is cotton and___?
I got this message this morning. Any thoughts? Would I be covered by Ebay/PayPal if I did this? Buyer has 200+ feedback.  
  They could go to 31.5" which is why I've been pondering keeping it. The waist is a touch big for me, but otherwise the thing fits just about perfect.
  It is, but the pants would be too short if you actually have a 34" inseam.
  Thank you for the confirmation. I kind of wish I had a tux shirt and a proper tie to photograph this thing with... Brooks Brothers 346 shawl collar tux. I've been sitting on this tux for over two years (thrifted in November 2013), pondering whether I actually need a tux.    
@Orgetorix, Am I reading this right as a 1949-1962 label?
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