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@Randomore Looks solid from here...
I'm wearing something in a camoflage pattern, so I'm required by law to say it's just fine.
Based on that pic, I say somewhere from mid 80s to early 90s. USA made?
It's definitely a scam.I just had a neutral feedback removed because the buyer claimer the color was off from my photos. You can definitely win this.I would call Ebay post haste and mention the attempt to do business outside of Ebay and also that you made no specific claims about the exact shade of tobacco brown that the shoes are (assuming you didn't, of course). They should see this for what it is.Oh, and why let people wait three weeks to pay? If buyers don't pay within...
Nothing mega-awesome lately except for a thrifted vintage Patagonia Snap T (yes!!) that was owned by an Olympic gold medalist (along with a silver and a bronze) and 3-time world champion (along with 5 silvers) in ice dancing (Marina Klimova).I put it up on Ebay for charity. We shall see how it goes. [[SPOILER]]
This place blows chunks lately.
10.35 hilly miles this evening. The weekend was spent cross country skiing and hiking in Colorado. Good times!
  I saw a guy doing yardwork in a cotton terry bathrobe the other day... It's only socially unacceptable if you care what other people think... 
Thrift fit from this past Saturday, cross country skiing in Breckenridge, Colorado...   Patagonia hat (retail), Arc'teryx tech shirt (REI Garage Sale), Patagonia pants (outlet)  
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