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Nice! The rest of us will play 'guess the SF member on the TV screen'.
  I think it would be just fine, but I tend to prefer backpacks or messenger bags for my carry-on gear. The reason behind this has been that I tend to use an XL North Face Duffel for traveling, and it's hard enough to carry through airports without dealing with a rolling bag as well (the TNF duffel has backpack-style shoulder straps, and I carry my second bag on the front when needed. That being said, I just acquired an Eagle Creek rolling "suitcase" for a really good...
  I. Had. No. Idea.... Those are pretty cool, and way expensive. Something else to keep my out for in the thrifts...  Same here. I hit up three GWs today, two of which have remodeled this year. The third one badly needs that remodel. It's been the same junky setup since I was in high school (that was where I got my dress shirt for graduation).
 I'll bring it back after the World Series. 
:rofl:This wasn't a great location, but it was where I found an RLPL tie that sold at 51x what I paid for it. I used to live three blocks from this shop as well. Call it a sentimental favorite.
Noooooooooo....... Another SA store bites the dust.
Winter is coming...
Sometimes I REALLY wish I owned a record player...
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