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If anyone is interested in Filson tote bags, theclymb.com has a few pretty good deals going right now.
  No kidding... Those were from Marshalls, and only the really big stuff has hit the clearance rack so far. Unless I missed some smaller sizes.
  1950s for sure... Nice find! http://www.thehanashirtco.com/product/Hale_Hawaii_-_Rare_Mens_Vintage_40s_Rayon_Hawaiian_Shirt
Just finished a 5.5 miler around the neighborhood. 22 for the week so far, with 21 on tap for tomorrow morning.
Egads, I'm drowning in shirts and jackets over here...     Mountain Hardwear Windstopper Vest (L)       North Face Down Vest (XL)       Spiewak American Airlines Jacket (S) If anyone wants this at cost + shipping, let me know. I ran up against an Ebay listing policy on this one.     REI Midweight Fleece (L)     Mountain Hardwear Maximalist Ski Jacket (2XL)       Mountain Hardwear Compulsion 2L Ski Jacket (XL)       Reyn Spooner Reverse...
  I topped out at 238 when I was 17 (senior year of high school). I dropped down to 189 during my freshman year of college and haven't been over 210 since... The lightest I've been as an adult was 169 back when I was rock climbing 5-6 days per week and hiking and walking A LOT. Currently, I'm at 192 and dropping again. I'm aiming to be in the mid 170s by the summertime. My weight tends to fluctuate a lot, which is one of the reasons I pick up so many different clothes...
          Items in search results NEW LISTING ERMENEGILDO ZEGNA Blue White Check Plaid Cotton Sport Shirt -Men’s 3XL Tall -EUC $31.99 Buy It Now   Jan-30 13:45 NEW LISTING ERMENEGILDO ZEGNA Red White Check Plaid Cotton Sport Shirt -Men’s 2XL -EUC! $31.99 Buy It Now   Jan-30 13:40 NEW LISTING GEMELLI Brown Multi Plaid Soft Cotton Sport Shirt -Men’s Large...
    Am I the only one losing weight? I'm down 12 pounds since January 1...  I still have ~20 to go to reach my ideal running weight.
  No, I put those up on Ebay... They have gotten too big on me (I shrunk). The active Tellasons right now are my black John Graham Mellors (not in the pic).
  That simply has to be Fremont High School... Oddly enough, that's where I do my track (running) workouts and swimming workouts. It's one of the oldest high schools in the area. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fremont_High_School_%28Sunnyvale,_California%29 Class of 71, I would assume. 
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