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Another six tonight.
Speaking of food... I discovered that there's a Waffle House about 15 miles from home.
Here's some Barbor pr0n for the fans.     Barbour Steve McQueen     Beacon Brand by Barbour chambray -I finally found a chambray that fits properly!!     What do you call this sort of jacket? I assume it's a moto inspired thing since it's from the Barbour International line  
  Jeebuz... The last thing that clip makes me want to do is run out and buy rag & bone clothing.
  I also value the vintage stuff (okay, mostly vintage outdoors stuff because I grew up going to places like Ski Hut, Sierra Designs, Western Mountaineering, Marmot, The North Face, Antelope, etc.), and I think the stuff is a wonderful look at a bygone era. But that doesn't make the stuff art. For the most part, clothing is designed by one person, and produced by another (or perhaps many other) person(s). Clothing is to art what a faithful giclee reproduction of a painting...
This. It's clothing, not some god that deserves respect and adoration. It's functional, hopefully, and looks decent, hopefully. Beyond that, it's just some fiber that someone wove into a cloth that we wrap ourselves in.
Anyone know what I'm looking at here?
Anyone like Barbour shirts? I'm looking at a whole rack mediums and larges at STP.
I got a bit overexcited when I saw this hanging in a thrift shop this morning! [[SPOILER]]
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