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Plain Of Six Glaciers, above Lake Louise (Banff National Park, Alberta).
Lone Wolf IPA from Fernie Brewing Company (Fernie, BC) at Park Distillery in Banff, Alberta This beer was amazing. I enjoyed it while taking a tour of the distillery.
If you only described the color as blue, and the picture shows a blue item, and the buyer received a blue item; your listing is accurate.He's stating an irrelevant fact in stating that the color is darker than it appears on screen. If he had his monitor set too bright, this would always be the case.Call back, you will be able to win this.
Color descrepencies can be tough to fight with SNAD claims. I've used the approach that I only stayed "blue" successfully. I may have an advantage since a lot of my work experience and education revolves around color theory.
Troubled Monk Pesky Pig Oale Ale (Red Deer, Alberta) Midnight Sun Kodiak Brown Ale (Anchorage, AK) Grizzly Paw Rutting Red Ale (Canmore, Alberta)
Samplers at Jasper Brewing Company (Jasper, Alberta)... Counterclockwise from lower left: Rockhopper IPA, Blackeye Blueberry Vanilla Ale, 6060 Stout, Across The Divide Dark Wheat Ale, Athabasca Amber Lager, Snake Indian Rye Pale Ale
This isn't a thrift, but I got it at a good price. Trying to split firewood with a pocket knife while camping made me realize I need a hatchet. So I got the best one out there... Gränsfors Bruks Wildlife Hatchet.
LOL... Stop and say hi on your way through Jasper, AB.
Having had shaved legs in the past for both swimming and triathlon, I can endorse the point made by @Chotii...
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