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  The problem is compounded by not uploading the tracking information. I'd argue that this is more crucial, as Ebay will consider siding with the seller, but only if the request for change of shipping address came through Ebay messaging. No tracking information equals no proof of delivery whether or not the buyer actually received the item. Ebay will never side with the seller in such a case.
  There's nothing you can do. Eat the loss and learn from your mistake.
No one can get stains out like me. Trust me.
  You can, but beware that the buyer can leave negative feedback until 45 days have passed (6.5 weeks). Did you have measurements in the listing?
It was definitely fake. Spoo left his mark...
  I've found a few Hermes ties. The one that I thought was nicest turned out to be fake. #themoreyouknow
  I have an R5 driver, but haven't played a round in almost 8 years... I realized that it was cheaper to get drunk at the bar, I guess.  
New Posts  All Forums: