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Yep. I'm flying out of SFO Wednesday afternoon.And isn't it telling that I have an easier time running in 15 degree weather than in 55 and raining?
At least you inspect things before shipping them out... I inspect thoroughly before leaving the shop. Donating stuff is nice, but I'd rather not deal with that.
I only use the full size labels. With the generic rolls, cost is minimal (about 2c per label as I recall). I won't be home until Wednesday, so no pics until then.
Oh yeah, the XL. Yes generics work with it.
I tried twice today to go for a run (at Rancho San Antonio and later on the Sawyer Camp Trail). I just couldn't motivate myself, so I'm at the climbing gym.
That looks way off to me. The kerning on the Burb lettering is horrible.
Same here. I do use the LaserJet for international labels.
I swear autocorrect hates me.
Swish of the day so far... N&F Double Weave Hondstooth (wool/cotton blend). Supposedly, these restored for $299. These are rather lightly worn.
This is what I get for badmouthing JSNYC here the other day. Selvedge trucker jacket...
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