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Well, if it's an iPhone case, it's definitely pre 4, which makes it worthless.
And all I found today was a phone case in a Camelbak. If anyone can tell what it's for, feel free to pass that knowledge along.
  I'd like to think I watch enough Ancient Aliens to know this one... It's either Mayan or Aztec.
  Maybe, maybe not. But knowing how Ebay works on things I've dealt with, there's probably something buried in the TOS that says that Ebay will not cover lost packages that contained items that are in violation of international trade law. But hey, I'm not expert...
   That also segues nicely with the episode (rerun) of The Late Show I was watching last night where Kimmel was playing charades with Tim McGraw and Emma Thompson and the solution was 'Walk Like An Egyptian'. And suddenly I have a desire to play The Bangles...
Wow, I just set up and printed three package labels with my new Laser printer (Brother HL-22700DW) and must say that I've been missing out. The print time is roughly 1/4 the time that it takes with my inkjet, and hopefully I'll save a ton of money on ink/toner! Even better is that I now have a printer in my office aside from my old Epson Stylus Photo R2880, which would be massively overkill to print labels on...
I'm not sure that Ebay will be at fault here. Isn't that something that would be illegal to ship there?
I'm sure some here will appreciate this... Even better at thrift prices!   http://www.hulu.com/watch/615358
  Nah, I don't live in PA... That's apparently what happens when you pack too many carrots into too small of an area of dirt. I'll be planting another crop of carrots tomorrow, in deeper soil. We'll see how it goes this time around!
There are definitely lazy postal workers out there... I recently received a First Class shipment that was in a Priority box.
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