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125 miles (201km) on a hot day (the highest temperature I encountered was around 100). Good times, but man, did those little hills hurt! Edit to add the screen capture of the ride from Strava... 125.1 miles with 4,457 feet of climbing. Average power was 151 watts (low Zone 2).
  What do y'all actually use Regional Rate boxes for? I've only had a handful of things come up as cheaper with RRA boxes (and never RRB).
    I found this guys "advertisement" in the form of a sticker slapped on a bathroom door in a coffee shop in Mammoth Lakes, CA. https://www.facebook.com/horriblelogos
  Or you could surprise yourself... Race day is always high adrenaline. Watch you pace for the first half -make sure you don't go out too fast and burn out. With 10k races, I used to always end up going 5-8 minutes faster than my training runs. You mileage may vary, of course! Good luck! My next "race" is four weeks and a day out!
6.2 hilly miles in the heat of the day (temps from 93-97). Good times! Oh, and in my new Saucony Kinvara 4 shoes.
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  If you want to make it worse, here's a new avatar for you: 
  Running shoe selection is tricky if you have "problem feet". I tend to do best in neutral, non-supporting shoes, which is good because that's about 65% of the running shoes on the market. I like the 4mm drop (like the Kinvara) for the road, and these look like they have about the right amount of padding. I've been using Brooks PureConnect shoes for a while, and like them for shorter runs. I find that for anything over 6 miles or so, my feet start to hurt. I love the...
Inspired by recent talk of Marshall's, I went in and found some new running shoes at a good price.
3x Canali (17.5/44) and Pink (my size).
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