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I was just getting worried about the notification saying that my top rated seller status is at risk... But then I checked my defects, and I only have one since March. I think my volume is high enough to only go back three months... 
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Hmm, same here.
I e-thrifted a pair of throwing shoes for a song. Cheapo discus not really brag worthy.
When did this start? I have to wait seven days to leave feedback for someone who ships shoes in a bag?
Two notable finds this afternoon. Converse x John Varvatos Stadium giveaway bobblehead from 4/9/14
    Seriously, my wife hates the stack of boxes in our storage room... But she loves the PayPal transfers to the bank account.  As for what I do with the boxes... We have two large metal frame storage shelves in one room, my back stock of boxes is in there. In my office, I have a shelf unit that has a selection of boxes and envelopes that I use the most.
  Before I figured a lot of this out, I sent a lot of stuff via Medium Flat Rate. I probably wasted a few hundred dollars... Once I started getting serious, I actually researched shipping costs one evening. I literally looked at the pricing structure of USPS services. What I now do is this (some of this will vary depending on what part of the country you live in): 1) If the item is under 13 ounces, the buyer gets a choice between First Class and Priority2) If the item is...
Today, I got in 110 miles with 9,085 feet of climbing (three major climbs plus lots of rollers). Beautiful day, even though the wind was blowing the wrong direction on the coast!  
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