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I thrifted an 85mm f/1.8 Canon lens yesterday in Canmore, AB. If only it was an EOS lens!! Still a worthwhile pickup as the first camera lens I've thrifted.
I actually ran four miles this evening... After parking at Crowsnest Pass (BC/Alberta border on Highway 3), I ran some on trails, some on gravel, some on train tracks and some on the highway shoulder. It felt good to stretch the legs out!
I shipped 41 pounds worth of thrift shop finds home from Coeur d'Alene, Idaho... Now I'm heading north into Canada. Vacation starts now!
No. You're asking people to consider breaking international trade laws to save you a few bucks. That could cost many people tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue per year if they are caught. No offense, but keep your money on that side of the pond.
Not much... Would I get bonus points for wearing this across the Canadian border later?
Thrifting in Northern Idaho Gonna dress like Don Ho Sweep up the state, break out the broom Found a shop with a shower in the bathroom
I thought this was kind of cool... Early Winters was the first company I ever mail ordered anything from back in the days when you filled out a catalog page and mailed it in!
I just filled an 18x18x18 with stuff I've picked up in the past week in Oregon, Washington and British Columbia.   It wasn't enough... I'll be hitting the UPS Store in the morning to ship two packages!!
Awesome stuff in Eastern Washington... TNF Nuptse jacket IN MY SIZE!
New Posts  All Forums: