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  Pretty much everything, but I sell different stuff that most of the people here. My 24-hour sales figure right now is nearly $2500. 
13.1 miles this morning.
Reyn Spooner Mele Kalikimaka (ethrifted) Roy (trade) Tevas (thrifted)
  That would be great, as long as she didn't write  a song about the experience a year later. 
Church's Custom Grade? No markings legible on the inside.      
Anyone else have their Ebay notifications going through the roof today?   I'm pretty sure that this is my #1 sales day ever, excepting really big single items. 
Who was looking for a down coat for their lady? @eazye? Medium, slate blue, pretty nice (bit dirty on the hem, but cleanable.
   That's essentially the same thing that happened to me with the PB Flannel. I just measured everything, what I got is that Chest and Waist measure like a medium slim; Neck and Shoulders are right for large slim; and Sleeves and Length measure like  a large tall. C'mon Gustin, it's hard enough to fit into shirts using your online size guide without the results being so far off...
       Sounds about right... I'd hate to run into the guy that fits into this thing in a dark alley.
There are two vacation settings. You can choose to block purchases or not.
New Posts  All Forums: