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Greetings from Madras, OR!
I really love it when buyers essentially accuse me of scamming them. Like I'm going to legitimately sell $2000-4000 items and then scam someone for a $40 used sport coat!!
  I've already pointed out in the case that the tag clearly indicates regular, and that 54 == 44 according to Zegna's website. It took me three minutes of Googling to determine all of the pertinent data. I figure that at worst, Ebay forces a return. At best, I get this bullshit case cleared from my record.
  Dumb buyer is claiming that the jacket is a 44 Long. What do these measurements indicate? Chest (pit to pit): 23.5 inches across (47 inches)Shoulders (seam to seam): 19.25 inchesWaist (between buttons): 21.75 inches across (43.5 inches)Sleeves (from shoulder seam to end of sleeve: 26 inchesLength (bottom of collar to bottom hem at back): 32.5 inches
  A large from the Portland Collection fits like a Fitted Medium Board Shirt, but with much tighter shoulders.
A little help with an open case would be appreciated...     This is a 54 R, right? Euro 54 == US 44, right?  
I was trying for the @capnwes look, but the mirror in my hotel room isn't big enough. And my new favorite shirt...
  I went to one thrift in Bend... Holy Price Hike!!! There was lots of cool Pendleton and Orvis stuff there, but the prices were way too high... I continue to make my way north, but no drinking until after that pesky 140.6 triathlon this weekend. I do plan on enjoying myself in Vancouver and Northern Washington early next week before I head out to Calgary.
I really like the Portland collection shirts too, but the fit is weird. Don't PNW hipsters have any shoulders?
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