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Here's one for your blocklists...   This douchenozzle bought a tie with a stain on it, and then left negative feedback because the tie had a stain (the stain was photographed twice, and mentioned twice in the listing). This was the feedback that Ebay removed for me the other day while I was driving.    
   Plus one on calling Ebay. This smells scammy to me.
Does anyone out there know whether Schott made Perfecto-branded sneakers at some point? These seem to be well-made, but I cannot find anything about them online.    
  Is that stranger than being able to diferentiate Crockett & Jones versus Grenson from the nail patterns on the sole?
   That's an Expedition Weight Wallace Beery from, yes, Fall 1989. The blog post below is my find of a midweight wallace beery from 1989.
  I've only encountered backpacks by them at the BuffEx. I understand that they are pretty solid stuff, and a local company here, but I've never actually picked up any of their stuff.
  Let's not forget those who forget stuff they dropped at the dry cleaners last year...
  I've heard that said about just about everything we find in the thrifts.  Never underestimate the power of stupid...
  I admit that I don't know a whole lot about the brand, but they seem crazy lightweight for the warmth. My two backpacking sleeping bags are both by Western Mountaineering.
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