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  Send stuff to me... I can apparently list a lot of stuff. 
One stop today from a spot that rarely delivers. I cleaned them out of Todd Snyder x PF Flyer sneakers and Bill's cords.
4 miles this morning, mostly on gravel and dirt.
Dog flophouse...
I'd think kids. Is the chest in the 36" range?
Shelled Synchilla Jacket -2000 modelEither 1991 or 2001(90% sure it's 2001, as I think the 91's actually had 91 as the year code -2001 and 2011 both had 1, but they weren't made in the US by then). The style of the tag suggest 2001. Snap-T's are harder because they've been making them for so damned long...
My condolences, @drlivingston . My thoughts are with you and your family.
I think the rise on the classic fit could be a little longer.
I do, but I hadn't used it for a few months. Normally, the spare would be in the charger and plugged in, but it was left unplugged in the garage while we're gone.
Next best thing to freshly shorn beaver...
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