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  You should be able to just plug in some sample entries for your template and then edit them from the WYSIWIG editor after that. Tables are pretty much the simplest HTML code you can learn. 
  I think it's more about what's on my radar versus what's on yours. I've thrifted in at least half of the states in the US, including Illinois. Keep expanding your horizons.
  LOL... It's a rare day that I don't thrift some sort of sports equipment. 
  Your posts made me take a look back at the shirts I received the other day, and compare them to the original listing. It was the "Pigment Dyed T-Shirt 3-Pack #2". The green color is a little lighter in person than it looks in the pics online, but I wore it today and absolutely love the color. The others are similarly lighter in person. But looking at the pictures from the online store, you can see that the colors are different between the pics. 
 And the bathrooms don't normally have windows leading outside? 
A few things from today...     @Nataku, internal frame pack by McHale & Company (the new models range upwards of $850!)       Mountain Hardwear, Prana, vintage XB Hummingbird climbing shoes, and some Buffs pride to wear to the game against Stanford next month!       Wilderness Experience pack       Barbour and 3Sixteen!         Mountain Hardwear down       Pendleton cotton  
Anyone know when the next clearance event is at The Rack? The local store has some sweet watches I have my eyes on...
Does this look legit?
@SCoNE, looks good from here. Can you snap a pic of the side of the tag with a style number on it?
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