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  Yes, yes it is... It's going into my closet if it fits.   Summertime thrifting for me is t-shirt or short sleeve button down, shorts, flip flops and a trucker hat. I certainly get looks checking the suits and ties out...
My kind of quick stop on the way home from a lunchtime swim. Garmont leather boots, Asolo Goretex hiking shoes, Vibram Five Fingers (KSO Trek model, made with kangaroo leather), Patagonia lightweight Capilene zipneck, Patagonia t-shirt
I suggest sellers block this shitforbrains. Complained about shipping prices. Then asked what Brioni Bangkok is (I even added an explanation to the fucking listing), speculated that the pants might not even fit him (mind you, he did not ask if there was room to let the pants out). And then tells me he's done way more business on EBay than I'll ever dream of!!?
The bigger issue is how much space the packages take up in transit. Just sayin'. Too each his own, I suppose.
Reel Rock 11 Collab Experimental IPA at Upslope Brewing
  I prefer shipping and receiving things in bags/envelopes as long as the item isn't fragile (which face it, 80%+ of the stuff we sell isn't fragile). We waste enough as a society without ripping through cardboard boxes like they're going out of style. Yes, I realize I'm in the minority on this one here, but I do live in the GoreTex Vortex and consider myself at least somewhat eco-conscious. I received a pair of sandals (replacements for my overly worn Olukai flip flops)...
  Sample of a tie listing from a recently uploaded auction. I've probably sold 300+ ties, and have only had one returned. 
I give customers a choice between padded envelopes shipped First Class or a Small Flate Rate Priority box.
  Unpaid item case. Close it when you can. Then relist. That's what I do anyway... At least then these asshats have a mark on their records.
  I got that... There's a shop somewhere within 60 miles of here that is similarly consistent. I'm not giving that one away...  My wife and I are planning a bit of a road trip, potentially going as far as Anchorage, AK, leaving in the next week or so. Should be nice to get out and see parts of North America we haven't seen yet; even though the reason for having the time available is about the shittiest thing that can happen to a person. I've "only" been to 38 states and...
New Posts  All Forums: