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6.25 hilly miles on my favorite trails, including 1.5 at tempo pace (~7:55/mile).
I'm so stoked that my new shirt came in today. E-thrift, of course... I had this exact shirt years ago, and never thought I'd see another. This was the shirt that started me on to the aloha shirt patch about 18 years ago...
   Just like my cousin Nicholas', but I do it every day. 
  More like this: 
  The Northern Hemisphere.
Right on! Retail store?
Definitely not worth stewing over the occasional idiot buyer. I've had a few losses on sales, but also some really huge ROIs on sales. Also, a bit of a brag. I accidentally listed a bunch of auctions last Thursday as seven day listings. As a result, I've had 41 sales since noon.
   Stay outta my territory... 
I'd just wait for them to contact me. I had a buyer pull that s--t with me a few months ago. When they finally got around to contacting me, I told them I'd assumed it was a package from a consginor, as I wasn't expecting any returns.
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