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I made Pumpkin Ale Waffles with Punkin Ale from Dogfish Head Brewery this morning. So damned good... And the beer is decent as well.  
I just finished my own personal Turkey Trot. 6.25 miles in the snow in 25 degree temperature. Good times! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
Happy Thanksgiving from snowy Boulder, CO everyone! I made pumpkin ale waffles from Dogfish Head beer this morning... So freakin' good! Now I'm off to go for a short run in the snow!
Who's ready to party like it's 1990?
A few things from yesterday...  Danner Light II GoreTex hiking boots (13)   Old school Vasque hiking boots with Vibram soles (11)   Altra The Instinct Running Shoes (12)   Salomon XA Pro GTX shoes (9.5)   Headsweats Ironman Lake Placid 2007 finisher hat   Ike Behar  Robert Talbott BOC  Robert Talbott BOC   Robert Talbott BOC  Robert Talbott   BB Makers  BB Makers   Burberrys   Land's End Cashmere/Wool lined leather gloves (Large)   And for myself... I ordered these off of...
I hit the GW outlet store yesterday for the first time... I actually found five decent items and spent $5.25 total. One thing I bought was this 2002 model R3 jacket. It has paint all over it, and the main zipper pull is broken. But the two zipper pulls match the missing one on my 2002 model R2 jacket! Inspired by the KnowledgeBox(tm) and also something I read I one of the denim collector forums, I'm going to startup a digital collection of Patagonia tags, styles and...
  I can't get in on the app. The web seems to work okay. Guess I'd better print shipping labels while I still can. 
  Not too much... I based the sales price on what the same model had sold for recently then (this was spring 2014). I made $20+ in a few minutes.
  My quickest sale was a pair of wrestling shoes by Asics. I must have triggered someone's "notify me" watch list, because the things sold in something like five minutes.
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