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This place blows chunks lately.
10.35 hilly miles this evening. The weekend was spent cross country skiing and hiking in Colorado. Good times!
  I saw a guy doing yardwork in a cotton terry bathrobe the other day... It's only socially unacceptable if you care what other people think... 
Thrift fit from this past Saturday, cross country skiing in Breckenridge, Colorado...   Patagonia hat (retail), Arc'teryx tech shirt (REI Garage Sale), Patagonia pants (outlet)  
  I'm not 100% clear on how long they have to print the label after they start the return. I seem to recall the CS rep telling me it was either 10 or 14 (sorry, I cannot recall which) days to ship the return. It's ridiculous, I know, but it's in writing somewhere within Ebay's TOS.
They won't be able to print a shipping label after 14 days. It will disappear after 30 days.
What I'd it? I can't recall ever seeing that one.
Google the style number (STY### on the back of the tag to hopefully find the model name.
New Posts  All Forums: