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Three times since I joined this forum.
It's been a while for both of these labels...
You, of course. Sellers like this douchenozzle give us all a bad name.
Good morning!And yes, I'm up unreasonably early for some reason...
It's been ages... Pendleton x Reyn Spooner (Rack), Prana (thrift), Teva (thrift)
My sales in August were skewed by two items (the two big lenses) which combined accounted for almost $8000 in those sales figures. I'm trying to get my monthly sales up over $10k on a regular basis. It feels kind of nice... I'm working on getting better at listing 100+ items per week. We shall see how that goes!
Yeah, I was gone for five weeks in there... I've only been back for two weeks. :)
It's been a pretty good day!  
  I second this... Having worked mostly in creative/printing positions and in retail management, overdressing for an interview is a surefire way to kill your prospects. Mostly prospective employers will see you as better if you are comfortable and look like you will comfortably fit in within the workplace. The one and only time I wore a suit to an interview was for a position where I would have been running the production for a mid-size printing firm here. The only reason...
New Posts  All Forums: