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Found another awesome Hawaiian shirt...
One stop and three decent finds.
  This depends on what the case is for. I recently won an item not as described case against a seller and was asked to return the item.
 The shittiest thing about it is that I got him to say he would get the feedback removed, then he never did. That's the only reason I waited so long to call Ebay about it. I knew it was an obvious candidate for removal, but I figured I should let the buyer do it if he actually would.
Well, I've horrible luck trying to get negative feedback removed, but I'm doing pretty well with neutral feedback. The first comment was removed because it read, "The shirt smelled like s##t" (that's how he worded it, and Ebay at least removed the comment). The more recent neutral was just removed by Ebay, so by tomorrow, my neutral feedback should be down to 1!  
  Your cock looks a bit scrawny. 
  Completely forgot... I found one of those a while back. A nice vintage-y one, perhaps from the 1960s...
Hat pick ups from Monday's stops.     New Era 59FIFTY ball caps (all 7 5/8)         New Era Snapback (one size)     Kangol Sound Check Hudson flat cap (Small)     Woolrich wool cabbie (Large)     Mountain Hardwear windproof fleece beanie (one size)     Scala by Dorfman Pacific (Medium)  
 Nice score on the pan! I still haven't found anything in cast iron... On a side note, I need to plant some brussels sprouts...
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