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You might appreciate this one as well:
A new (to me) outdoors brand. Apparently, this was started by folks from Frostline.
I thrifted a 165 mile tow (thanks AAA!) from Burlington, CO to Aurora, CO. I woke up this morning to a flat tire on the van. Now I'm waiting on tire installation before continuing westward...
Just popping in on my way home to make some of you insanely jealous. Waffle House in front of a GW:
No thrifting for me...
Six miles in muggy 70 degree weather after a rare June rain... I don't know how the rest of the country puts up with humidity like this every day during the summer!
Quick and dirty tie measuring setup with painter's tape...
Today's meager finds from one store.   Chippewa suede steel-toe engineer boots Timbuk2 Small Laptop Messenger Bag Altra women's Intuition 2 running shoes    
  Two more bushes... 
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