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  Hmm, maybe it has something to do with an older process of feedback affecting accounts? I didn't start selling a lot until two years ago, though my first sale was in 2003. I spoke to a CS Rep about it recently, I he said he thought I'd been grandfathered in under the old system. Either way, I don't think you'll be hitting that $98.5 million limit any time soon!
Given that Spoo has been on Ebay longer than I have, I would assume he also has no limit.
  LOL... Next time I head that way I will see what I can do. I seriously doubt that the Haggar Corduroy suit is going anywhere.
Found some decent stuff today, but that's not what I'm gonna post. I saw two things today that reminded me of @SpooPoker... Yes, that's a corduroy suit!
On another note, I've managed to move halfway across the country with only one return being shipped to my new home address, and hopefully none shipped to my old return address (anything sent there will get bounced back). I changed my return address to my new home address first, and then changed it to my new rental mailbox once I got that (yesterday). Now I just need my inventory to show up! Delivery is scheduled for this coming Saturday morning (all of our...
  Thanks for the tip. I tried that for this dude and one other dude who keeps messaging me after I've had him blocked for over a month.
     This is my new favorite... I shipped this shirt on August 3 to someone else. This particular individual has now sent me six messages asking either for a lower price (before I sold it) or that he wants to buy it (after I sold it). I blocked him after the third message, yet he can still contact me... 
Good stuff! We're hoping to hike the first (of many!) Colorado 13er this weekend assuming the weather cooperates. I really like that I now have such trailheads within an hour of home!
Given that you asked in the buying and selling on eBay thread, what exactly where you expecting?I learned how to set up an e-commerce site in school, but do not feel it's worth the effort of building one. The 11% that Ebay and PayPal take out are much cheaper than hiring a marketing person.
Wrong thread, but you don't need to prove anything because the buyer cannot prove they paid. Go into transaction record and Mark it paid with cash.
New Posts  All Forums: