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I just want to reiterate the notion that people who buy certain things on Ebay are absolutely insane... I just watched a Filson duffel bag with a shoulder strap that is nearly separated from the bag sell at $32 less than retail price of $120.
  If I did, that would be a first. I guess we'll see when the package comes back...
  From what they were talking about on the CNN coverage last night, he was better known as a designer of women's clothing. They mentioned that he designed the dresses worn by Laura Bush at the second inaugural ball in 2005, and by Hillary Clinton when she was sworn into the Senate in 1997.
Has anyone ever seen this in the tracking information?   This was a package containing a coat and a pair of jeans, send to the United Kingdom (London area, to be more precise). The label was created through Ebay shipping.  
Nice! The rest of us will play 'guess the SF member on the TV screen'.
  I think it would be just fine, but I tend to prefer backpacks or messenger bags for my carry-on gear. The reason behind this has been that I tend to use an XL North Face Duffel for traveling, and it's hard enough to carry through airports without dealing with a rolling bag as well (the TNF duffel has backpack-style shoulder straps, and I carry my second bag on the front when needed. That being said, I just acquired an Eagle Creek rolling "suitcase" for a really good...
  I. Had. No. Idea.... Those are pretty cool, and way expensive. Something else to keep my out for in the thrifts...  Same here. I hit up three GWs today, two of which have remodeled this year. The third one badly needs that remodel. It's been the same junky setup since I was in high school (that was where I got my dress shirt for graduation).
 I'll bring it back after the World Series. 
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