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One day, I'm just going to post a string of F-Bombs...
Pop and pop. Mark McNairy (camo) and Patrick Ervell.
Are Ervell and McNairy instakops at clearance price?
1600?? I'm using ISO 400 with shutter speeds around 1/160. I think you might just need better lights.
Yep. The socket can be installed three different directions. I need to install the second one... I didn't have enough screws to install both (I'll use a third light on a floor stand until I find a better solution).Ebay item #261439842719
  If you think the seller may have made a mistake in the listing, try contacting him to see what he suggests as a recourse. If you think he's a scammer, open a case...
I've begun to upgrade my studio setup. Found these ceiling mounts on Ebay, and with the lights at the highest setting, they're above my head. This will certainly help to declutter my space!
Finally home after weeks on the road... I now have a suit (Luigi Bianchi Mantova) that needs tailoring, but looks awesome! I also have a black tie party to attend in LA next weekend, a new otter green Filson briefcase, and we're beginning to talk about moving out of this place in search of a healthier lifestyle. If my computer wasn't acting up (I need to have the fan replaced), I'd share pictures... Back to thrifting and living large!
Lumberyard IPA (Flagstaff, AZ) with dinner last night in Jerome, AZ. Very drinkable.
Someone who wears Patagonia, Pendleton and Reyn Spooner is back in California. Let the good times roll!
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