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Oldest REI label I've ever seen... Early 70s I think. Down vest. I did not kop, but it was cool to see.
I overheard a customer ask a sales rep if they sold jockstraps.... . . . At Nordstrom Rack!
One of the thrift gods really wants me in an Isaia shirt... This is the third I've found in a similar pattern in my size.
Invading Maclemore's territory... This is from one store. Ibex Shak Light Shirt, Icebreaker midweight merino, Gap selvedge, NWT STEVE Alan, Gant Rugger
Anyone like Etro skinny jeans (32W)?
In one of my public speaking courses in college, I had to read that book to the rest of my class while they pretended to be three year olds. It was easily the most fun I've had in such a class.
It's a thneed.Everybody needs a thneed.Pair it with white.Pair it with black.Pair it with tweed.
Embrace the Dark Side, young Jedi.
Something @Nataku will appreciate... Scour the wimmin's racks, folks! USA made wool/nylon blend.My favorite thrift today. I was even more stoked when I read the content label. [[SPOILER]] And one for the CM folks:
This outlet mall might be the greatest ever... Filson and Pendleton five doors apart!! Pendleton Pawpine shirt, Filson Seattle Shirt, Pendleton flannel (buy one get one 1/2 off).
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