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meanwhile, I interrupt this thread to bring you news of the Greatest Invention In The History Of WAYWRN:
facet: nice. You have any pics of your Modernize suit? Mine is still under construction, first fitting in the next week or so I guess. They work more on Savile Row time than Hong Kong time :P I think I'll be able to have swatches sent from the UK to Canada, fabric from the UK to Hong Kong, two suits made by my tailor there, and shipped to Canada, all in the time it takes Modernize to get to the second fitting, hehe.   James' shirt pics coming once I take a shower.
Monologue return!   Got my first shirt in from James'. Pretty pleased with it. Fabric is very nice, looks to be quite a lot of handwork on the shirt. Fit is good, might want to do a few tweaks for a second order but pretty close. I'll try and post some pics and comparisons with Jantzen and my regular HK tailor tomorrow.
amateur opinion (not tailor): They just need hemming (shortening). Any alterations tailor you can find will do it for like ten bucks. They look a little tight in the top half to me, but workable. edit: it's also super-easy to see how hemming will look - just roll up the legs of the pants (to the inside).   Also, learn to do your own damn ironing, but you don't iron suit cloth (unless it's really cheap or 'washable' stuff, which you shouldn't buy anyway). Take it to the... has some random bits, but I don't think there's anywhere you can buy their whole line direct as a consumer.
not my thing at all, but just wanted to say congrats on putting together a nice pitch and hitting your funding goal :)
not a physical place in HK, but a lot of SFers seem to order shirting online from Acorn:
That's basically it, yup. This kind of thread can help you improve your chances of a good experience and let you avoid places that are clearly not good choices, but in the end, your own personal 'best tailor' is something only you can determine.
You can see the prices for the stuff if you create an account and sign in. The 'cool new wool' is currently GBP 33.18 per metre.
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