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I picked up my suit from Modernize a couple of weeks back. They finished cutting it some months ago but put on the wrong color buttons; replacing those took rather longer than I'd expect, but I also was too busy to go and pick it up for a long time in any case. I'm pretty happy with the final result. As it's off-white it's not appropriate for winter so it's in storage right now and I didn't take any pictures to share when trying it on (forgot, sorry) but I'll try and find...
Had my second fitting at Modernize today (so, er, not recommended if you need your suit in two weeks :>) Coming along pretty well, Bill and I mostly agreed on the necessary changes which is always good. Still lots of work to do on the jacket, I'll see how it looks at the next fitting. Pants were mostly done apart from the hems, I'm pretty pleased with them.
y'know, I'd be curious to know what Isolation's basic measurements - at least shoulders, waist and hips - are. From some of the pictures he sure seems to have a really odd body shape which is going to look a bit off no matter how good the tailor.   well, that and/or a huge drop right shoulder and/or really awkward posture. it's the combination that's really discombobulating things, I think. :P   oh, and when you're taking fit pics of a very dark suit (like the Chan),...
I saw a guy at the ballet last night wearing a sport coat with jeans and a yellow tie. Unfortunately couldn't manage to take a ninja phone picture and enter him for the last two challenges simultaneously, though :)
if it's just for one event, why not just wear a cummerbund? It's perfectly acceptable under 'the rules', and you won't have to worry about matching the fabric of your tuxedo or getting a correct fit, and it'll be easier to acquire and likely cheaper.
hey, that does explain absolutely everything that looked wrong to me but I couldn't quite see the reason for...that's why you're the tailor
Not a tailor, but that's pretty off in a lot of ways...there's a ton of elements about the jacket that combine in a way which is entirely at odds with your body shape. The narrow lapels, short jacket, high buttoning point, and very open collar just look horrible together, it's way out. Also looks like there's a lot wrong with the pants, but I can't tell you what precisely. Sorry to be negative :/
I like it a lot. The outfit would look too flat with a blue vest; it'd look OK without one at all, but the grey one definitely adds something, for me.
You can find lots and lots of pictures of Chan suits on SF, just do some searches for 'Chan' and you should find plenty.
sleeppotamus: not an expert, but looks to me like it might just need some pressing to make the rear vents sit at least better - looks like they're out of shape as much due to creasing as fit. also if you want the pants judged you need to wear socks and dress shoes, no-one can see if they're correct with you in bare feet.
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