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Dressed like a farmer today:   Brown suit, walnut strands.
I agree with you, to some extent. I do, however, like the Kenilworth in brown. It darkens just enough towards the toe to give it some character. I also think shell gives a PTB a little bit of character as well.
By the way, those webgem shell boots have me drooling.
I've been away too long it seems. I love the pictures here of the Amsterdam in Bourbon, but don't see it on AE's site. What last is it made on?
I use rubber shoe covers when I'm going outside in snow or rain.
  While not made any more, vintage AE sharkskin shoes do come up on ebay from time to time. The Nassau is one I've seen.
The three lightest greys and the navy are not too heavy. The DBs are at the other end of the spectrum and only see fall and winter wear. Summer is more of an issue for me now, but I rarely wear suits. When these were more typical of my work wardrobe I was in the upper midwest -- Milwaukee, Chicago, and Minneapolis for the most part.
I wanted to post this when I saw the thread but didn't have a chance to snap a picture till now. I am a lawyer and used to wear suits more often than now but with the advent of business casual, I haven't had occasion to buy a new suit in years. I own exactly ten suits.     From left to right, charcoal pinstripe three button, charcoal (very nearly black herring bone DB), charcoal 3 button, charcoal 2 button, medium grey 2 button, plaid grey two button, light grey...
Very nice. I have the Walnut Strands and Park Ave's in merlot. Those two colors give a lot of versatility.
Not that I've seen.  I really like the Rutledge in brown, but the only seconds I've seen pics of were too far gone for me.
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