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I finally wore my Indy boots...
Yeah, wrinklefree, I should delete my entry :) I'll only wear them with jeans.   I just have seen some crazy shoes worn with the Ludlow suit in the JCrew catalog. Like sneakers and stuff...
Thanks for the feedback wrinklefree.   More Indy boots and JCrew related questions: Would you guys consider wearing the Indy boots with the Ludlow suit (I have a charcoal one)?   I bought a pair JCrew's Slim Jean (Fit 484) to go with the Indy boots. I can't wait to roll up my new jeans, it will be like high school again. Okay, not quite, I used to use safety pins to give it that extra New Wave look :)
I just bought a pair of JCrew Indy boots. I love them! I plan to apply the same Timberland "Waxed Leather Protector"--the kind I use for my JCrew Red Wing Rugged Classic boots--for my Indy boots. Is this a good idea? I want to use the right treatment for the most expensive shoes that I've ever purchased
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