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CAAD12 is a terrific bike.In the UK there's a £400 difference between Ultegra and 105 versions, I wouldn't spend the extra money personally
Would be a shame if Erlend has gone, nice guy and seemed to know his stuff.
My usual today - Trumper's Astor, good smell but doesn't seem to last, bit like my Floris Limes. Richard James EDT is £10 on The Fragrance Shop (think that's what it's called) so have taken a punt on that, I'll let you know if it turns out to be a gamble that pays off.
Love my Timex Weekender - personally think it's a fabulous looking watch and only £80.
It takes time for craft beer culture to develop; it's only really kicked off here in England in the last 5-10 years. Prior to that, most pubs would have a selection of poor continental lagers and maybe 1 or 2 real ales.In Madrid, for example, there seem to be the roots of craft beer coming in - one particular brewery bar I visited, Fabrica Miravillas Malasanja (sp?) made some superb beers.So, it's there, it just takes time.
Three recommendations for Alterations Boutique...how...odd.  
I recently used May Tailoring on Essex Road (about 10 minute walk from Angel station) for a repair to the lining of a Hackett tweed jacket, and to have it taken in at the sides.   I was very happy with the work that they did, but please bear in mind that I have only used them once and it was on a jacket I wasn't too fussed about.   http://www.maytailoring.co.uk/   (The grammar isn't fantastic, but that doesn't bother me).
AKG K452 are my normal headphones - good sound, band that goes over the head messes up my hair :-(
Does anyone actually still buy this stuff?   I only ask as I was in John Lewis (UK Dept Store) the other day, and just happened to be browsing the RL sale (thought it was worth seeing if I could pick up some cheap casual wear).     I picked up a gaudy polo t-shirt and showed it to my girlfriend as a joke (t-shirt with a massive horse and USA flag on)...£115...for a cheap-looking cotton polo that's made in China?!
Marvellous, thanks for your help.
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