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DFW dude, are you fo' real?
New with tags JCrew, exact pattern of shirt that I'd been looking for - £15 in a charity shop here in sunny south west London. Labelled as 'XS', but just about fits me!
 I had meant to come back to this thread a long time ago, will pop into Stephan Shirts next week to get fitted for another shirt. The shirt I had made was, for £89, excellent value; it seems well put together and to my mind, the fit is exactly how I wanted it. I am finding the collar to roll having been washed, but it's probably more a case of my poor maintenance rather than a fault with the shirt - should perhaps get some starch. All in all, very pleased and look forward...
Brooks Brothers button-down green and blue striped for £15 from the cesspit of villainy that is TK/TJ Maxx
Don't like them - needlessly complicating what should be a simple shoe.
  Terrible spelling.    Atrocious, in fact.    Your opinions are now null and void.   
    Too much going on in that outfit for my personal taste - chunkier check does make a difference though.
As a wise owl above has intimated - the tie must not be patterned, it must be plain.   Personally, I wouldn't wear such a shirt with a tie, but if you're going to then definitely a plain tie.
Absolutely. Most stores have a January 'sale' which starts either immediately after Christmas (if it's John Lewis or Selfridges), or in the new year.
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