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@ThomGault Thank you. Appreciate the feedback.
Gentlemen,   can you please let me know if you think this suit can be altered to fit? It is quite full around the waist and I can probably fit both of my fists at the front when it's buttoned. I got a very good deal on it but I could still return it (Or at least I think so, I paid 180 pounds. The suit is from Nervesa). Ignore the pants.            
Drew, it would be good to post in this thread a bit more regularly and maybe give some updates to all people waiting for their jackets.
50% off at Belstaff.
Hello gentlemen,    I just noticed that there is a sale of Caruso suits currently on the US Vente-Privee website priced around 600-700$ and thought it might be of interest to people on the forum.
I recently bought a pair of Sutor Mantelassi's from Vente Privee for around 140 pounds. I just received the shoes and have noticed that one has a slight defect, namely one of the eyelets on the left shoe is unevenly spaced (see picture below). Should I return them or should I just ignore it (tbh it doesn't bother me too much).    I'd appreciate it if someone could also tell me from which of SM's lines the shoes are as I am sure they are not of their higher lines....
Thanks tggibbs. Sorry for being impatient. You are correct that the pants were unhemmed and sleeves were too long. As regards the pictures I bounced a flash off the ceiling. 
Gentlemen, should I assume my suit does not need any alterations?
Hello gentlemen,   I would really appreciate your feedback on the following suit. I know that the sleeves and the pants have to be shortened. My biggest concern is the area in front of the right arm pit, which looks off and I am not sure what kind of alterations might fix it. Thank you very much for the feedback .            
Thank you for the replies guys. I have brought them back to the shop yesterday and they have been very kind and took the shoes for repairs. I was told that they would send them back to John Lobb as they would not risk giving them to local cobblers.
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