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Yep, that's right. I don't think they fit all that different though, the sleeve length is the same as the Copenhagen and it's only slightly shorter. (about 1,5 cm) I haven't measured the chest and upper waist but I think that would be similar as well. I would have preferred a slightly longer jacket, but considering the price I can't really complain.
I ordered that Copenhagen jacket and it's actually not the Copenhagen fit but the Paris fit. I can't find anything about that fit on the Suitsupply site, but I remember seeing that fit in the past. Maybe it's a discontinued line or something.    
Yes, that's correct.
There are many outlets in the Netherlands (three I think) and there's also one in Belgium.
To be honest, I've got no idea.  I bought them at a local shop. It's not the certo model. Here's a photograph of the box:       I hope this will help.
Thanks a lot for the compliment!  They're Fratelli Borgioli. Here are some more pictures:  
  I'm sorry for the lack of better pictures, but I liked the combination so I thought I'd share this picture.  
It's also on their site:,en,pg.html
If you go to Meermin's channel on Vimeo, some videos say "@ Inca Factory". So I think it's safe to assume that those actions take place in Spain.  
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