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What that question has to do with the Classic menswear forum is beyond me...
For me it's Ede every time..The quality of the suits is very good plus you always get an extra pair of trousers☺ I have been their customer for years and the service in their stores is second to none. Crombie..I like their coats but their suits are not after my taste. Hope this helps
Hello everybody, I  normally restrain myself from these sort of threads but I would just like a second opinion from the esteemed members of this forum.    I’m in the market for a new navy suit that I will use for work (work for a law firm in the City of London) and I’m currently torn between  going to Aquascutum or Ede and Ravenscroft. They are both old traditional brands (well Aquascutum has been bought by the Chinese) but I’m wondering what is the quality of their...
Looking at the lapels it looks a lot like a Chittleborough and Morgan -Saville Row suit...Hope that helps...And welcome to SF:foo:
First of all welcome to Style forum as I see this is only your second post…Now to answer your questions: 1. Should you even wear the suit in the first place? No is the short answer and the sales assistant should be ashamed of himself and clearly hand no idea what he was talking about. All that mattered to him was the sale he was making. Your mother was right…the suit is to shiny and god forbid you would think of wearing this to ANY sort of business occasion (trust me...
An really ugly one that looks plastic and cheap:foo:
Hello all, has anyone heard or had any experience with Mangas MTM. I think they are a Spanish company but they have a shop in the City of London on Copthall Avenue. I walked past them a couple of days ago and they are offering made to measure suits in Dormeil and Holland and Sherry cloths. Anyone knows what the quality would be?
Extra dandy me! But in all seriousnes I think we all get the gist of what he tried to say:)
He is entitled to his own opinion…but I think he is wrong  To quote one of the tailors in one of my London tailors when I asked him the same question a couple of years ago. Well sir is there a pocket on your suit coat…Then wear a pocket square in it!
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