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    Thanks for all your advices! Unfortunately I'm not in the UK and I'm definitely not familiar with imperial units since, here in the continent, we use that strange thing called metric system!! :) Anyway, I will try to manage it trough the sites that you linked me...wish me luck, and thanks again!
I'm planning to buy my first pair of brogues, black Loake Royals from Jump The Gun to be precise! But considering that I can't try them on and I never got shoes of that kind, I have no clue about the sizing...any suggestion??
Considering that I am going to find myself in that situation soon...can someone give me some advices to buy the right pair of levis? I know that back in the days you original guys just asked for 501s...but nowadays it's a little more difficult as there are millions of different types! Which one should I get?
Those boots are fantastic!! Can you please tell more about them? They look vintage..    
Sadly only those who have their feet on british soil can watch videos from bbc's player!
I think I've read something on this thread about a BBC's documentary called British Style Genius...well I found it on YouTube lacks the parts regarding skinhead fashion  !! Anybody knows where I can watch it completely or where I can find the missing parts?
Thanks mate!    
Hello everybody! It took me forever to finish reading the whole thing...I'm 21 from Italy..and I'm trying to become a proper skinhead starting from the clothes...I really dig the traditional style! First of all I just want to say thank you to all the "first generation skinheads" in here...this has been a really interesting reading to me, I pretty much understood what to wear and what not to wear...second I would like to ask you some questions: considering that some of...
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