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I got my SL/10H's today. I can pretty much say they are TTS like everyone says. If you are a half size, try to go for that if wherever you're ordering from has it, otherwise a half size larger. Look a few posts up if you wanna see what size I wear. I purchased a 41.5.
How are slp highs sized? I usually wear 42 in MMM gats, 8.5 in dress shoes, 9 in Jordan's... I hear they are TTS, is that true?
Does anyone know what the sizing is like on RRL denim jackets? I am thinking about getting one but I am unsure if they how they fit. I am a fairly slim and I usually where small in most jackets but depending on the fit I can wear XS. I tried looking on the RRL site for measurements but they didn't really have any. If anyone could point me in the right direction or help me out that would be appreciated!
    Thanks for replying. I do plan to get them 'half-soled', regardless whether I wear them in the snow or not. I'll be sure to get some more wool socks though, I need to stock up!
How are these boots in the snow? I am not talking about going hiking out in the mountains or anything, but for everyday use in the snow, assuming I properly take care of them, do they wear well? I'd like to switch up my footwear every now and then but with all this snow on the ground in Canada I wanna be sure they'll wear good.
I have the 'silver selvedge' and I got them for ~$550 about a year and a half ago at Harrods. I'm not sure about the price of them now, seeing as all of Dior's jeans have gone up a fair bit since then. Also I'm pretty sure they are 17.5 cm only. 
Does anyone have any experience with Big John denim? A store nearby recently got some in and I am wondering how well they compare with other Japanese denim brands. I haven't been able to find a lot of information about them on the net other than a few blog posts with little information, so that is why I am asking here.
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