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That T&A/Chester Barrie Blazer... ..available? measurements?
   awesome pickup
  Sartorialist 'Lunch for 25' including some pretty well dressed men!
    It could, and it does.. me    Sorry! (not available)
from earlier this week, and probably my last semi-regular outing since work and real life will begin next week:   Ballantyne 100% cashmere cardigan and a (terribly photographed) maybe real Versace knit polo:   Some shirts for me - Pendleton, Pal Zileri with a funky collar, Balenciaga:   Ties - Vineyard Vines, semi-ugly Gianfranco Ferre, Armani (can anyone verify if the last two are real or not?):
    "The Fine Print... Not valid for alterations, gift vouchers, or partial redemptions."   Doesn't appear so.  
"Valid for US only."  
Two new jackets today that I think my dad will probably keep, but if not possibly available.   3 Button Wool/Cotton unvented Armani Collezioni for Harry Rosen sportcoat with jetted pockets (not even opened yet!). Could anyone school me on where Collezioni fits into the Armani hierarchy?   Brown Herringbone-ish Samuelsohn 2 button sport coat:  
First thrifting post, here are my pickups from the last few weeks. Wasn't aware of the trading going on in here so sadly they're both my size (not available)   Made in Canada PRL Sportcoat (any idea who made this? Samuelsohn?)   Not thrifted but extremely marked down ($29!) BB Sportcoat   Tie haul! (Zegna, Zegna, Thomas Pink, Boss, Faconnable, Luciano Barbera, PRL, Duchamp)   Quite the addictive hobby you have here! Consider me hooked..
thanks, a tailor!
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