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Hi All   Heading to NYC in a two weeks (Thanksgiving weekend)    I'm from Canada and our shoe selection here isn't great, was wondering if anyone had good recommendations for shoe stores. So far from reading around on the forums I've seen stores like Leffot and Epaulet floating around, but no one has really given any definitive answers.   Looking for two pairs of boots and a pair of shoes.   Probably can't afford EG etc. but willing to pay up to $600-700...
Hi   I have read all the threads on chukkas for the winter I can find on here and have narrowed it down to a few choices (some of my own finding).   Currently in Canada where our winters are pretty heavy (decent amount of snow and ice) and according to predictions this winter should be one of the worst... so going to look for boots.   Here are my options... obviously some are at different price points but all are in consideration based on combination of...
Check out House of Rome in Woodbridge. Tony just made me a simple charcoal suit and it fits great - not sure if his place is that accessible by transit but well worth the trip if you can get someone to drive you.   Can PM me if you need more details etc !
Was just in Madrid.. and being new to this stuff hadn't heard of Carmina, but bought a pair anyways and realized that there was a thread for them on here after getting internet again!    Didn't speak Spanish so have little idea of what I bought, maybe some pros can enlighten if they are any good!   Some poor pictures below    
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