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  Ah I will ask him for clarification this weekend   Thanks for the help!
Hi All   Hoping some of you with more bespoke tailoring than me can help me with my question.   I am currently trying out a new tailor and I recently went to my first fitting and was asking him some questions about his process. He was mentioning that he does use glue for certain parts of the suit (believe he said around the buttons) Was telling me most people do this - is this standard?    That being said will post pics of the suit when done!   Thanks for...
Ssense just went to 70%..   Didn't get an email, just saw it on the site.
Also wanted to bring up JaBistro here. Have gone twice during their "soft opening" and have had excellent and sushi. Definitely the best place downtown in my opinion. Don't waste your money at Ki or any of the other overpriced Bay St. places.   And further to George, I agree that it wasn't overly special. Specifically told them I had a nut allergy and they still brought a dish with nuts in it, luckily for them it wasn't a severe allergy. All we got was a slight...
Yeah I've been waiting to get my hands on these for a while!   Made by Rider Boot and bought this particular pair from Leffot, used to be called the Hobo boot now I think they call them the Jackson boot   Actually wanted them in cordovan, but they sold out by the time I managed to get to NYC to do some shopping.   Pretty comfortable so far.. hopefully they hold up in some wetter weather - if you want can snap some more pics! 
Shoes from recent trip to NYC        
I'm not sure about how much you need it altered.. I've had decent experiences with House of Rome in Woodbridge and Alta Moda by Paolo Crea. But I did purchase a suit from both before bringing stuff in for alterations.. they are also both quite picky and sometimes refuse to work on glued suits due to the amount of labor they say is involved.   That being said.. you may be better off getting a new suit made. I'd vote that you go to Sultan's Fine Fabrics near Yorkdale...
Hi all   Just came back from NY and wanted to thank everyone for the recommendations.   Ended up going to all three Allen Edmonds stores near my hotel (the one on 6th, and the two on Madison) as well as the RL mansion, all the big dept stores and Leffot. Didn't make it out to Epaulet or Citishoes.   Purchased a pair of Rider boots, Church's and a few Allen Edmonds.   Quick snaps off my phone for anyone bored enough to look.      
  Came here this past weekend.. pretty uninspired. Food is OK.. probably similar to Nota Bene.. found it below quality of say Splendido. Decent addition to Yorkville though which was really lacking a good variety of decent dining.
How much would a AS Exclusive grade shoe run me? Feel like they tip the scales over $1000?   Thanks all for all the recommendations - will definitely check out the Ralph Lauren Mansion, C&J, Citishoes, Barneys and Paul Stuart   Never really looked at Ralph Lauren stores for shoes - what could I expect to see there?
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