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Got a message back from Meermin from when I inquired about their balmoral boot samples:   Turns out they have them planned for F/W this year - I really want a pair but alas I shall have to wait
  Wow, the waist on those is so narrow, I almost prefer them to the Wigmore. In fact I think I do. You can get bevelling on their MTO I believe, and you can get brass tack monogramming with AS which I've never seen GG do.
  Not sure - the website I found it on said they were made for an "Esteemed Client" so maybe you need to reach a threshold of orders and they send you a key to a secret clubhouse or something. Ask Spoo.
  No words...
  Ugh - The dinner suit, cummerbund and crew neck t-shirt idea for "Relaxed Glamour" is just awful.  
I assumed they'd be McNairy boots too:   Dug these up on End Clothing - These a pretty much them but with different laces - I'm sure I've seen the ones you've linked to somewhere, I'll PM you if it clicks.
I'm not familiar with any brands that doe double monk boots - perhaps some Jodhpur Boots? Like these from the Meermin thread? Not sure if MTO would fit into your price range but I believe they're releasing new styles soon so they might have some of a similar style within your range:    
Good god that Brioni is repulsively expensive   Heading to a black tie event next week - several of my friends are wearing pre tied bows but taking proper ones in their pockets to sling round their necks later in the evening. I urged them to try tying their own but they seem to view it as a task comparable to cracking the enigma code...
  That's a great looking jacket - quite like the vertical lapel button-hole as a small detail, I've never seen that before.   As it stated he ordered 2 trousers: how is the durability of a 9oz flannel?
I'd love a pair of St James II in the hatch grain   I wonder what the Canterbury would look like in it too
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