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@Numbernine, I have have no idea, but could ask.  The new stuff is definitely thinner than the old stuff.    @lefty, If I had a bigger bank account, I'd say yes, no question.  It's such a learning experience.  And I like to learn.   Also, if I knew we'd be living here forever, it'd easier to say yes.   As it is though, I'd say it's more fun than not, since I'll probably survive, and just moving to that neighborhood from our current place will improve the quality of...
@MrG, my guess is that it was some sort of granular fertilizer.   Today our contractor showed me how he's securing the plywood planks in the bathroom floor:  Using 3.75" exterior SDS screws, he attached 2x4s to both sides of the joists.  The plywood will be screwed down to the 2x4s, so there'll be no squeaking.  He brought that up w/o my mentioning it.   The ceilings look like cloudy skies now.  The blue is primer and the white is drywall mud.  After priming, he used...
Thanks guys.  Glad to hear you think he does good work.  He's supposed to be totally honest and a perfectionist, but the price of things has been a little shocking. 
Thanks, R.  After posting that pic here, I was concerned by the film on the wood.  But the contractor said most of that was just powder from the decomposing old insulation that had drifted down. Some was mold, and he'd treat everything he didn't replace with Copper-Green.     Speaking of replacement, he's replaced or will be replacing all the studs that he didn't think would disturb the lath and plaster if they were removed, and those he's reinforcing.  This guy is...
Could be handwelted.  Iirc, several people have said that in Italy "Goodyear" is often used for any kind of welting, including handwelting.
Let me know when you get into the catacombs. Hot bods?  I like hot bods.
Don't think "need," think privilege, assuming it's pretty close to S. Orange.
Condolences too.  Small-timers like me only ever bought (or made) charcoal rubbings of such tiles.
Good point about large rolls not fitting. Fwiw, we pretty much just use Costco tp.     Thanks for the point about knots bleeding, SeaJen.  If I understood correctly, you mean that moisture would penetrate the wood paneling through knots?  If so, that'd be another pro for tile.  I looked around Google images and now think tile wainscoting looks pretty good, so we'll probably go with that.   Re. windows, I found a company that seems like it laminates new glass to old...
No images of huge glass daggars dancing in your head?   One other dumb question for anyone inclined to opine:  regular or epoxy grout?  white or gray?   I'm leaning towards epoxy and white.  Especially white for the subway tile walls.  But I like 1" hexagon floors with gray grout.  Or maybe it's just dirty old cement grout I've taken a shine to.   OK, another dumb question:  recessed toilet paper roll, like the old bathroom had, or regular one screwed into the wall?
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