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I'm contemplating a move to NYC, well, to the NJ suburbs.  Not homeless related.  Great job offer, close to family.  But we just went into escrow on nice home in a great neighborhood.  Decisions.
Here's an example of a graph check shirt, this one's black and blue, from Luxire.  I think I'd actually go with this shirt, black and blue, over the light and dark blue I recommended above.     Here's a closeup of that fabric (right) with another shirt with light and dark blue one:          
Yep, I'm a prof, in the SW, and almost as old as Old Man NOBD.  The suggestions so far have been very good. Mine are:   For shoes, penny loafers.  I love Alden's leisure hand sewn model.  I used to hate penny loafers, but now I'd be happy with just them and boots.   Pants: khaki chinos and light and/or mid gray wool, ideally with 1.75-2" wide cuffs.  I wear jeans sometimes too, blue or gray.   Shirts: Agreed on university stripes and gingham.  I also suggest some...
I had planned to come today, but I don't think I can get there.  So I'll see you tomorrow!
I too made a small mistake when requesting a square hem meant to be untucked:  I didn't think to request a less fitted waist.  Like yours, mine is OK too, but if I request another shirt w/ a square hem, I'd go with a wider waist.
Does anyone have any experience with Ariston's jersey double face fabric?   The only thing I could find from a quick google search was a B&Tailor tumblr post.
I like it, teh fresco.
Excellent news.
Right. I didn't say you did.  I agree that both leateherboard and celastic are cheap alternatives to leather, which I why I thought they may have recommended leather, not leatherboard, over celastic/plastic.  Would you mind posting links to the blogs and manufacturers you were talking about?  Or pm'ing them if you'd rather.
Vmss, are you sure the bloggers and manufacturers were recommending leatherboard and not regular leather?  It would make sense that they doit for leather.
New Posts  All Forums: