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That's a good question.  I wondered the same thing when I first ordered fresco stuff.  I had a few things (a couple suits, a sport coat, and pants) in the 10 oz before trying the the 8/9, and while I like both, I do think the lighter stuff is noticably cooler wearing. It also packs a bit smaller, which is helpful for travel, and it feels much softer.  My first outing w/ the first 8/9 oz thing I got (mid gray pants by Luxire) was in Miami in June and they were very...
 I've been considering it too, but I'd prefer to have it in the lighter, 8/9 oz weave, which is softer and better for real heat.  Minnis is usually open to producing special runs.  I wonder if we'd have enough people to do one for this.  Would you guys rather have it as is, 10 oz 3 ply, or would you be willing to try to get Minnis to weave the lighter one?  Should be possible to get it done and made into pants before the start of the summer next year.
If you're in HK and can benefit from multiple fittings, I think you'll get great results from Chan.
 What is talking about talking about a thread?  Hall of Mirrors?  Meta Caterina?  +1 million.
Out w/ my daughter.  She loves this playground:     Old hat, shoes, and sweatshirt (27 yrs old).  New pants.
The blessing and curse of being half Asian.
MF, I don't understand the parrallel you're trying to draw here.  One has sat for over a year on hundreds of thousands of dollars in unfulfilled orders, while the other refused to take back a worn and altered garment from a customer with a history of causing problems.  The only possible ground you'd have for comparing them is if you think all cases of legal recourse are of equal merit, which, of course, they are not.
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