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Traditionally, cuffs can go on any type of fabric and be paired with pleats or flat fronts.  As someone mentioned, they should not be used on tuxes, but that's the only type of pants they shouldn't be put on.   Other htan that, it's all personal preference.    My personal preference is to have them for most of pants.  Definitely for pants worn with a jacket.  On casual chinos or linen pants that will never be worn with a jacket, I like a 1.5" machine-sewn hem that can be...
Thanks guys.     Zapasman, no fittings exactly for these boots, but I was measured in person a few years ago, 2009, I think.  Then DW made several fit models and eventually the final boots in shell cordovan (lots of pics early in the thread I linked to above). Then I visited him a few years later to have the fit of those evaluated after a good amount of wear.  These benefited from all of those and are as close to perfection as I can imagine in fit and...
They are all my children.  But the fit and toe shape of these is perfection.  Shell boots for battle, buffalo boots for every day.   Edit: a couple more pics showing off the almond toe and Western loop in the back:      
Thanks DW.  I think the wrinkles are exaggerated by the shadows and the way I antiqued them.  After a couple layers of brown dye, I lightly skimmed the raised portions with black cream, twice also.  So the "valleys" of the creases have remained a light tan while the "hills" are dark brown with a black hints.  
^Yes and no.  He made them custom, so while there aren't any boots ready-made, I believe he'd be happy to make you a pair.
Thanks C.  Here's an OK pic of a mirror-finished sole:
Water buffalo george boots by DWFII, with some antiquing I did recently, inspired by Ron Rider:     More of the boots and their making in this thread.
I antiqued the boots a bit and took some pics, in daylight:       and LED light:     Currently there's some nice marbling that's more or less noticable depending on the light and should get even more subtle with polish over time.  I used some techniques from Ron Rider's thread, like using dye then wiping it off and even wiping w/ alcohol.  It's really tough to capture the beauty of the layers, at least for someone w/ my poor skills.  All pics clickable...
I do it the way Jesse showed, except that I don't turn the sleeve inside out.  Had the same thought when reading of Coxie's mishap.  Hope it comes out!
I don't think I've ever ironed a seersucker shirt.  I think it could be done, but one of the beauties of seersucker imo, is their being wrinkle free or permanently wrinkled if you will.
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