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I've removed padding on three sport coats. On two it worked out well, but on one it gave the shoulders the upswing Foo calls "pa-fucked." It's pretty easy to do if you have an hour or two. You just cut open the seam connecting the top of the sleeve lining to the shoulder lining. Then cut away the padding and restitch the lining. You could try it, and if it doesn't work out, have a tailor remove the extra fabric as PB suggested.Thanks for this.I'm glad.On cord pockets,...
Thanks for this. Have been planning to get a midweight, mid-gray sharkskin. I hope they still make it.
I wish I could, but I mailed them to someone, Nataku, I believe. Hopefully he still has them and can scan what you need.
Crunchy Nutella is not a bad idea.
I have a pair of these LB Evans slippers. Love the design, but the leather has worn quicker than I'd expected them too.
WorldWideWafflz is correct imo. I have a half dozen pairs from Ambrosi and they start there too. Same goes for the ones I have from Chan. I don't have a problem with my pleats opening up. But my pants are cut fairly full at the hips and I always just get single inward-facing pleats, fwiw.
Really interesting. Thanks for this.They share the commitment to do everything they can to produce the best goods possible. Myron Glaser and DW would agree on a lot of things.I laughed out loud at this. Come to think of it. I've met both of you more than once, but never at the same time. Hmm… :suspicious:Sheesh, these are gorgeous.
Amazing jacket, Ashish. You guys are already really popular around here, but with unlimited options for customization and the recent additions of Grand and Rubinelli, Brisbane Moss, Ventile, and shoes, we may soon have to rename this "Luxireforum"!
Thank you for the links. Those all seemed to be a jersey knit, which would be a tighter weave than the pique I'd prefer. But I have been looking for linen undershirts and briefs. Maybe Luxire could make those too! The eco-conscious part of me would like them unbleached and undyed..Big plus one on the mottled/speckled/heathered fabrics. Although, sometimes linen gets this way from washing, more than cotton at least. Good idea on the colors too. Although, I tend to...
Thinking of summer, would anyone else be interested in linen pique for golf/polo shirts? I have a couple and they're much better in the heat than cotton. They dry faster than cotton too, which is helpful for travel in particular. For the same reasons, I'd also like blue and gray denim made of a cotton/linen blend or cotton/hemp . Really lightweight, something around 8 oz. Anyone know of a good source for these kinds of fabric?
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