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Yes. That's why I hate skinny sleeves. If I feel even a slight tug at my elbow when I raise and bend my arm (like when putting on a hat), then the sleeve is too narrow.
I agree that they're "kind of" the same, but not that there's "more functionality" to subscriptions.  I prefer to see them in the order in which I posted and how many posts by others have been made since mine.
Are those shell?  I thought I'd read he wore shell boots. Prob. had more than one pair of course.
They may be worn with nothing less than a sweatshirt, and then, only flannels.  At least, that's as far as the directive goes. I think he meant the bottom left of the front.
I think stone is one of the most versitile colors for wear w/ a sport coat.  If you'll just be wearing it w/ a shirt, maybe olive.
The only time that happens to me is when I load the pms page.  Then it happens like 4 times.
I usually head there first, since if you scroll down a bit, it shows a list of threads you've posted in recent ones up top.  And it shows how many posts have been made by others since your last post.  To me that's the best way to keep up w/ various conversations.
Anytime.  I wouldn't say cotton is frowned on here for all contexts.  It wouldn't be ideal as an interview suit or other very serious or formal occasions, but it should be fine for any time you'd find seersucker appropriate.  Seersucker is usually made of cotton.  In terms of canvas weave, a few others have gotten unconstructed canvas jackets from Luxire, including a that was posted today, or yesterday.  Pure linen or linen/cotton would probably be fine for a washible...
With your height, 5 cm probably works.  I'd never thought of balancing them though.  Checked the other pairs and all the  ones w/ belt loops (3) are 42 while the three w/ no loops are 33.Hmm.  I have pretty large rear and thighs from crew and other things, but the  522s fit me really well.  I only have the gray pair though, which has 1% elastine.  I tried on a size 33 pair in the store that was a little too loose and later decided to order them in 32 and 33.  The 32 was...
^Nice!  I offered a couple years ago to buy Luxire shirts as thank-yous for one of my former profs and one of my former students.  Both were really excited about it, but neither has sent me the measurements despite my repeated reminders.
New Posts  All Forums: