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I like that Ash grey corduroy a lot. I had a very similar pair made by Grapevines that were my favorite pants for about 15 years. I sewed holes in them a few times. Still have them at my parents' house, I think.I think I know the ones you mean. But iirc, the tab extends past the pleat and has a belt loop, no? My suggestion would be for something in the middle, with the tab extended right to the pleat, not before or past it, and w/o a belt loop. That's how I like it, at...
Forward or reverse, G? I've gotten single forward pleats on all my pents except for a corduroy pair and love 'em.
Very nice. Have you considered extending the button tab on the waist to the pleat? That's how I do it at least, but maybe I'm just OCD.I think those would be forward pleats. Or are you suggesting reverse ones?
^ Fabric Reweavers USA. I'm glad this work is still being done as I hate waste.
Very nice, Gaz. Would you mind letting us know the fabric used for the sport coat?
Yes, I think the forums have help to revive classic dress or just raise standards for quality goods. I see it daily in my students who are influenced by forums or blogs influenced by forums. Even the sometimes lamented affiliates are evidence of this revival. A few years ago basic things like white linen pocket squares or solid knit ties were rarities. Now there are multiple sources for all kinds of knit, grenadine, or raw silk ties, wool squares, selvedge jeans,...
I should check the thread titles in 2008. I just looked at the first ones in 2002. My guess is that there'd be a lot of threads on brands in 2008 too. I do think you're right that 2006-09 or so had at least one advantage over nowadays, namely a few really knowledgable, tasteful people posting frequently. But IMO an advantage of today is that the average member has more knowledge and taste, largely because of the lasting influence of those members, yourself included.
Thanks RSS. I just reread my post above and realized the first sentence may be ambiguous. By "first few pages of threads" I meant the ones made when the forum began back in 2002. Merry Christmas btw.
I think if you click the first few pages of threads you'll find almost as many threads with brand names in the titles. Some of the difference is a decrease in questions from noobs since we now send a message to new members directing them to "super" threads Ask a Question one or the Tailors' Fit Feedback one. We also sometimes merge new threads into threads like these. And more senior members post in similar threads like MC Chat, Noodle's advice thread, the Grad Lounge,...
OK guys, take it to PM please if you want to continue this discussion.
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