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I emailed a few days ago to see how things were going and got a detailed response back a day or two later saying my order from early Dec. would be made w/in the month, except for one pair for which the denim had sold out.  They asked if I'd like to substitute another denim currently in stock.  I wrote back asking if they'd be reordering that denim or maybe some lightweight denim or chambray for the summer.
Never been to Mums, but I do like shabu shabu.  Love 1300 on Fillmore that someone mentioned earlier.  Excellent southern comfort food and it's a couple blocks closer to the trunk show and J's after party.  We had our wedding reception there and had their Sunday gospel brunch band play.
[[SPOILER]] These look great imo, particularly on your feet.  I'd be a little cautious about extending the toe.  It'd be an easy thing for Luxire to do -- I watched the shoemaker add pieces of leather (or cork?) to the last to widen a toe and he's a serious expert at shaping lasts.  But it might change the feel of the shoe when you walk and, personally, I'd take the current comfort over possibly improved looks. That said, there are three stylistic things you might change...
I think this all the time, most recently with a ventile m65 type jacket.  I kept thinking the Luxire one would be better in this way, and that way, etc.
Yep, that's exactly why I wanted to have a jacket like this made. Looked for one a few years ago but couldn't find one that wasn't too short -- and didn't have too high a button stance. Nice, wide lapels are also hard to find, not to mention a collar that hugs the neck, and is machine washable, which is really helpful for a jacket intended for hot-weather use. Plus, washing only makes a deconstructed cotton or line jacket gain more character. OK, there were/are lots of...
Ya, a slightly darker suede might be a little better, but more of a mid brown like tobacco imo. And a loafer ideally, to go w/ the casual, warm-weather nature of the jacket. Luxire does make a mean venetian loafer. Coincidentally, I'm wearing the same pair in the exact same location as in a pic I posted earlier, a place I only visit every couple months. They're incredibly comfortable and can only be compared to the boots DWF made for me.
Yep, looks good. You might ask for the patch pockets to be lowered or lengthened slightly on the next one. 1/4-1/2" if lowered, 1/2"-3/4" if lengthened. I'd probably do a bit of both and lower them 1/4" and lengthen them 1/2". For next jacket with patch breast pocket, you might ask them to use the template I drew for my jacket. It has pretty nice curves. The jacket I had w/ a bump like that was an old vintage jacket and it looked that way after I removed the padding....
I definitely prefer it, teh hand sewn. And it would prevent me from buying a square, but perhaps because I have a few. If I was just starting out, I might not care as much. But it is true that they are found on some cheap squares, like the ones at Nordstrom rack. Not sure who did the others, but the third looks like Drakes to me. I have some by Kent, Vanda, Luxire, and Hober that all have very nice edges, like 2 but a bit more even. What I don't really care about are...
Ah, yes. I had a similar bump on a jacket. I think it's just a little extra fabric up there at the top of the sleeve and edge of shoulder. If so, should be easy to fix. Could be the angle the sleeve was cut and/or attached to the armhole. Just guesses though. Looks great though, B. I get a lot of use from mine. Perfect for those times when you wonder if you should wear a jacket or not. Hope you enjoy yours!
Coincidence or divine providence?
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