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Interesting points.  Any links to DIY taping?  I thought it was really hard and required special machinery.  Couldn't find much from a quick google search.   I have two that degraded: One a LL Bean 2 layer anorak bought in 92 with failed tape by 2002 (Maybe they'd fix it.) and the other a pre-Prada Belstaff motorcycle jacket bought in 2002 that failed in 2008.  Actually, the Belstaff probably wasn't real GoreTex.  Both had a lot of use before they failed.
+1.  eVent sounds promising, but I've never tried it.  Polartec has a new thing called NeoShell that's supposed to be very breathable too.  I've owned Gore-Tex stuff for about 25 yrs and it's great stuff if you're going to be out in hard rain for long periods.  Sympatex is good too.  The problem with Gore-Tex, and I would guess any fabric that needs to have the seams taped, is that the seam tape degrades, rendering the garment permeable.   That's why i went w/ a Ventile...
Best method I've ever seen.
Thanks.  Jacket's Chan and pants are thrifted (then tapered by a dry cleaner and cuffed by me using Ambrosi's XxX method).  What's really special about them is the fabric.   [[SPOILER]]
Great thread, UC, and threads.   + 1 for two buttons w that spacing. But only for sport coats.  And I'm more low tech in my request:     Btw, I like my quarters to be in between the X and )(  DW was talking about, like this:
I disagree, as did those who reported it.  If you think other posts are inappropriate, report them.    End of discussion.
Click and you will believe (that the shoes are real or my photoshop skills are unreal).
No tortillas.  Which is also the answer to DWW re. NYC. @agjiffy  Thanks for the first few posts of this thread.  I hadn't laughed like that since RJman retired to thumbs.
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