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I like all three, LS. Usually, I'm not a big fan of the advice to get both or all three, but this time, I say, get all three! Well, as long as you can wear sportcoats regularly. All three are really nice imo. And I'm w/ you on skin tones making a difference.
I based the measurements on my favorite pair, a pair of Levis 522s. They fit perfectly imo. She's no denim head, so non-selvedge is not a prob. 1st grade. They're really cute then. I taught jr high for a year. Not a lot of fun. Well, it was a lot of fun and a lot of pain, and learning... for me at least. I hope they got something out of it too. Wow, those kids would now be 29-31.
Oops. I gave garment measurements for everything! Hope that was OK. I'm after a high rise, tapered jean. LA Guy tipped me off to that style a while back. Of course, it's a variation on the stuff we would have worn in the 80s and early 90s. I think I still have an old pair of stonewashed Levis silver tabs at my parents that I kept there for when I visit and do some work around their house. Have you tried stretchy denim on your wife? Mine made me reassure me a couple...
Wow, interesting work, Clapy. Would the cut fabric be visible (on the outside or inside) when everything's stitched together?
Thanks for the help, Sal. I decided to follow your advice and get both! So I ordered three pairs, one black w/o kevlar, one blue with it, and a pair for my wife. Normally my wife barely tolerates my clothing questions, but this time she's already planning her next pair.Looking forward to them early next year. Happy Holidays! Nothing like a Christmas in the desert -- the way it was meant to be.
^Wow, those look wonderful. I need to go back!Have you figured out how to do slanted cuffs? I haven't. Would love to see drawings.
To kevlar or not to kevlar... I've been wanting a pair of kevlar-lined jeans for the past 12 yrs or so. And now that I'm thinking of giving up the bike (well, since our daughter was born a couple years ago) along comes a maker of well-priced, custom kevlar jeans -- with Western roots and Western stitching to boot! Oh, decisions...
If this is the same customer Ashish mentioned to me while I was in India, the orders were cancelled well before the complaint was made here.
Having grown up in the SW, I'm a big fan of the western stitching you guys use. How would one select that option? I've seen it on a couple pairs posted here but haven't seen it on the site.
I agree with using different bags for gym and travel. For the gym, I use a 35 yr old Celtics bag my aunt gave me. Been thinking of replacing it as the main zipper and one shoulder strap attachment are broken. Apera bags look good in pics but I'd like to see one in person.
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