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 We had a B&W TV when I was a kid.  Flipper, Lassie, Three Stooges, Lone Ranger, Little Rascals.... Pong.Do you get flash floods?  If so, will the drainage be good?Amazing. +1  My sister and her family have a HT in the basement and I'm a little jealous.  It has a huge couch that overflow guests could sleep on, and it also functioned as her son's playroom.   One treat of the year we spent looking at houses was seeing old workshops guys had cobbled together. Reminded me of...
^That's one of my favorite styles.  I'd want mink (dark brown with hint of gray) or black suede.  But I have enough shoes.
Yeah, maybe antique brass is a good way to go.  All the fixtures in the bathroom will be chrome.  Ceiling lamps in bedrooms are nickel or stainless colored. One thing I worry about is that if we put in new hinges, the screws won't hold.  But maybe I'm overthinking things.  Thanks for the advice, guys.
No, the doors and frames do not have chicken pox, that's Bondo on primer.  The painter uses Bondo, an auto body filler, to fill scrapes and other indentations.  The door hinges are painted.  They're the original hinges.  Brass, super heavy, and gorgeous.  The current doorknobs are cheap replacements that don't match.  My wife wants silver colored knobs, so I thought painting the hinges would be best.  The other option is to remove the old hinges and replace with cheaper...
Thanks Medwed.  That was taken last Thurs.  On Friday they were got a really light coat of primer, and another today.
Some good news and bad news.   Good is that the paint's been stripped from the upstairs doors and doorframes.  That's over a hundred year old wood, I believe redwood.  And the bathroom's been primed and will be tiled soon.   Cabinets have been ordered and the soffit in the kitchen's been framed:   But the bad news is that the small outdoor storage room, which had the rotting door frame was pretty much rotten throughout, with live termites in one...
I don't think mine have been scratchy.  Maybe a bit.  Their making is really labor intensive.   Here's a video of the threads being made and woven:  And another with some closeups of the tremendously difficult embroidery:
That one looks like a d-ring football belt.
Are you sure it's bamboo?  I'll bet it was pineapple or banana.  I've never seen or heard of bamboo ones.  But they could exist.  Banana's the most common, or was. Pineapple's the most formal and probably the nicest.  Definitely the most expensive.
For a beach wedding, I'd go with off-white pants in linen/cotton. Maybe gray linen. The blues seem a little risky to me, but of the two, I think the second would look best w/ that jacket. But I'd want to see them irl before deciding, so if you have enough time, I'd get swatches.
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