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Sounds good, OTC. The S8 Freshair that we got also comes w/ a Hepa and a bunch of extra attachments. But if you have pets you might need the turbo or the electric brush. Of course you could get the Freshair and then get an aftermarket turbo.
He made mine w/ a more moderate taper and longer hem. I enjoy them very much and would have gone to see him if I didn't have an Arnis/FMA tournament this weekend, my first. I'm just trying not to die!
Thanks for the help guys, particularly P-K-L and Grammaton Cleric.
Fit's excellent, B. Forgot to mention that. (Ninja edited a few other deets in my first post too). I sent in a bunch of measurements and they seem to have been followed well. Loafers are tough to fit well, particularly on the first shoe. Many bespoke shoemakers won't make a loafer for a first shoe, if ever. And these fit very well based on just a couple hours wear in the house. Like everyone, my feet aren't perfectly symmetrical. My right is a bit shorter and wider...
Shoes arrived today. Here they are w/ a pair of heavy, selvedge, hemp/cotton jeans by Levis that I've been breaking in slowly: The outer suede and deerskin lining are very nice. Construction's well done. Heel and sole are a bit too thick for my taste and some of the curves could use some refinement. But overall very impressive. I'll post more soon.
Love the brown hopsack, and the Breanish of course.
That's what happens when you take your Bentley to HD. You need to go to Lowes.It's real.Foo was right!
Gorgeous. Just when I think I don't need any more ties...
Like Clapy, I think shoes are really difficult, like tailored jackets. But Ashish is committed to excellence, so I'm sure they'll get them right after they find the right people. I certainly hope they do, since there are shoes that are no longer made or that could use a modification or two. For example, I believe I was one of the original three testers and ordered a pair of suede loafers based on the old, legendary Florsheim Yuma/Langsford/Cobra Vamp. They followed the...
If you want the honorary degree, you'll have to give a big speech.Wow. Just looked at that thread for the first time in a few days. 154 new posts!
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