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I've had two pairs made.  They are handwelted and superior to AEs.  Just make sure you have someone measure your feet well.
Thanks L.  We're told the best schoool is in Short Hills/Millburn, which is just past Maplewood.     9th and Irving area.  The kind of house and neighborhood we could see ourselves living in for 20+ yrs.  A few blocks from good schools, 1/2 block from Muni, >2 mile bike commute for me through the park.  Good sized home w/ room to grow
I loled at citrusy.  Coming from SF, I don't know if I'd want/need a big lot.  I just hate commuting, except by bicycle, and I want our kids to be able to walk to school.     Not sure I want to move though.  
 Yeah, as Concordia said, the 8/9 is very different.  I suggest trying it unlined, if you ever go places hot and humid.I was kidding too.
 I was wondering if these would be better lined or unlined but then decided the way to go is with extra long pocket bags, front and back.  Have you made anything from the Ariston double-face jersey? Any examples?  I've been searching.  20 yrs ago I had some J Crew pants that were about 50/50 and they were the best for hot, humid weather. Have you tried the high twist, 8/9 oz unlined?  Really soft ime.
I have some Alden unlined suede loafers that reverse calf and they've held up pretty well.     Not sure which would be more versatile, PCK1.  What style were you thinking?  What other loafers do you have from him or others?   Alden's unlined #8 shell LHS is the most versatile loafer, or shoe in general, that I've owned.  They go equally well with suit or sport coat and tie, chinos and BD, jeans or shorts and polo.   
Nuts.  What a small world.  Why'd your friends move?
Ah, lol.  I had heard the area was super liberal.  I take those lefts while on the bike.  Once in Boston I had the early green to make a left but took it a bit late, probably right as the other side turned green, and the guy opposite of me was infuriated, thinking I'd made one of those "Jersey lefts."  So he switched lanes and turned right to follow me, honking and yelling.  At the interesection he pulled up next to me and kept yelling about how I had such a "big head" to...
Wow again.  I said Styleforum delivers, but I should have said The Most Interesting Man in the World delivers again.   I'd heard a bit about the neighborhood.  I've spent years in SE DC and PG County too, but I'll take your word for it and keep that in mind.  Having kids makes me crave safety too. Was thinking of the area just south of the train station around Prospect St and 4th.  You'll know the main reason why.   Thanks for the info about the taxes.  I have a...
Wow!  Styleforum delivers again.     How'd you like it?  What'd you dislike?
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