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Ventile's pure cotton, extra-long staple fibers, woven tightly.  A lot of people prefer it to Gore-Tex, etc., but it doesn't seem to be quite as waterproof.  The big adv. to me, is that it should get better with age, while Gore-Tex and other things don't.  Was developed for the British military. There's different weights and this one is the heaviest.  
I have several shirts with the standard Luxire spread collar and I like it a lot.  Lightly fused for wear w/ suit, unfused for wear w/ sport coat and tie, unlined for w/o a tie.   Also, these ecru linen pants and Ventile came in today:       Both are perfectly well made.  The linen pants are pretty heavy.  Would make a great suit, or shorts.  Hmm...     The jacket was made w/ the double lapped felled seams Ventile specifies, plus we added an internal cape to...
Ouch.  I was just complaining about how far the welt sticks out from the shoe in another thread and this pic demonstrates it so clearly.  Here's how they used to be:
Yeah, it's sad how the quality level had declined.  I have a few pairs that are 12+ years old and they have beautiful welts, just as nice as most Northampton stuff.  Here's one:I also noticed that currently the upper leather doesn't curve inward above the welt.  It just falls straight like a curtain onto the welt.  This is part of why the welt sticks so far out -- it isn't tucked under the upper.  I've gone into the SF Alden store once a year for the past five years and...
Are old pics of chambray allowed?  What if it was taken in a temple of denim with the high priest?  Someone posted this oldie but goodie a couple weeks ago.
Iirc someone posted a couple weeks ago, saying it was the same cloth as Drapers but cheaper.  Thanks for reminding us.  Do they have that taupe I was interested in?
+1 to the Minnis options, and add the Drapers cavalry twill.
Will do, guys.
Not sure if they have any herringbones, Jrd, but worth finding out.  Lorinda at Cisco's the one who's been helping me recently: lsavage at ciscohome net
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