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One of the reasons I like being a prof is the ability to wear just about whatever I want.  Fwiw, I wear a coat and tie to teach, mainly because most of my profs did, and so I just feel like it's appropriate.  On other days, just a shirt and pants (sometimes jeans), often w/ a sweater.  I don't think I gave much thought to whether it would affect my chance of tenure or teaching evals. I'd guess that about half of male profs wear shirt and chinos or jeans to teach.  Maybe...
Do they run a few inches past the shoulder seam to support the back of the shoulder a bit?
Do you mean the ankle showing?  Could be caused just by being in mid stride. 
Yes, but you are the IGent gangster.  
 I was thinking GBOGH.
That's a good question.  I wondered the same thing when I first ordered fresco stuff.  I had a few things (a couple suits, a sport coat, and pants) in the 10 oz before trying the the 8/9, and while I like both, I do think the lighter stuff is noticably cooler wearing. It also packs a bit smaller, which is helpful for travel, and it feels much softer.  My first outing w/ the first 8/9 oz thing I got (mid gray pants by Luxire) was in Miami in June and they were very...
 I've been considering it too, but I'd prefer to have it in the lighter, 8/9 oz weave, which is softer and better for real heat.  Minnis is usually open to producing special runs.  I wonder if we'd have enough people to do one for this.  Would you guys rather have it as is, 10 oz 3 ply, or would you be willing to try to get Minnis to weave the lighter one?  Should be possible to get it done and made into pants before the start of the summer next year.
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