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Thanks C.  I think the real reason I've delayed is that I can't decide on details.  The main ones being spread or BD collar, partial or full length placket, and pocket or no.  Currently I lean toward spread, since I typically don't like to untuck BD shirts, full placket bassed on a pic someone posted w/ shorts and red sneakers, and a pocket sewn on the inside, since I'd use it during travel and a pocket's helpful -- the stitching shouldn't be too visible on a navy pique...
Very nice, Cruz.  Did you increase the waist measurement compared to your dress shirts?  I've been wanting to order a polo like that and was thinking a more boxy fit would work best with an untucked square hem.  Yours looks good in any case.
I read that post and understood it.  But Ambrosi says the pants were replaced and sent, as relayed by T4 and DWW.  So we have competing testimony.  Which side is telling the truth, I don't think any of us knows for sure.  We can assume, believe, speculate, but we don't know.  Which is why I think it's not a good idea to pile on either side.
I've been following all the negative stuff on SelvedgeStyle and wondering if/when H Marko was going to apologize for saying the forum was biased.   Still haven't heard from Lawless about my refund request that I called in and emailed three weeks ago.
Oh, that question.  I did answer that.  I said, "No, I only attribute to culture the things I actually attributed to culture."  And it was clear in my previous post that those things were "standard prices, standard delivery times, and 100% honesty."   If you don't consider those and what you've been doing here piling on, that's fine.  I do, as do others, which is clear from the fact that the post I deleted had been reported by others. I have no idea why people revel in...
T4 and DWW's posts seemed to assert that.  There definitely is a conflict regarding that, whether the pants were remade or replaced and whether they were shipped or hand delivered.  I didn't see anything conclusive about that in the emails or texts Snikta posted.  So we just have contrasting posts from two sides, so far at least.  Is that not so?   I thought that was a rhetorical question.  I have no idea or experience with NSM.  But I do have experience with delays and...
I wouldn't say they're equally culpable.  But I do think it would have been good for Snikta to let us know SA had repaired or replaced the pants at no cost to him and that he hadn't paid the entire amount for the missing pairs.    Why do you think I'm confusing the payments?  What did I say that was incorrect?
No, I only attribute to culture the things I actually attributed to culture. I have absolutely no problems with people posting negative experiences.  As I mentioned, I've posted some myself.  But I do think that people complaining should disclose the whole story and I think those who love to "pile on" could find better ways to spend their time.  Btw, was it the Paone thread where you did what DWW said you did in the Rubbinaci one?
"Non paying" means he didn't pay anything.  Not paying the full balance means he didn't pay everything.  Do you see the difference?  I said he did the latter, not the former.  So, no, I was not trying to say Snikta was totally at fault, just to give him props for admitting something difficult.   I think you have some other facts regarding the payment and ability to pay confused too.    Either way, it certainly seems as though both SA and Snikta could have done better...
They are beautiful.  Thanks for posting them.  That style and the Alden LHS are my favorites for shoes.  I'd be happy to have those two loafers and george boots. 
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