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^Good point. You did kick some sand and are experiencing some somewhat deserved blowback. But whatever might be said about your person, your clothes are exceptional. I'm sure part of people's love or hate for it is caused by stylistic preferences, as DWW said. Soft and rounded vs sharp and angular. And I'm sure groupthink has something to do w/ people's love or hate for them, including my own. But I admired their rounded shape and pleasing proportions when I first...
And, I regret to say, this is a classic hater's post.I picked those words carefully. They convey exactly what I perceive. And I think anyone unbiased who sees the pictures or person has and would agree. It may take a bit of careful, open observance though.
Imo Matt's and Kolecho's stuff have a rounded, three-dimensional aspect that to me looks more comfortable and elegant than other stuff I've seen. And Irl, Matt's Rubi stuff looks clearly but subtly outstanding. The garments look made for him, not like a suit of armor he fitted himself into.
No, that's very helpful. I wish I could create images like that when trying to explain details I want.
Nice haircut, Bene. Old pic from home, but worn today in Bangalore: Luxire, Famous, Evans
Thanks for your idea, breakaway01. I think you're right. Now I see that the x-ed one's about a cm lower. Not sure that much would make a difference. A view from Bangalore: Basically what I'm wearing now, but this was taken a few months ago. Probably my two favorite casual shirts.
Very nice work, C-ron. Although, I don't think I get the difference between the red x-ed one and the green checked one in #4. So it seems that all the stress would be borne by the leather part that attaches to the brass post.
^I think forward and sloping.Excellent time, thanks. As Ashish said, for you N, no prob. Was showing him your Second Life thread earlier when I bumped it btw.
Thanks for the pics. I think poorsod's explanation was right about the person's body making a difference. Although the fabric probably does too and maybe there are other things. You can see in the pics of WC Matt that some show a bit of a bump and others don't. This is true of the jackets Chan has made for me too. And their shoulders aren't really extended, fwiw.
The fabric is really, really nice. It's very thick and dense but feels really soft. 30 oz weight, 90 wool, 10% cashmere. I think it'll last a long time. Imo it'd make a great Filson-style satchel too. Or a DB overcoat.A strap would be helpful. I almost mentioned it when I saw it irl today, but I didn't because I couldn't decide what the ideal locations are for the attachments. Any suggestions anyone?
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