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I got a couple cotton twill suits made by Luxire because they're willing and able to make them completely deconstructed and prewash the fabric.  That lets me machine wash the whole thing, which his helpful for wear in hot weather and for developing a soft, lived-in look and feel.  I might try one in corduroy next.
Ya, most people didn't seem to like it much here either, so they organized two runs of lighter versions (Slewfoot and DWW).     Wish Minnis made the sand in the lighter 8/9 oz version, btw.
Now, but such was the wildness of his youth.  You'll notice the white socks.  They slowly worked their way up.  Next is the legendary hair.
I have a dark brown fresco blazersuit (3 patch, full Manton orthodoxy) and wear the jacket w/ odd pants often.  The light and medium gray frescos make great odd pants.  I might try the sand someday too.   Ah, a rare shot of PB in his mid gray years.
It's also a pain afterwards, particularly if using the urinal in a public restroom.  "Um, excuse while I just hang around w/ my hands furiously at work, um, over here."
Ah, then I have a good idea of the maker, and am glad that our vacations didn't coincide a few years ago.  Although, there would have been other advantages to it.
is it a French maker or Italian?     teh French have a rep for exacting standards, at least the tailors discussed here do, as well as JLP and Delos   strange that it's a promo pic.  So the fact that the opening slit doesn't extend down to the brogueing line is intentional?   I'd never seen that on an adelaide   didn't think teh actual shoes were yours, just that someone may have made the claim to you   (imitation is ...?)
Ah, that's interesting.  I didn't even notice the brogueing and stitching.  I only saw that the lacing slit seemed to stop too high. Imho, if these were bespoke or mto (made for a particular individual) they should probably be remade, but since they're rtw., I think they ought to be sold as seconds at some discount. T4, did they tell you or someone else that the "flaws" were part of the charm of hand made goods?  I could agree with this but only at a significantly lower...
Gorgeous.  I love the shape of the toe and the length of the tongue in particular.  Would you be willing to share the "three things" on these shoes?  The only thing I might change is to have the soles be a bit bit more trim.  But they're beautiful as is.   Love Bengal-Stripe's shoes above too.
Diavolo, where are you?   Looks like Jrd's been here so long he's becoming a voice of reason.  I agree that chukkas are great w/ suits, but real desert boots w/ thick soles intended to protect the wearer from hot sand are a no-go. 
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