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Oops, I just thumbed your post instead of replying.  Yep, it's really breatheable.  The weave is large and porous.  It as a very large comfort range, great in San Francisco in the 50s Fahrenheit and in Indonesia with temps in the 80s with 80% humidity.   Easily one of my favorite pairs of pants now.  Really thinking of getting a sport coat made.  The only criticism I might make of it is that it's fairly bulky when packing.  But I'm a seriously minimalist traveler, usually...
Just ordered the 7/8 oz ecru linen pants along with those shirts I mentioned above.  Have been really loving the 13 oz ecru linen pants.
I eat mainly for sustenance, except for chocolate.  And donuts.  Especially chocolate donuts.  And apple fritters.  Mmm.
 I posted a pic from my visit of the pale blue cotton/linen and another fabric, which I think is pure linen.  I liked the other one bec. it was yarn dyed and so had a nice blue and white heather-like look.  It's the two left ones here: I'm about to order it and a couple other fabrics in the spoilered pics above (prob the summer brown grey plaid and the Albini oxford).  I'm not sure which fabric it is on Luxire's site.  Maybe this pale blue end on end linen.  Or it might...
Thanks for a great thread.  My wife too will love you for it.  She's been wanting for us to go to Japan for years, and this got me in line.
Was their improper use of "everyday" intentional?
Yep, it's a fairly common problem, iirc, mainly if you're fairly athletic.   @klp2332's pants have it too, as seen in the second pic.  Mine did too.  Luxire knows how to solve it.  Also, @a tailor wrote a fun and helpful guide on how to fix it.
If you wanted to keep them, you could have them fasten w/ snaps instead of buttons, to keep the minimalist aesthetic.  Maybe even hidden snaps.   Looks like it'll be a great jacket.   Btw, @clapeyron, re. the shirt you posted a few pages back, I think I'd use the two button MOP buttons Luxire has.  They don't have a lot of them, but I think they'd be ideal for that shirt.  I have them on one of my shirts, the blue one in this pic.  Click to magnify.   Edit: Fixed link.
 Wool fresco, cavalry twill or any poly blend.
When an email I sent LD bounced back last week, I called and spoke w/ a customer relations person who said they'd recently redone their computer systems to handle increased volume, so it makes sense that that's the source of the recent emails.  (I got one too.) She also Roman said all outstanding orders would be out in a month or so, although, that's what she said about two months ago...     I'm still hopeful, but it's getting increasingly difficult to be so.  I asked...
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