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Really enjoying the vest Small fits me perfectly (6' 170, 39 chest, 33 waist). Great design, Shaun. Snaps are way > than zipper for sitting.
Thanks D. And thanks for your thoughts earlier. Most comfortable sneakers I've owned. We'll see how they hold up though. And ya, the technology is impressive, but I think they're fairly pricy. I only got these since my wife's work gave them all a big credit on NikeID for completing a project. The joys of startups.
+1 I went w/ 12.5 oz denim for my kevlar pair. Usually during long-distance trips in hot weather I've worn lightweight cordura pants by Patagonia, maybe w/ some motocross shin/knee and hip/tailbone armor underneath. I figured the kevlar alone would be about as warm as these pants, and they'd be doing the protection, not the denim. So I went w/ lighter weight denim. DD probably has better advice for you.
D, I think these turned out pretty well: Normally not a fan of visible monograms, but yes, that is my screen name on one shoe. Well, it was a nickname 30-something yrs before a screen name. The other one was given to me by my jr high math teacher/principal since I'd always argue, "Ya, but..."
I hate the Gyakusou labeling too.These are really nice. I'm loving the Free Flyknits combo. My NikeID's turned out well imo:
They are also very comfortable.I'll buy lunch for whoever can identify where that was taken.I've decided there's really nothing like custom shoes for comfort. These and my boots by DWFII are like gloves. A couple more shots
Some of us liked it, some of us didn't. It all depended on if you're trying to pass.
I like all three, LS. Usually, I'm not a big fan of the advice to get both or all three, but this time, I say, get all three! Well, as long as you can wear sportcoats regularly. All three are really nice imo. And I'm w/ you on skin tones making a difference.
I based the measurements on my favorite pair, a pair of Levis 522s. They fit perfectly imo. She's no denim head, so non-selvedge is not a prob. 1st grade. They're really cute then. I taught jr high for a year. Not a lot of fun. Well, it was a lot of fun and a lot of pain, and learning... for me at least. I hope they got something out of it too. Wow, those kids would now be 29-31.
Oops. I gave garment measurements for everything! Hope that was OK. I'm after a high rise, tapered jean. LA Guy tipped me off to that style a while back. Of course, it's a variation on the stuff we would have worn in the 80s and early 90s. I think I still have an old pair of stonewashed Levis silver tabs at my parents that I kept there for when I visit and do some work around their house. Have you tried stretchy denim on your wife? Mine made me reassure me a couple...
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