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Yes, and what I meant was that you may underestimate the depth of the realm of good fit and how hard it is to mine those depths.Glad you're starting to come around! Full conversions do take time. Just know that I am here for you on the tough road ahead.
EFV, I agree that really nothing gives one a reason to be jerk, neither the fact that one owns bespoke nor the fact that someone else was a jerk first.Kulata, I too am all for as big a tent as possible. I was an early defender of Spoo, Neofinitia, Brad (SWD) and others. I also agree with you in particular that bespoke is not the be all and end all. But I think there are many more reasons to get bespoke than imperfect physiques. And while you're right that time and...
edmorel is the kind of guy that you just marvel at their level headedness, common sense and thought process. The man takes any situation and turns it into a positve. Makes the world (and the internet) a better place.
Hmm. I think most of the replies to Ed have have reinforced my view that spectre's criticism and example will be very helpful here.Very interesting. That's something that wasn't on my horizon, but I'm sure will be more in the coming years! Thanks for bringing my attention to it.Love the scooter shots -- permanent front page material imo!I agree w/ all of this, except perhaps the criticism of Spoo's jacket. But that could be because I grew up in Las Vegas.I think you've...
^I agree, SB. Spectre's pics show a very refined and subtle beauty of fit, construction, fabric, and color. But ya, the shirt collars do look a bit low, and honey generally beats vinegar.
I almost agree w/ PB. Some designs are better than others though. For really hot, humid weather, Patagonia's puckerware is my favorite by far. Just found a good video on it:
This is a great jacket. I tried it on last week. Probably would have gotten it if it'd been 1/4 lined.
Very nice. Some of these young bucks breaking the rules ("Look ma, no socks w/ my oxfords, and my back blade is longer than the front!") are creating their own set of rules. Such is life.
I've just used a Patagonia messenger for the past 12 yrs. It's practical but very informal.
I have one with a spread collar and I like it a lot. I generally only wear sport coats, but I'd wear it w/ a suit. I think NOBD had one made w/ a spread too.I'd also wear it w/ a suit if it had a button-down collar. OCBD's are pretty commonly worn w/ suits in the US at least. It's a pretty traditional look along w/ penny or tassel loafers, which some also prefer not to wear w/ a suit.I'm w/ the Europeans on not drying shirts though, mainly for environmental reasons. I...
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