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 Wow, that's very interesting.  I don't think I've ever seen irl an all black house or dark gray/black like the second one.  You and I could do that if we were married, but I think my wife would not be happy.  On the plus side, two doors down from us is a house that's a super dark brown, almost black, with dark red trim, including carved gargoyles.  People call it draculas house.  I'm told the owner spent a fortune adding the facade to a plain, newish box, which reinforces...
 I have three thoughts: 1) Yours looks better than the original.  2) The pictures seem to be taken from different angles, namely yours was taken higher than the other.  Your collar has some curve, but not as much as the original.  If it was taken from below, it might show more curve.3) If you really want to increase the curve, you might try a longer collar with a stiffer lining.  But that's just a guess.  @bsarosi's idea regarding the tie knot could also be true.  In...
Would love you guys' thoughts on a paint scheme.  This is the current one: We're thinking of three options:   1) switching the pinkish tan walls/siding to light gray, the off-white trim to white, and the red/rust of the stairs, around the windows, and trim highlights to dark gray, 2) same light gray walls and white trim as #1, but the windows would be white as well, and the stairs and trim highlights would be medium gray rather than dark, 3) repainting with the same...
I posted this pic in the Poor Man's Watch thread but thought I'd post it here, since the shirt is by Luxire and one of my favorites.       It's a nice, lightweight poplin, I think, that resists wrinkles pretty well.  Would love a heavier oxford version of it.  Fabric here.
+1 for 36-38mm and vintage watches (ideally 36 for dress and 38 for sport imo).  For example, I love this old Waltham.  Despite having a few other watches, I end up wearing it almost every weekday.   Love those Sekondas, DG, particularly the blue one.
I'd say mine's a medium weight. It is casual in the sense that it makes a great OCBD.  In terms of formality, I think it's it w/ a sport coat and tie or on it's own.
I wore the Warzone oxford yesterday.  It's over four yrs old and has been worn at least 60 times, but it seems like it's new.  It was a bit stiff to begin with, but I wouldn't call it prone to wrinkling.
Did you look at Speed Queen machines?  If we had a little more room, I'd get one of those.  Instead we're probably getting GE compact ones (prob made by Samsung), and yes, they're more computerized than I'd prefer.  the one thing I like that they have is a moisture sensor for the dryer.  My wife and inlaws like to run our current dryer for a hour, even though almost everything gets dry in about 20 mins.
Congrats, Ron!
I like it a lot, RL.  Not my preference, but I do like it. The countertop makes sense to me.  The only thing I'd have done differently is get retro looking appliances.  But I'm sure you looked into that too. 
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