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^That jacket looks very good, Y. I had flapped patches on an old Brooks Bros tweed sportcoat I had for about 15 yrs. Didn't like the flaps. Imo, unless they button, they don't keep things more secure than open patches. Also, it was a little irritating trying to access the pockets. They required just a slight upward pull on the flap before reaching in, but since I was used to open patches on another jacket, I would always forget that little extra motion and it would...
I think the opposite has been going on so far. GIven the costs of shipping, Luxire may actually lose money on single shirt orders in the hopes that a customer will eventually place a bulk order.^This makes sense to me.These seem like good suggestions. Although, while options can be good, they'd complicate things on their end and might lead to mistakes. I wonder also if Luxire was able to negotiate a really low rate from FedEx that would be increased if they started...
I wore sailor pants in high school for the Sea Explorers. This was the late '80s, so it was the bell bottoms that we liked the least about them.
Just measured and they're 1".
Someone took a pic of me w/ an old friend the other day and I happened to be wearing pants, shirt and jacket by Luxire: The jacket's collar is normally snug. The gap is from his arm pulling on it from the back.
I've removed padding on three sport coats. On two it worked out well, but on one it gave the shoulders the upswing Foo calls "pa-fucked." It's pretty easy to do if you have an hour or two. You just cut open the seam connecting the top of the sleeve lining to the shoulder lining. Then cut away the padding and restitch the lining. You could try it, and if it doesn't work out, have a tailor remove the extra fabric as PB suggested.Thanks for this.I'm glad.On cord pockets,...
Thanks for this. Have been planning to get a midweight, mid-gray sharkskin. I hope they still make it.
I wish I could, but I mailed them to someone, Nataku, I believe. Hopefully he still has them and can scan what you need.
Crunchy Nutella is not a bad idea.
I have a pair of these LB Evans slippers. Love the design, but the leather has worn quicker than I'd expected them too.
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