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Does anyone have any experience with the Delfino hemp/wool blends?  I see they have some new colors and would like to know how it wears.
Interesting.  I think everything looks very well proportioned.  I particularly like the wide lapels and what always appeared to me to be a fairly extended shoulder, particularly on the green jacket.  Perhaps the pwants could be a bit longer and looser, but they've never bothered me in pics.
Ah, thanks.  Sorry for the mistake.  I thought the black shell boots were Baker. Now this is an interesting point.  Glad you've conceded they aren't contradictory.  So now we can focus on the fact that the debate isn't one of extremes, of all or nothing, but of specifying probabilites.  At that point, my competency here is exhausted.  I have no idea how often gemming fails or toe taps make noise.  Thanks Nick.  I have a shop that's pretty good.  Really nice guys. But I...
Sigh, there is no contradiction in saying that sometimes GY shoes form footbed and other times they don't.  It's the same as saying some men are under 6" and some over 6".  [[SPOILER]] Hey Nick, great to see you on here.  I'm guessing you don't personally handle every shoe that comes into your shop or keep records of such minutia, do you?  Not to say that it's bad if you don't. As you know I have great respect for your shop and have referred friends and relatives in NYC to...
I decided to ask for a refund yesterday.  Called and emailed it it.  I'll post when I hear from them.   Held out for a long time, but the Instagram post about stitching and buttons being standardized made me pick the refund -- that and Sal saying they probably would prefer to give those out at this point.  I ordered mainly to help a new company that seemed to be aiming for excellence.  Hope they're able to catch up and start off again on firm footing.
Yes, beautiful.  I agree that the lapel shape is great.  Has a very nice belly to it.
 You mean like a samurai?  Sure.  But more from watching samurai movies, like When the Last Sword is Drawn (great movie).Iirc, I once read that Jedi knights were a combo of samurais and Jesuits.  Not a bad combo imo.  You were/are a Trekie, no?
Thanks Ed. I like you too. Could be true about others posting it. I only see that kind of thing when it's reported, and didn't TO you since I interpreted it in the best possible light, which I believe you meant it in.   Next time something's deleted though, send me a pm pls.  I only posted because I didn't want to leave IS out to dry.  
Vin Diesel?
If you're talking about the post w/ the racist slur, that was me.  You may have thought it was funny, but others apparently didn't.   You're lucky you weren't TO'd too.  Although, that may come.  So be good.
New Posts  All Forums: