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Oops, thought I had replied to this.  Full canvas, but yep made in China.  The nice thing about it is that it's fully customizable, with an individual pattern and all construction details I could think of are available, even backward-slanting shoulder seams.
Thanks N, but really I'm lazy too, which is why I didn't remove the hardware.  Plus, the hinges were caked w/ paint.  But the real reason is probably that I don't own an orbital sander.  A dremel tool is about as fancy as I get.   Good point about the caked/encapsualted look.  I thought about doing nothing to them, but our painters have already spent several days scraping the trim, so I thought that paint-caked doors wouldn't match the trim. The head painter recommended...
Oops, I meant to give the thumbs up to DWW, not TM.  Iow it's a nice pic, but I'd prefer a different fabric.  Isolation makes a good point though -- I too wear a navy flannel blazer w/ gray flannels.    In my case and in TM's above, the pants are heathered and the jacket is flat.  Also, my pants are woolen and my jacket is worsted.  So, I guess a flat, worsted flannel worn with a heathered, woolen one wouldn't be that bad.  But again, as DWW and others have said, there are...
Been doing a bunch of work on the house.  Maybe 20 hrs pruning trees and bushes.  Then our contractor said that behind the wallpaper in our bedroom was some kind of painted paper that would have to be scraped away, down to the bare plaster.  I decided to do it myself.   Took about eight hours to take down the wallpaper and backing paper, to wet and scrape the painted paper, and then to wipe down the layer of brown stuff (glue?) that was left in almost all the areas but...
DWW, then we're probably more in agreement then not.  I actually think he looks better in the tan, but that may be because it's the original.  He had a dark brown corduroy suit, that I thought looked best.  But I can't seem to find an image of it. 
Fwiw, I'm also w/ Gus and the others on color.
He had a dark brown one too.  I liked that one best.   Thanks for the thoughts on the corduroy.  I think 8 is perfect.  I'd go for 9 too, but I'm w/ UC on wider wales, at least for sport coats.  I like wide or narrow for pants.  Probably would never get a suit, since I rarely wear suits.   @Bromley, I have a swatch of Dugdale 8 wale and it's pretty nice, just a bit lighter in weight than I'd prefer.
I assumed good corduroy be stiff at first but get softer over time.  Am planning to get a sport coat in Brisbane Moss's dark olive, 8 wales, 16.5 oz.  Am thinking fully lined.     Any of the above a bad idea?
I own a ventile trench.  Don't own the Norwegian Rain jacket, but I tried it on and examined it pretty well.  I like both a lot.  A regular ventile trench would be more formal and classic, but the NR jacket has a lot of appeal. Styleistically, it's techy but subtly so.  Practically, it'd be better for serious cold, rain, or wind, since it's truly waterproof and has the hood, collar, and lining.  If I lived somewhere cold and rainy, I'd want both.
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