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 This one?  I like that a lot.  The glen plaid?  If we could get something like that woven in about 10 oz, I'd be in.  I've been wanting a summer version of the T4phage Breanish glen plaid.  I'd probably prefer cream and dark brown to black.  And maybe a blend over pure linen, like UC's linked above.
FWIW, I almost never get pants lined, certainly not linen or other warm-weather clothing, like fresco or tropical wool . 
Hey RF, I was talking about the house we recently bought in SF.  Thanks for the info about SO.  Love ultimate.  Or I did.  Played it once a week or so in grad school. I was mostly a Georgetown fan, but rooted for SH against Duke.  Watched the Bobby Hurley story recently on a flight.  Too bad he didn't go to SH.   I'll definitely hit you up for advice if we go.  Looks like it'll be next summer.
GuP, that's an old, pre-Luxire MyTailor shirt.  The collar's pretty nicely cut but too stiffly lined, as you can see.
I've been wearing this upholstery linen jacket a lot and thought I'd snap a pic:  
Great shots. Thanks.  Love SB's beard and UC's jacket.  
Saw Mr. Stockton in that beautiful green sport coat on SF's instagram.  Reminded me of a similar Zegna fabric I have.  I also really like the styling, particularly the nice, wide lapels.  Lots of other great, hard-to-find things on your website too.  Welcome to the forum!
You're right about getting out of the city.  Fortunately, we wouldn't be going out often.  We'll miss easy access to the airport and Costco, but those are once a month trips.  Making up for the difficulty is the relative beauty of O'Shaughnessy, probably the best route south or east.   I hate 19th ave south of the park, but as it turns into PP heading to the GG bridge it's pretty nice. 
I have posted several in this thread.  You could access them most easily by looking at my pictures under my profile.  Pictures are organized by threads, and you'll find several not only of the shoes themselves, but of their making. Here's a link to several of the pictures. They are dark brown suede venetian loafers and unlined green calfskin sneakers.
New Posts  All Forums: