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Fwiw, I'm also w/ Gus and the others on color.
He had a dark brown one too.  I liked that one best.   Thanks for the thoughts on the corduroy.  I think 8 is perfect.  I'd go for 9 too, but I'm w/ UC on wider wales, at least for sport coats.  I like wide or narrow for pants.  Probably would never get a suit, since I rarely wear suits.   @Bromley, I have a swatch of Dugdale 8 wale and it's pretty nice, just a bit lighter in weight than I'd prefer.
I assumed good corduroy be stiff at first but get softer over time.  Am planning to get a sport coat in Brisbane Moss's dark olive, 8 wales, 16.5 oz.  Am thinking fully lined.     Any of the above a bad idea?
I own a ventile trench.  Don't own the Norwegian Rain jacket, but I tried it on and examined it pretty well.  I like both a lot.  A regular ventile trench would be more formal and classic, but the NR jacket has a lot of appeal. Styleistically, it's techy but subtly so.  Practically, it'd be better for serious cold, rain, or wind, since it's truly waterproof and has the hood, collar, and lining.  If I lived somewhere cold and rainy, I'd want both.
Why do you hate it?  We have engineered wood in our kitchen now and like it.  Probably go with regular hardwood in the new place. The contractor first warned against it, bec. he once had a client whose dishwasher leaked and ruined the flooring.  But he said it's the easiest way to get the kitchen floor level with the hallway.  Otherwise he'd have to do what he did in the bathroom (screw 2x4s to the joists and then plywood planks to the 2x4s), and that would be really...
BC, have you considered doing hardwood to match the other floors?  That's what we're planning to do.  Here's an image close to what we're going for.  Can't see the floor much, but we're planning on light, unstained wood:     Btw, love the kitten, Pio.
Switch flannel with tweed and I'm with you.  #4 would be corduroy.  Then truly done.  The LL one is beautiful, as in Mantons, which, iirc is by Scabal and no longer made.  Again iirc, he said it doesn't have any brown in it at all, but the colors work together to read brown. Love my W Bill herringbone and they make many shades.  I probably should have gotten a slightly darker one, but I had/have a dark brown velvet jacket and didn't want another dark brown jacket.  But if...
Crosspost from TweedyProf/Mr. Six's 10/5 Spring Summer thread, something from the shores of the Mediterranean:   Still need to get the sleeves hemmed.  Been too busy w/ travel and home renovation.  
Here's my five sport coats: L to R: Chan fresco 0520, Chan Zegna linen/woolsilk, Luxire house cotton, NMWA/Formosa Drapers Airy Hopsack, Chan defunct dark brown fresco    Ten ties, first the shantungs. L to R: Drakes, Conrad Wu x3   Patterns: L to R:  Arbor Knot, vintage YSL, Louis Boston   Solids: L to R: Hober, Polo x2     Some pics:         Unfortunately, I not all of these ties are the ones selected above.  Sorry about that....
 These babys have really destroyed my desire to try any other maker.  The fit, the last shape, the stitching, etc., all are perfect imo.  If we didn't just have a baby and buy a house, a fixer upper at that, I'd have ordered a couple more pairs by now.
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