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I don't have a particular one to recommend, although, I'm planning to have jeans made in one of these two fabrics: http://luxire.com/products/linen-grey-chambrayor http://luxire.com/products/linen-grey-twill-chambray-jeans Stone is lighter than tan.  Very versatile, from worn rumpled w/ light blue chambray on the weekend to pressed and worn w/ a sport coat (navy blazer, tan or green cotton or linen, etc.).  If I could only have four pants, they'd be tan and stone cotton...
Lol.  In all seriousness though, I admire his wearing some of the same clothes 50 years later.  I still wear a belt that I've had for 30 years, but 50 year old tweed is next level.
He said it was a fashion show.
Grey's a great color for linen pants and would go well w/ blue seersucker, navy pique, or anything white, red, green, brown.  Pretty much anything.  Tan or stone are the two best colors for chinos imo.  A light, faded olive would be nice.  Or faded black.  Navy reminds me too much of my grade school uniform, and copper's more of an outdoorsy color, imo, great in canvas with boots and a flannel or chamois shirt.  
Thanks very much!  That is helpful.  We're mainly looking for slubby shades of tan or brown.
Lovely.     I just ordered the natural ecru linen.  Almost the same styling but w/ a button fly, no cuffs, and only a right rear pocket.   Regarding the button fly discussion, I think they're a little softer feeling and ventilate a bit better, two things ideal for casual linen pants imo.  And these'll be for pretty casual wear, w/ polos or untucked button down shirts.  Thus the lack of cuffs.  I think I only have two pairs of pants w/o cuffs: stone linen and khaki...
A webbing or ribbon belt would improve it imo.  And fwiw, I tend to prefer French placket if no pocket, particularly w/ a nice open spread collar like that.  But it's great as is.
 Mostly for the Dutch forums, iirc.  We've been searching and will let you know when we find something.
Here's some good summer fabrics that I've posted in the past: The blue end on end linen is great too.
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