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I think they're excellent. Very glad to have found them. No idea about the name.
Ya, I typically prefer darker sport coats too. The one I posted is fairly dark. Plus, I pretty much never wear pants as dark as in that northern lights challenge. It goes very well w/ med. gray, light gray, and cream, or blue jeans. Here's a very blurry pic of it w/ a pair of stone pants. Not a great pic, but it shows the contrast pretty well: Not my classroom, btw. I was just a guest.
I like that windowpane. I've really enjoyed this herringbone from W. Bill (same jacket, different lighting):Thought I'd posted a full length shot or two, but can't find any.
Thanks guys. Both pairs have worn well. I should take pics.R, the top is an eyelet so that if it's laced up to the top, there's a lower chance of the lace being knocked off the hook. I think it was fairly common.
True. But it would make a perfect first square or a great "one square."
Just ordered the half white, half dotted square below, handmade by member SartodiNapoli: Should be perfect for the few times a year when I travel and need to be seen twice in public, once more formally and once more casually.
Better yet, request not to have pockets for collar stays so you can have the collar flipped when it frays.
Wonderful! They look really well lasted. Could use another coat of edge dressing though, I think.
Well said, Holdfast.
The products are not essentially the same and it's not merely subjective. As you yourself said, the models are different. This means, as CW said, that the fit, material and style are different. These seem like objective differences that could be the basis for a reasonable decision. Still, you're right that whether or not these differences are important to you, may be subjective. You imply that construction differences are the only ones that matter. But I'm sure you've...
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