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There's a bunch of MTM places for Ventile, like Hilltrek.  Prices are pretty good.  But I'd go w/ Luxire, who would really let you customize all details.  I have a ventile overcoat made by them and an m65 on the way.
Great, thanks.  Really enjoyed working with the maker.  I wear the pants a lot.  The weather's been too warm for the jacket, although that's changing soon.
Shoot, I didn't realize this was two days.  I coulda made it yesterday!   Thanks for the pics though, Gus.
Dang, lost both bids.  We bid 20% over asking for each and lost both, the first by a little bit, the second by another 15%.   Much more importantly though, the delivery went well, and my son and wife are doing great.   Hope the trunk show goes well.  Wish I could go.
Oops, just saw this.  We gave him a month off a couple days ago, and he'll only be allowed back on a short leash.
Very nice work.     I like the Padre Pio pic too.
Thanks guys.  We put a bid in today and will again next week if we don't win this time.   I wonder hwo a similar graph for the city as a whole would look.  I'm guessing pretty similar.  Our current place though was at it's lowest point in 2010-12 but has more than doubled in value in the past three years. The bastards.  I read a few reports that there's been a "spike" in car break ins this year.Not that I know of.
Interesting.  Thanks.  What's your interpretation of the numbers?
Thanks SB.     Seems like every day there's a couple articles and/or blog posts saying we're in tech bubble, and tech money's a large reason for high real estate prices.  Had lunch w/ a very smart friend who works for a major tech-focused venture captial firm, and he's renting his house instead of buying because he thinks a tech bubble will burst in the next year or two and with it real estate prices will fall.  But I agree that no one seems to know.
 Possibly my favorite store in jr high.  Oh man, you picked a few days after our second is due.  Would love to make it but prob can't.
New Posts  All Forums: