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I kind of like the cleaner lines of wood but the easy maintenance of tile.
Thanks D.  Yes sir.  Btw, I was also in South Orange last week.  I think you're right that Maplewood might be better, if we move.    The scraping is almost done:   Can you guys see the little fan-shaped patterns in the ceiling?     Any idea what caused that?  Looks hand-applied.  The painter didn't know.  He hadn't noticed it until I pointed it out (only visible in the right light/angle) and he thought it might have come from their scraping.  But I don't think...
 Too low, I think.  Here's our daughter in what will be her room, with some of the windows in question. A ceiling after scraping: If you look closely, you can see that they've also put screws along both sides of cracks.  A closeup: The old knob and tube wiring:
Thanks guys.  That is a good thought:  If it's survived this long, how bad could it be?  I've considered that, but then I have that image of a kid with a severe cut/severed limb flash into my head.    Man, houses are a pita.   We decided on DXV tub, sink, and toilet.  Kohler Finial sink and tub fixtures.  Relative the (crazy) total for the renovation, we figured a little extra for better-made stuff made sense.  
Thanks guys.  So far, we're leaning toward restoring the windows.  They're the old wavy glass, w/ the occasional bubble.  So lots of beautiful character.  There's two problems with that though: insulation (single pane) and the fact that they're non-tempered.  The first part isn't too big of a concern in SF w/ our mild weather.  But the second is huge to us, since we have kids and afaik, non-tempered glass breaks into lethal ahards.  I've had nightmares of an earthquate...
Thanks for the thoughts on lighting, @RedLantern and @jbarwick.  That makes sense and is helpful.     JB, are they square tiles?  I like the the look of ~4 inch square tiles on the wall and ~2" square tiles on the floor, particularly in the same color, like light gray.  When we were looking at homes, a bunch had some kind of tile paint on them (since the originals were various colors, like peach, yellow, or green).  Have you thought of trying htat in the interim?
Another couple questions:    What do people think about Americast vs cast iron tubs?   How do you feel about recessed lighting?  My wife really wants it, and I do like it.  But the contractor says we'd need to tear out the current ceiling, since the old laths and plaster wouldn't be able to take the drilling required.  Also, a friend who buys and sells old Victorian houses told me recessed lighting would lower the house's value and date it, to 2010, he said.  We are...
We bought an old (built 1907) house, and work has started.  So far, just scraping off some asbestos popcorn from the ceilings       Bathroom ripped down to the studs, some of which have bad dry rot and will be replaced.   Plaster's loose from the laths in places.   Picked out tile yesterday.  We're aiming for something pretty classic, so 1" hexagons for the floor and 3x6" subway for the tub, both in glossy white.  Probably going to do white wainscotting for...
Ah, interesting.  In general, I'd probably prefer more subtle and straight stitching too, but I like it on this, more casual jacket.  When i made my comment, I hadn't clicked the closeups and was thinking mainly about the buttonholes.
This makes some sense, but if you really didn't want to be a burden, better to let them dress as they want rather than instruct "be entirely informal." This does not, given his premise that what people wear to a funeral makes no difference to the deceased. I make no claim about whether it makes a difference to the deceased, but if you're going to claim it doesn't, might as well be consistent.
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