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Right on 9th and Irving?  We're about a block away.
Back to painting for a second.  Our painter does some insane prep work.     French doors with each windowpane sporting its own paper cutout and tape:   I thought he'd have just painted it by hand and scraped off any extra on the glass.  That's what I'd have done.  But he likes to spray everything, so there's no brush marks.  He said a lot of painters would spray some kind of clear coat on the windows that they'd peel off after painting. He doesn't like doing that...
Damn, the past several posts have been SF at its best.
Sure, here's a shot of the two together: The image is a little blurry here for some reason.  It's crisper on my laptop.  But the color is pretty accurate.   Looking at pics, even this one, I probably wouldn't have gotten it.  But it looks great irl and surprisingly good on me.    I posted a pic of a swatch back when I visited Luxire.  Here it is:  
Of all my Luxire shirts, this may be my favorite and most versatile:   Generally my preferred shirts have similar checks in blue and light blue rather than gray and black and the scale is just slightly smaller than these checks. But this works surprisingly well w/ jeans, khakis, etc. It's fairly lightweight and wrinkle-resistant.  If Luxire could find a heavier version, I'd get it in a second.  Would be perfect for...
Alright guys, lets leave the political posts for the CE subforum.  A couple previous posts have been deleted and future ones will be deleted with repeat offenders timed out.
 Yep, I wrote a bit, fairly recently:  Again for @bourbonbasted's purposes, (good, all-round blazer) either fabric would be good imo (fwiw.  Many others would know better than I.)  BB, if you already have one in 8 oz fresco, I'd go for the finmeresco in navy and someday get a 10 Fresco in the SF standard 0520.  I have three blue sport coats, 10 fresco in 0520 for warmer days, 11.5 oz navy finmeresco for virtually year-round, and navy flannel for winter.  That's as good a...
Thanks a bunch.  I'd guess about half was shipping and half the resole.  Defitinitely worth it imo.  When it comes to good leather products old>new imo.  Plus, the environmental benefits, etc.
That's good to know.  I've stayed away from chelseas in part because of concerns about the gores giving out.  Would you mind letting us know how much the gores were (relative to the resole, if you'd prefer)?
Love the 2-way zip.  Wish all makers used them.
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