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Hope people won't mind if I slip in an old-fashioned pair in the midst of these futuristic ones. They're based on a vintage pair and made of unlined olive leather on a custom last by Luxire. More pics of their making and the vintage pair here.
These sneakers have been getting a lot of use recently. Playground duty: Patina's coming in nicely too. Lots of character compared to the original color, which was nice enough.
Seems to me like you overreacted much more than he did. Next time it might be better to explain what you meant than simply to repeat that he misunderstood you.Yep. Let's keep the CE to CE.
I have the light and mid gray in 8/9 and 10 oz and probably wear the mid gray 8/9 (501) the most. Great pants. Wish they made "wheat" and "sand" in 8/9, particularly sand, which iirc is a nice, oatmeal shade. Might be an idea for a special run if someone wants to organize. (Not it!)
Blue collar, that is awesome. Love the blue and brown of the last one too.You've got a point. But might be better to intentionally quit riding than unintentionally stop being a dad. Shoot, why'd I have to formulate it like that?Not that I heard.If I don't give up riding and get a new helmet, I'd like to get one. Although, I have been pretty happy w/ the tinted insert. I think I have this one.
Did someone say something? Actually, I strangely didn't see your post. But ya, as I mentioned, since my helmet's over 4 yrs old, I'll be replacing it w/in a year and I couldn't justify $100 for a shield + insert. I may also give up riding soon. Having a daughter makes me much more concerned about death than I'd ever been.
Forgot to mention that, imo, best dressed goes to Braddock. Ausgezeichnet angezogen.
I've been thinking something similar, but you said it much better than I would've.+1 But I also think the haters of the haters bring nothing new, unlike me, the hater of the haters of the haters. JK. I don't hate anyone. I like all the weirdos.Haters.
We may have the same mother. But over the years I've mostly convinced her by letting her know that cheaper stuff tends to be made by workers who aren't treated well and with processes that harm the environment and thus the people living nearby. Also, the materials in cheap shoes won't last as long as those in high quality shoes, and thus, if cared for, the high quality shoes will be cheaper in the long run. I might also mention that JC came not only to bring life, but...
^I wouldn't go, GT.Drugs?
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