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You might be pleasantly surprised by the fit of Ron's shoes/boots.This isn't the case. But it is a common saying by people who sell and purchase GY shoes. I've heard it many times over the years and believed it myself until a local cobbler disabused me.If you go into any shoe repair place, you'll probably see many glued shoes in various states of having their soles replaced. Worst case scenerio, if they can't remove the old glued-on sole, they'll just grind the old sole...
They're working on one for me now, a cmt of some wool flannel I washed and dried as an experiment. I'll post pics when it arrives. I'm also about to send the heavy linen upholstery fabric. After that, I'll probably go w/ a Minnis fresco suit in navy or oxford gray.I sent in a Chan jacket for the first couple jackets I got, and I'll send in another one w/ a boat-shaped breast pocket as the pattern for the suit.
These are all just guesses, since pics can be very deceptive, but it would seem to me that if you lowered the button stance you'd also need to lower the lapel notches and the jacket hem. SB could be right about the shoulder not being accounted for, or it could just be the way you were standing when the pics were taken (more weight on one foot). But again, I'd definitely trust Patrick and Arnold. They know more than we do.
I agree with TheTucker that Patrick's judgment is more trustworthy than pictures. FWIW, i have relatively wide hips and prominent seat, and I prefer single pleats. You could also try a single pleat and a small dart (on each side, replacing the pleats near the pockets) instead of double pleats. Patrick's own pants have a single dart on each side, iirc.Did you have fittings in HK or just the initial measurements and the finished garment sent? You might widen the thighs...
Does anyone remember the pic of MaoMao1980 in a shirt with aggressive shirring? I think it's a recent Neapolitan trend, and some people may have pushed Luxire to make their shirring more like that. Their original shirring was very subtle. Fwiw, I have a heavy linen shirt from Luxire and it has pretty heavy shirring on the sleeves. I like it for that. But I wouldn't order a dress shirt w/ shirring. If anyone could find the MaoMao pic, I'd appreciate it.
I confess to almighty God and to you my brothers and sisters, that I have sinned through my own fault...
jko, I think they're having their own rivets and buttons made. I'm sending over some hemp denim for a test. I've long wanted to try hemp jeans, they're almost impossible to get in a non-ultrabaggy cut.
Sounds good. Let us know what you decide. To me the two main questions are whether or not you need/want an electric brush and how much of a difference the sealed canister makes.
I was thinking along similar lines, otc. We have more carpet than you but no pets. At first I thought I'd want an electric brush, so, as mentioned, I planned to get the cheapest one, the s2 Delphi. But in the store I preferred the lightness and maneuverability of the turbo brush, and it seemed plenty good enough for low carpet. It seemed like we only would need an electric if we had both pets and lots of carpet or high pile carpet. We may get a pet, and we may move...
Good teamwork, D. Otc, most places seem to charge $599. A NYC chain had it online for $499, which the local dealer said was list. Pricey, but a significant discount compared to other S8s. Mine still hasn't arrived. CA warehouse was out, so it's on the way from the EC.
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