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Restarted Arnis recently and all my workout stuff was 10-30 yrs old, so I've been buying some new gear, like the Nike Miler shirts and Gladiator shorts which are both excellent. Still love the old mesh Champion shorts too though. Does anyone know of a good source for soccer pants cut like the Adidas Tiro but plain (loose up top, snug on lower legs, w/ zippered cuffs and ideally zippered pockets)?
Dude, another one? Same technique or a different one?Not me!
I'm pretty sure I noticed something weird in all his posts, then pm'd you and you recognized it was spam. That was pre-Huddler iirc. He made about 3,000 posts over two years. Most were "+1" or "Agreed," but he would often post helpful advice to noobs. He popped up again and again, and we'd find him. But he kept at it, using more and more usernames w/ fewer and fewer posts per username, eventually just two posts each. Very persistent.
B is a beast. Does that have mesh back panels? Pls. tell me it does.Black for my SWD side, 100% wool for my MC side. [[SPOILER]]
^Ya, the teal is perfect, but the charcoals great imo. Would be easy to add a button and hole to the teal, no? FWIW, wrt Johanm's post above, here's a pic of the two squares worn above next to a white one. The lighting here's more neutral. I think Foo's cream Charvet square is looks paler irl than in that pic w/ the tux. Canta, that is a great combo in that last Foo pic, but -- judging just by the pic -- all the parts look like they match closely.
Nice stuff, C. FWIW, I like the wider lapels, slightly bellied of the charcoal suit and teal sportcoat much better than the narrower, sometimes concave ones. That could be true, DH.
^Thanks J. The second one is more like the one in your pic. The first one is more golden, although it was taken in the near sunset, so it's a little less so irl.
I don't know if these are good, but I'm wearing two different ones in these pics. First one's color is true. Second one is a little off. First sport coat is charcoal. Second's green. Looking at them now, the square might be too matchy to the pants in the first one, but I don't think too much about what I'm going to wear, as it prob. shows.
They mentioned that key members were going to Italy and Switzerland so communication would be slower for a couple weeks.
I have a couple checked ones and they are very wrinkle-resistant. Not sure if you can generalize that though. Friedrich, did you provide body measurements or shirt measurements? If body, it's much more understandable that the shirt turned out differently from what you expected.
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