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Several off-topic posts have been deleted. Let's stay on topic pls.
Thank you for this link. Just based on the pic, that's the best hemp denim I've seen.
There was a huge rash just now. I think I spaminated 50 usernames, several before they'd had a chance to post. But a couple had racked up over 150 posts each.
You'll need to add it to the body of the post then.
Woah. Big news. D: There's a good chance I'd go for a sport coat. T: "Unedited pix"? So you're the Headless Clotheshorse?
Ah, my beloved oneboot. I believe Bengalstripe has one or two too. I have two chukkas/george boots, black and #6 shell. Would like a pair of brown suede, but I have enough shoes.Kaplan, I had a pair of smooth black calfskin ones about 20 yrs ago that I wore w/ suits in rough weather, so I don't think it's a bad idea. For some reason, I think they're common in England or were.
I think we all know who did. [[SPOILER]]
And expensive. I do love the navy and rust one though. Prob cause it's the colors of my high school, which currently is ranked #1 in football.
I don't own any wool squares. Too much of a noob.
Restarted Arnis recently and all my workout stuff was 10-30 yrs old, so I've been buying some new gear, like the Nike Miler shirts and Gladiator shorts which are both excellent. Still love the old mesh Champion shorts too though. Does anyone know of a good source for soccer pants cut like the Adidas Tiro but plain (loose up top, snug on lower legs, w/ zippered cuffs and ideally zippered pockets)?
New Posts  All Forums: