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^That's a good question, MC.  I'll ask the contractor.  There's another cabinet door that would bang a regular door (to the bathroom), and the contractor and I were discussing using a bumper attached to the cabinet handle or the regular door.  But a some kind of a stopper on the hinge might work in both places.   Edit, looks like google has a few options for "cabinet hinge stopper," some of which depend on the type of hinge.  Thanks again for the rec.
Thanks for the thoughts on pulls, guys.  We've eliminated #3 (two pulls on the drawer).  My brother said if someone opened a drawer with one pull it eventually "would twist and rack the drawer on the tracks."  Plus it just looks too busy, we think.  So it's down to one (all same) and two (big and small).     The small has one little advantage.  If we used a big pull on the upper cabinets, the left one would bump into the pantry.  But a small one clears it fine:
Minor home renovation question #5,682:  Which drawer pull configuration do you prefer?:     1) All big, one on drawer   2) Big on drawer, small on doors   3) all big, two on drawer     Please excuse the variety of finishes and the fact that one of the "big" ones in the last pic is actually two smalls.  We were planning to put the pulls right up to the edge of the doors, but there are factory installed rubber bumpers there that are screwed in.  They're right...
We'll host a reunion once we're moved in.
Mmm.  Thanks.  I'm not a big foodie, but I do love burritos and boba.  Hmm, boba burrito...  probably not.   Yeah, I love their pizza and their mint chocolate cookies.  I've been five or six times and try something new each time.  The first time I loaded up because there was a line out the door (sorry Lefty it was the fact that they were founded by a Basque priest that got me into it) and I thought that was normal there and I should make my wait worth the while.  But the...
Those jackets look good to me.     BB, I'd just go with patch pockets myself.  I use mine a lot too, and they've held up well for 6 yrs.
Very nice.  I haven't tried that place yet.  Mostly stuck with Arizmendi Bakery and Donut World the past 6 months while doing some work at the house.  Tried Art's Fine Food for Bugolgi once.  Looking forward to trying out other places.
My wife has some very nice dresses from Luxire.  I need to order a shirt too.
Right on 9th and Irving?  We're about a block away.
Back to painting for a second.  Our painter does some insane prep work.     French doors with each windowpane sporting its own paper cutout and tape:   I thought he'd have just painted it by hand and scraped off any extra on the glass.  That's what I'd have done.  But he likes to spray everything, so there's no brush marks.  He said a lot of painters would spray some kind of clear coat on the windows that they'd peel off after painting. He doesn't like doing that...
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