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@poorsod we're leaning toward Kraftmaid from Home Depot.  Our contractor hates Ikea.  He hates HD too.  But he has a decades long relationship w/ a cabinet guy now working at HD and trusts him.  That guy recommended Kraftmaid. 
When I took a new NMWA/Formosa jacket in for buttonholes, I saw that the tailor (Andreas Gorges) had a book of what looked exactly like Drapers Airy Hopsack:     Anyone have any knowledge of Mirage or Giordano Basso?   Also, for @Isolation, I took a pic of a brown fabric that could make a nice sport coat. It was in a VBC flannel book, but it looks kind of hopsacky, and the label says Loro Piana.  
This has been a helpful thread to me the past few weeks.  Thanks to those who contributed to it.   After reading a bunch and talking to few people, I think we're going with the basic 36" Bluestar RCS, VentAHood (9 or 18"?), Kitchenaid or Fisher&Paykel 36" counter depth ffridge, and Bosch or KitchenAid dishwasher.     Anyone have any thoughts/experiences with these?  And should we get the 9 or 18" hood?  Appreciate the help.
^Nice.  My parents have 20 or 30-something yr old linoleum that looks virtually new.   @MrG, yeah wear and water are good concerns.  My brother suggests putting in a water sensor that automatically shuts off water to the dishwasher and sink.  
Shit.  Thanks.  Our contractor once told me that since the house is over 100 yrs old, he assumes everything in it has asbestos and/or lead.  But I'll let him know.  They keep everything really clean.   The wall had two sheets of half-inch drywall, then the original laths and a half-inch of plaster -- I guess to insulate the kitchen from the fireplace and heating duct.
Last night I had a nightmare about what was beneath the floor of that small, outdoors closet, the one that had the rotten door frame.  In my nightmare it was full of termites, spiders, and rats.  First, I ripped up the vinyl surface:   That revealed rotten plywood flooring.  Our contractor warned me that there might be a deep hole under the floor, possibly even an old well, so to rip off the vinyl, I spread out my legs and arms like Spiderman, trying not to step on the...
Yeah, it looks nice.  And whether causal or coincidental, it conforms to my day-old theory that a flat, worsted jacket looks OK w/ heathered, woolen pants.
^The blues and the taupe look good to me, but the brown is lighter and more orange than irl.  In low light, it looks almost black.  Only in bright light do you get little hints of red or orange. A friend of mine would call it "charcoal brown," which is his favorite color.   Finmeresco's a great fabric imo.     @TweedyProf, Ah good find.  Thanks for the fabric/jacket info.  I haven't tried their stuff on in several years, but will when the new store opens here.   My link...
@TweedyProf I agree re. lots of colors being taupe if it's considered brown-gray, which is what I'd consider it.  And on second look at Claghorn's jacket, it is darker or more saturated than the ones I was thinking are great for summer.  I would consider the Formosa jacket I posted to be taupe.  It looks a lot like the one you just posted.  What fabric is that, if you don't mind my asking?   @Mr. Six and @FlyingMonkey, now that you say it, that picture has a bit of a...
Oh, I meant that Vox's jacket and mine were made of Minnis' then-standard brown fresco, #0518, as mentioned by @poorsod.  But I believe Vox later had the Slewfoot one made too.   Personally, I prefer cool colors in spring/summer, like taupe jackets, ice blue shirts, stone pants.  Some examples from the internet:         Actually, I prefer cool colors at all times of the year, particularly taupe.  It seems very natural to me, like undyed wool or linen....
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