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They've done four for me, two cotton twill, one hot-washed flannel and one upholstery linen, all of which are pictured in the thread.  Here's the most recent two:   
Generally we don't permit interst checks or other FS stuff outside of the classifieds, but we do allow some exceptions, particularly when accompanied by good pics.  So feel free to post, Justridiculous, but pls. leave prices to your classified thread.
I just checked the mod log, and not a single thread or even post of yours has ever been deleted.
For those looking for raincoats, I highly recommmend Ventile fabric.
Great meeting you too, D!
+1 re. Streetwear.  Plus,  Mario Rubinacci looks great in (what seems at least like) a black linen suit.
Neat.  I like these:  
And us, you.
Here's a quick and grainy selfie, but there are much better pics of it worn by the Armoury guys (or their dummies) online.    
Got the dark brown shawl collar cardigan for Christmas this year.  I'd been looking for one for several years, and this one's perfect imo.  Love the fullness of the lapels and how they lay down nicely.  Great heathering and good heft (feels almost twice as heavy as old US-made Peconic Bay Traders one I have).  Really nice fashionioning of the undercollar, shoulders and placket.  Plus, I prefer the welted pocket over patch ones.  In sum, perfection.   Thanks guys!
New Posts  All Forums: