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This, and the stuff redacted, is well said imo. My first w/ Chan was great. But after wearing it a bit I wanted more open and rounded quarters and lapels w/ a hint of belly. The second was done that way. Then the shoulders were extended and sleeves widened a bit. The most recent one, one under Foo's beginning point, has been the best, but they're all great.D, to answer your question, I'm good for a sport coat. (Unless perhaps if Despos comes to town first.)
Frank, I'd probably try the 8 or 10 oz stuff before the mohair blend. The 8oz is wonderful for hot weather. I had a few things made in the 10 oz bec. I'd read the 8 oz was too fragile. But then I experimented w/ a couple pairs of pants in 8 oz. They average a little over 2 yrs old and have seen lots of action in the summer, particularly for travel, but show no signs of wear. Darkdestiny, we spent a good amt of time on the linen jacket trying to perfect the pattern. ...
I've been trying to convince my wife. The food here is amazing. Even that mall stuff I posted was better than anything I'd had in the US or UK. Bangalore has a strong tech industry that has brought a lot of benefits, like as terrific airport. It also has relatively cool weather and low humidity. For the past week at least, it's been perfect -- about the same as San Francisco or LA.And other than rugs or pashminas, she might want to have a sari or something else made. ...
I considered getting a suit in this, but irl it seemed too shiny for me, so I went for the regular 8 oz.Today!Pants look great. Just based on those pics, you might increase the knee width by 1/2 inch and decrease the cuff by 1/4".You've been talking to my wife, haven't you.Back to fabrics for a sec: Here's a pic of an Albini gingham I think is very nice.A couple linen comparisonsSomeone was asking for some stiff oxford. Didn't see any of that, but this Albini is really...
^Can't go wrong w/ Minnis fresco or flannel imo. If you want patterns, mrjester, the Zegna and Albini ginghams and pin stripes are really nice irl. For a more budget-friendly option, I love this blue and black checked shirt. Have had it for over a year and it's my favorite patterned shirt. That and the red version, which sold out.
Still there, or here, for a couple days.
The shoe's moving along well: The shoemaker and bagmaker experimenting on the leather splitting machine with the woman in charge of fabrics in the background: Snacking on some pani-puri, sev-puri, and mango lassi, while wearing the hemp shirt: The food kicks the butt of any Indian food I've had in the US or UK. Incredibly fine silk rugs from Kashmir:
Anyone remember the heavy upholstery linen I posted long ago? Basted fitting coming up: A Luxire last w/ my name on it: You guys need to come to Bangalore.
Excellent. Thanks Shaun. The fit guide was helpful as is, but obsessives like the usual SF member would definitely appreciate measurements too.
^Yours was the first I thumbed. It started the avalanche.
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