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Very nice.  Do they have bellows tongues?  AS make me a pair of blutcher boots w/ an extra high shaft and bellows tongue.  I had wanted the bellows to extend all the way to the top, but it ended where the vamp met the shaft.  I was kind of sad about it, but they were shell, so maybe that was the best that could be done.
Yep, Lobb bespoke.
The first looks like brushed cotton twill.  Or just regular twill that's softened w/ age.  I have some jackets that look a lot like that, in different colors.  They're completely unlined, etc., so they're machine washable.  And I've washed them many times.  Made by Luxire.  Here's a tan one:    The second could be linen.  Looks a little like a wool/linen/silk fabric that Zenga made and is possibly my favorite warm weather fabric.  (Jacket by Chan): 
Thanks for a great discussion everyone.
One of my favorite buildings too.  Hope to be there.  Thanks for organizing, G.
+1 for RL ones.  I've worn mine.     For a while I've been wanting a reversible O-ring belt for travel.  I have some ideas about how to get it made but haven't been satisfied with them.  If anyone has a suggestion, I'd appreciate it.
Pls. feel free.  I always omit guantlet buttons and tie stay holders.  That way when the collar frays it can be flipped over for more wear.  Those two details, the fit, fine stitchig, and lightly shirred sleeveheads are what make Luxire shirts my favorites.Oops, I missed that.  I'll request swatches.
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