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The perfect is the enemy of the good. At least, that's my excuse.
Close. I've had some upholstery linen made into a sport coat:
You may be right that it doesn't belong in this thread, but Imo it does't look "really ugly" or "God awful." It's certainly not something I'd wear, but I do like it and I think that in some way, it's in good taste. The construction details aren't my faves, but the fabrics are nice, the make and fit are good, and the color and pattern combos look solid.Could be. The lighting certainly isn't ideal. It's tough to take good pics, which is why I post so few.Fwiw, I'm not a...
^Really? I kind of like them. I didn't at first, but on second glance they grew on me. I'd lower the button points though. I don't mind the shirt collars either. I'm guessing people don't like the point collars and/or fairly wide tie space, but I think it looks fine. Have to say though that I agree w/ PB on MWS. The suit certainly looks like it's checkered. Seems like the checkered version of self-stripes, which I didn't know existed.
Ah, interesting. Thanks D. I wonder if they'd have worked better in another color, like cream or charcoal. JE, I think it started bec. people thought SA pronounced "pants" that way. I've only used it, the few times I've used it, to refer to pants made by him. But I think it's become a general SF meme.
I agree that those pants could use some work. They did an excellent job on mine, posted a several pages back.
I enjoyed the interview of member Billax of member Billax, particularly this line from Bill's mentor regarding pant length:
These are more poor man's versions, but I like it, the vintage non-round watch. A couple of made in Waltham Walthams:
What color are the pants, Dopey?
A sport coat in a slubby, cream, raw/rawish silk would be very cool imo. Maomao1980 posted a really nice one here and here (2nd from left).Dark brown or navy might be good too. Dieworkwear has been looking for some light navy/air force blue and posted a couple pics.Regarding patterned linens or linen blends, I'd like a large scale, neutral color glen plaid. -- a summer version of this Breanish tweed:Although, hemp/hemp blend would be better imo/e, while I'm dreaming.+1 ...
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