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Me too, except I'd be happy with just the first two. The pennies would have to be like the Alden LHS though, and the chukkas high, like the george boots DWF has made me.
I have a Zegna wool/linen/silk sport coat and it's my favorite fabric. I agree that blends often have the best of both/all three worlds.  I'd probably convert all my single-fiber fresco, linen, and cotton sport coats to it if I could.  
I have a pair of gray Levis 522 (high rise, tapered) with some stretch and I love them.  They're all I've worn for long flights for the past few years.
Goodyear welting is a good way of making a shoe, that is said to produce a more stable and more resolable shoe.  Some manufacturers will call it the best way.  Handwelting is a superior technique that uses stitches where goodyear uses glue.  It's more expensive as it requires more time and skill.  But it produces a more durable and perhaps a slightly more comfortable shoe (since no cork layer is required).     If you want to know more, a lot more, you could check out...
@venividivici, this is all I know, from a previous discussion: [[SPOILER]]
Is there a black "airy hopsack" from Drapers or the other mills that carry it?  That would be my best rec for you.  But I like the idea of linen with a bit of nylon. That said, I'd think John Varvatos has something for you and you needn't go bespoke.
smART, he's right.  You need to specify a price you'll actually take for the item or items.  Pls. refresh your memory of the rules.
Ah, good to know.  Thanks, B.
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