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^Ah, another reason to get patch pockets, Beatlegeuse. JK, SB. That first jacket's from Chan. In those pics only the last two, deconstructed ones are Luxire. So far all my jackets from Luxire have been deconstructed, since I'd been really wanting to try some deconstructed jackets and no one seemed to be willing to make them. But we all know Luxire's policy on that. When Luxire started making jackets, I already had ten from Chan, and I haven't ordered another from...
I've loved hemp since Patagonia turned me on to it. So far have jeans, shorts, shirts, t-shirts, a scarf and a hat made of it. Would love gray jeans and a dark taupe sport coat made of it, blended or pure.
I like it on everything but formal suits. I'm pretty thin, and I think adds a bit of fullness. Plus, I like lapped seams, and they go best w/ three patch pockets imo.(all shirts, some pants and a couple jackets by Luxire in the photos above and below) [[SPOILER]]
For a dedicated blazer, I'd go three patch, lapped seams. For a blazer suit, it's evenly matched imo.
I think there are two different threads, a white one running through the midsole and a black one through the outsole, both joined in the middle. At least that's what it looks like to me.:
Love those slip ons. One of my favorite styles. My Luxire shoes are doing great too. It's impressive how snug and supportive yet light and nimble a handwelted shoe can be.
Excellent. I met Mike and Adele at the anniversary party. Great people.
8oz is generally a summer weight, but twill is usually pretty tightly woven so it'll wear fairly warm for its weight. So it should be OK for three seasons TO, particularly if you run warm. Late spring through early fall should work easy.
Hi Glen,I prefer cream because I like the feel and I'm told it adds some moisturizer. I don't need a high shine. Have been enjoying your stuff and wishing I'd ordered more colors.I thought his post was pretty funny. If you want to block his posts, hit "Ignore," but pls watch your language.Edit, I did assume the "she" in his post was a pair of boots. It was, wasn't it, PCK?
The cream mohair blend seems like it'd make great pants for summer wear w/ a fresco or linen jacket.Oh, I ordered it when I was visiting in Bangalore, so I don't have an order number. But Ashish may know. Or you could probably just say "emptym's black jacket."I wouldn't want taped seams, as tape is adds bulk and rigidity, and it's usually the first thing to go, ime at least. Plus, Ventile recommends using double lapped seams in their construction guidelines, along with...
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