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Oh, I almost always leave my shirts untucked when wearing jeans.  I few years ago I used to wear jeans w/ a coat and tie, but usually I just wear the w/ some kind of untucked shirt now.That shirt looks good.  I like the collar.  For that collar, I'd go w/ side pleats in the back.  Yep, the bunching is probably from being a bit tight in the waist and/or the hips.  If you have a "prominent seat" as I do, that can cause the shirt to catch in the back and produce rolls like...
I like that model a lot, but I'd like it more if it wasn't a full strap.  I probably like it more than Alden's full straps, since the rest of it's like the LHS.
Yep, both leather outsoles.  It might be that the shells used for each pair were of different thicknesses, which is common.  Or maybe the difference was due to me, my metabolism or something.
I used to like NST.  Had one made of Bison w/ Gore Tex liners and lug soles that served me well for years in Boston and Germany.  My brother in NYC wears them now on rainy days.  Have never quite come around to full strap pennies. Have you tried GlenKaren polish/cream.  I've used it on shell after Bick 4 and it seems to work pretty well.
Strangely, I wore shell in Indonesia a couple weeks ago and never felt hot.  But last week in Newark wearing a different pair, I did.  Both were BB unlined loafers.  Maybe the difference was that the ones in Indonesia were burgundy and the Newark ones were black. JK
 Very nice.  And agreed about the versatility.  I think I could have just a few pairs of these unlined pennies (black shell, burgundy shell, and suede) and boots and be happy.  If only the welts weren't so wide nowadays. Penny loafers w/ suits is a classic combo (at least for Americans) that would def. be approved here.
^I think JezeC just was unfamiliar with it because rtw pants usually have split waistbands and no center loop, both of which allow easy alteration.  But custom pants shouldn't need alteration, so a center belt loop makes sense since it's thought to help with comfort and appearance.  My Ambrosi pants don't have even have split waistbands, but the ones with belt loops have center loops.  Someone whose weight fluctuates would want to be able to alter their pants easily, so...
^Yep.  I met Metro at CEGO once.  Seemed like a nice guy, but even he'd admit he was young and stupid, or immature.
I like Uniqlo's.
 This is a feature, not a bug, as they say.  Best of both worlds.I think the first several changes sound good, but I wouldn't do the last three.  In fact, I'd tighten up the cuffs, at least if you plan to wear the shirt with a sport coat or suit jacket.  Traditionally a box pleat like that is paired w/ a BD collar. B&B collar should be OK.  I think Jason of B&B is about 5'8".  Probably depens at least as much on the size of your head as on your height.  Personally, I'm...
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