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Doesn't McDonald's cook their fries three times? I remember reading that at their museum.
^Exactly. Foo said at least 10-11. Not at most. Glad the vac is working well, D.
I'll bet that even standing with your hips pulled back a bit would help. I sometimes have this problem too w/ RTW.Just a guess, but the solution might be to increase the front rise and decrease the back rise. Maybe try 1/2 inch each.The slight wedgie problem should be solved by more U-shaped rear panels than V-shaped ones.
Has the vac given you trouble or are you talking appliances?Imo there is a difference between what one learns from a year-long trip around the world and living abroad for a year. As Matt said, not necessarily a difference in overall value, but certainly differences, particularly in the relationships formed, I'd imagine.No idea if I've ever eaten at a Michelin-starred restaurant.
Thanks for some very interesting and educational past several posts guys.Sounds good. I may have been wrong.I like that shoe quite a bit.Maybe he's been watching Portlandia. My friends and I found the drive from Portland to Redmond really beautiful (Redwood forests, mountains, deserts, even the gray landscapes from forest fires). Since we were running late, we didn't see much on the way down on 26 and 97. But on the way back up to Portland we did enjoy downtown Bend...
What have you learned, D?
Good post, C. All right everybody, lets keep the thread on topic from now on. Pls keep all attacks and defense of character and all hyperbolic, trolling comments about aesthetics to ourselves.
BS, I'm disappointed. It didn't seem like a joke to me. And accusing someone of something, then claiming it was a joke or not really an insult and then again criticizing the person for lack of humor is... not something I try to practice.
Weird. The shoes look good to me.
Several off-topic posts have been deleted. Let's stay on topic pls.
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