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Hey N, it's from Cisco, a furniture store that sells lots of fabrics too (for pillows or furniture, mostly natural, even organic fibers). I posted more on it a while back in another thread:
You have skilz! That's exactly what I was thinking. It'd be ideal to show the options on a full pair, w/ right and left pockets depicted. What I had in mind originally, fwiw, was the top X on the right and the bottom L on the left. But it'd be neat to see just the L's together and the X's together. I think the best ways for those would bottom L on left, top L on right and top X on right, bottom L on left. But the other ways around could be good too. There would be...
If anyone's able to create Photoshop versions of any of these, I'd appreciate it a lot.Thanks STL. The hemp is from Hemp Traders.Denim: http://www.hemptraders.com/product-p/cs-d10.htmShirting: http://www.hemptraders.com/product-p/ct-l4.htmI'm really happy w/ both, but the denim is not the usual weave and the shirting is paler and more uniform than the photo on their site.The linen is from Cisco, a furniture store. Can't seem to find the page, but I probably posted it...
I think I like the more vivid options, JB. Some hemp/cotton denim, hemp shirting and heavy linen for a sport coat:
Here's the hemp denim and shirting I mentioned earlier, w/ the heavy linen for a sport coat:I have some shots of it somewhere in this thread. My points are more close together than you seem to specify later. The basic BD is based largely on a 20-something year old Brooks Bros buttondown and one from Peter Lee that I sent in long ago.I like this a lot. I kept planning to draw one up exactly like this. I was thinking of exactly that L but on the left side. For the right...
Given their level of service, I'm sure they shot all 54 hours but with time lapse photography, for our convenience and edification.
This is a good point. But I think it was covered by "all things being equal." Thus the claim would be that well done HW is has advantages over well done GY. Sure, poorly done HW can be worse than well done GY. But that's not taking "all things equal."This is a very good summary with the exception that DW made. I'd also add that, iirc, one other disadvantage DW has mentioned w/ GY is the cork/glue mix, as it can shift or dry and crumble.
I never made that claim. My only point was simply that this was not true:"Even if consumers agreed that a pair of shoes were the most aesthetically beautiful in the world, made with the finest leather and able to withstand decades of hard use, he would reject the idea that they're good shoes, because they weren't made to his standards."Makes sense. I want mine to disappear.That was the first I saw it. It is an interesting point. But it seems to me that its significance...
^That could be, but it's a different point than you were making or I was countering, ie the main point of this thread and the repeated conflicts.
Btw, Nick, Fok, and whoever may disagree with me: Etymotics are objectively the world's best (regardless of conditions or circumstances past, present or future)! Those are pretty sweet Sennheisers though.
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