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I have a related question for you or any other denim heads.I wanted the fabric to be preshrunk as much as possible w/o removing much color. So I requested my fabric be washed in cold then dried hot, thinking that the cold water shouldn't remove too much color, and the hot dry should maximize shrinkage.Or is there a better way to do it?Now that I think about it, prewashing may introduce random streaking. I wonder if this could be prevented by sewing the ends of the...
Very nice. I've long wanted a pair of unlined shell sneakers that were resolable.
That's interesting that your tailor would have said that. I've had pleated pants tapered from all the way up w/o a problem. Although, even though the taper started at the top, it was slight up there and increased gradually to the bottom, which I guess is the definition of a taper. Maybe if a lot needed to be taken in up top it would tougher for pleated pants.
^Are you sure about pleats and tapering? I've never heard/seen that. Ambrosi's default is pleated w/ very thin, very tapered legs. I think they'd just need to make sure to take in both sides of each leg -- which should be done w/ or w/o pleats. gettoasty, you might try a single pleat if he does that (and cuffs!). And fwiw, I like cuffs w/o pleats but not pleats w/o cuffs.
^Unbleached, undyed lambswool from cream to black (such as here), knit into various forms but most of all a dark brown cardigan with wide shawl collar.
Great stuff the past couple days, particularly EFV's suit. Personally, I like a little belly on the lapel. No belly is better than too much, but a little bit is best imo. Currently, straight/concave lapels are trendy. But I think in a few years people will look back on them with as much regret as people have for other, similarly overly-sharp features like the square shoulders of the 80's or the columnar three-button suits of the 90s.
If the thread is white, you might try using Ritt dye remover or bleach to turn it white. If the thread is green, or if you'd like it a darker green, you could, of course, try dying. Bleach is more predictable in my limited exp. I used it recently on a blue shirt that turned out too dark for my taste.
I commuted w/ a bicycle for years, and it's probably still my favorite means of transportation. But it's definitely dangerous in a major US city. People in cars tend to respect motorcycles much more than bicyclists (and I do mean motorcycles, not motorcyclists). Commuting by bicycle for a while a great way to prepare for a motorcycle imo.Fedora and crossed wingtips?
Does this mean we have another member?Very good.Fixed.I certainly wouldn't say it's inevitable, but it's probably good to think that way. I've been riding for 12 yrs and haven't really crashed (slid once in a turn on the way home while caught in a Boston blizzard but wasn't hurt and didn't damage the bike). If you take the Motorcycle Safety Foundation course, your chances of crashing are significantly reduced. And if you make it past a couple years riding, they lower a...
When in doubt, buy a motorcycle.You too. Then we can start a gang.JD, always insightful about motorcycles. And, I agree with this. If it has armor, I certainly wouldn't wear it casually. If it's made of really thick leather w/o armor, probably not also. Otherwise, it's certainly OK. Still, part of me has and probably always will think there's some element of appearing a poser when wearing a riding-style jacket and not riding. This actually is part of why I got a...
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