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To kevlar or not to kevlar... I've been wanting a pair of kevlar-lined jeans for the past 12 yrs or so. And now that I'm thinking of giving up the bike (well, since our daughter was born a couple years ago) along comes a maker of well-priced, custom kevlar jeans -- with Western roots and Western stitching to boot! Oh, decisions...
If this is the same customer Ashish mentioned to me while I was in India, the orders were cancelled well before the complaint was made here.
Having grown up in the SW, I'm a big fan of the western stitching you guys use. How would one select that option? I've seen it on a couple pairs posted here but haven't seen it on the site.
I agree with using different bags for gym and travel. For the gym, I use a 35 yr old Celtics bag my aunt gave me. Been thinking of replacing it as the main zipper and one shoulder strap attachment are broken. Apera bags look good in pics but I'd like to see one in person.
Perfect. Thanks a bunch.
Hey guys, welcome to the forum. Just a few questions: Is the kevlar lining option possible atm? What parts would it cover? Would the women's stretch denim shrink at all in the wash?
^Woah! No wonder I've had to do all the mod-ing these past couple weeks! Check out Hell on Wheels.
You're liking Sons of Anarchy, S? To the many shows mentioned, I'll add the Animaniacs and I'll Fly Away, for older ones, and, more recently, The Borgias (Jeremy Irons plays a mean pope. ) and Hell on Wheels.
I'm glad the fabric pics were helpful guys. Sorry I didn't get a chance to check out white fabrics before leaving. If there's a white version of that Albini oxford, it would probably be a great choice. My personal favorite white fabric is an Indian-made fabric from an old MyTailor shirt. A very similar one was on the swatch page of one of the white G&R fabrics on sale for Black Friday. Of course, it's probably twice the price of the MyTailor Indian-made one. So it'd...
^Interesting article, DW. Thanks for it. Do you know why 4 piece wellingtons were at first reserved for wealthier clients?
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