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 I'd call those stone. Fwiw, imo, putty would be darker, almost khaki, and pewter would be even darker with much more gray.  I could see it being called oyster though.  To me, stone is an off-white with a gray cast, while cream is off-white with a yellow cast.  But maybe I'm alone in that.  
Here's a wider shot of the back, showing the living room windows that the doors will match:     We're thinking of putting a glass roof to cover the space between the three walls.  Someday.
Thought I'd post some pics of the progress on the kitchen. Last time I posted the demolition of a wall that held small pipes for gas lamps and large pipes for a chimney and stove.  Here's a pic of the other side of that wall.  THey've reframed the doorway to make it wider, and patched the floor where the fireplace was.      The floor joists under the fireplace had been cut to accomodate bricks and a metal plate, so they reinforced those:    And since the wall that...
When I first heard of wood-look tile, I didn't like the idea.  But seeing them at tile stores, I like them, especially for outdoor use.  Took this pic of a display with a pic of it used as a pool deck.         The tile looked better irl than in the pic, and it had a texture that seemed like it wouldn't be slippery when wet. If I ever get to move back to somewhere warm, I'd consider it for a pool deck.
I didn't mean to say that all women are like my wife.  Some certainly like to design things and get them made.  If your wife doesn't, you could do is send one or two of her favor garments to recreate in a different fabric.  Ideally something she doesn't wear much (off-season, something that has worn out, etc.).  That's what worked for my wife.
^You live in the Southwest, right?  I would think a pool would get a lot of use.
They've done a couple dresses for my wife that turned out very well.  I would like for her to get more stuff from Luxire, but she doesn't like the whole custom process of imagining things and having them made.  She wants to see and try on an existing garment and then decide if she likes it.  I'm pretty much the opposite.  It generally takes me years to refine an idea in my mind and then try to have it realized.
I have the red, and it might be my favorite shirt.  Would love it in a darker navy or midnight blue.
Different dyes react differently to bleach.  If those were mine, I'd wash them once or twice more, and then let them sit a week or two.  If I didn't like how they looked then, I'd try dye remover, like this.  Dye remover also does weird things.   Again, you'd need to wash the garment a couple times, and let it sit a while to see how the fabric reacts.   For example, I once used bleach on a green t-shirt made of 100% bamboo from Michael J. Krell (anyone one remember him and...
 You gotta live a little.  Crescent pockets wouldn't be ideal with a plain fabric imo, but they seem pretty subtle on patterned tweed.
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