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I forgot to mention that I'd pm'd despos and atailor, and both said pleated pants can be tapered all the way up to the crotch on the inside and the pocket on the outside. So I'd ask that mtm outfit if they would slim those pants, GT. If you ask quickly and say the weren't as slim as you'd hoped and you never wear them, hopefully they won't charge you.
I go single forward pleat on everything but corduroy and some chinos. I like the extra room, but the main plus imo is how unbroken crease line from pleat to hem.I think part of it also is that EliodA's lapels have no belly. And yours have the right, small amount.
I've done this with a regular needle or a mini screwdriver. Definitely better to push the snag through than to cut it. Cutting it would be just like cutting a normal thread and weaken the garment.
Particle board is a perfect comparison to leather board. Both are made of ground up bits of whole material glued and pressed together.
Yes, at least, I know they will if you order other things. If you're just ordering swatches, there'll probably be a charge. The first time I ordered from them was about 8 yrs ago and I got some hemp seeds and protein powder, which I don't think they carry anymore. This time I ordered some shirting and denim and they sent a few more swatches matching my request for natural colored shirting, ideally unbleached and undyed.I've sent the fabric to NJ and recently used the...
Got it from HempTraders.com. I posted a pic a month ago or so.Neat. Who made it?
Ime it wears just as cool if not cooler than linen, if that's what you mean. I think they have similar thermal and water-absorption properties. Clapyron may have the exact figures.A pair of Patagonia shorts first turned me on to it. When I lived in the Philippines, they were the coolest things I owned.On a side note, I also keep looking for the same 50 linen/50 wool fresco that made up a pair of dress pants from J Crew (~1994). They were the coolest dress pants I've...
Hemp is like linen but with fewer wrinkles. It's also more durable than cotton or linen and very good for the environment (needs very little water, fertilizer, and pesticides). I've never smoked the stuff, but I love hemp fabric.How did your hemp sport coat/suit project go? I vaguely recall asking this, but can't remember the answer.
I'm trying to get something not offered anywhere else, afaik, namely hemp jeans to my specifications.Rtw jeans are just as much of a gamble on shrinkage ime, particularly raw ones.Edit. I pm'd Fok about the proper way to prepare jeans for making. He said it's tough to get the measurements right when adding allowances for shrinkage, so preshrinking is best. And hot soak w/o drying is recommended as drying causes streaks. Good to get confirmation from an expert.
Ah, now that I click the spoiler, I see that one of the two suits had those features. I was only seeing the grey suit you left unspoilered.Actually...T4 graduated, but hasn't landed a job yet. Something to do with the background check.Ed got a job, but never graduated. The clock ran out.
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