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Please join me in wishing RRL Clothing a happy two weeks off.
Very interesting. Thanks for this and your other informative posts.Is that price comparison of GY to Blake or to Blake-Rapid? I would think Blake would be much cheaper than Blake Rapid, given the need for less material and fewer steps.Neat. Thanks too, N. Do you know if anyone still uses them, Alden or AE, for example?DW, let me echo that the HCC is a tremendous, wondrous resource. I dropped down that rabbit hole like Flying Monkey a few years back.
Oh, I could find plenty of examples where I think DW's language could have used, while not a "dumbing down" as he's said recently, certainly a softening. You'll recall that I've made that point more than once in posts and pms. But my post of that quote here was quite relevant, particularly in the context of your claim that DW is sole cause of the fight here and elsewhere, and particularly these parts of that quote:
Thelonius, very interesting question about compressing the insole by machine. I'd never heard of it. Do you remember where you did? DW's thought that an insole that could be compressed wouldn't make a good insole seems reasonable too. If it had been invented, I wonder what other disadvantages, if any, have prevented it from gaining traction. FYI everyone, thelastquestion was a troll and has been spamminated. He had been been banned before by other mods (originally...
There are many approaches to the single summit. But as you've observed, it isn't lonely at the top.
Unfortunately, this seems to be the case. From another thread, not involving DW or handwelting:Fortunately, he has other redeeming qualities.
I think this makes a great point. And the point is not, as one or two misconstrue, that GYW are symbols of despair.His statements, like all statements, have meaning only in a context. The context was RP arguing that GY have the advantage in that they can be made more cheaply than HW, allowing more people to purchase them. In light of this, DW was saying that cheapness was a part of despair, not GY. This is completely compatible with the thought that some GY shoes are...
^ I think you're right, and so will add "fitment" to my list, as in "Pls critique my fitment."Right. As if there was only one lamb. Sheep. I mean sheesh.I held out for a good number of years, but I am human too.On your clothes. I agree. But you're in the sciences. Dressing formally in the sciences is generally frowned upon. I used to wear one bracelet and only in the summer. Started in high school by wearing one I'd woven out of the plastic ties the towels came...
You're probably right. "Suitings" when talking about suits and "shirtings" when talking about shirts irritates me too. Thankfully, I have never heard "t-shirtings." While I'm ranting about online menswear stuff, let me add when people call some item "The": "The Linen Sport Coat," "The Dressy Sneaker," etc.
Where in the world did the word "denims" come from?That's because you spent all your time at or above 5.
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