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I'd like seersucker in gingham (1/8-1/4") and plaid patterns.  
Thanks DW.  There certainly is a large variety there in your work.  I love the black and whites.
Sounds good, DW.  I certainly wasn't thinking that full wellingtons were originally a Spanish style, or that cowboy boots as we think of them now were originally Spanish, just that there was some Spanish (and thus Muslim) influence on cowboy boots as we think of them now.  But exactly what that influence is or when it occurred, I don't know.  
By "geometrical," I don't mean triangles and such shapes, but repeated patterns, symmetry, things not really seen in nature but governed more by mathematical formuals.  It's been 20 years since I took a class on Islam, but I remember the prof saying traditional theology forbids representations of people and animals, so repeated geometric or floral figures have long been used for decoration, of rugs, walls, etc.I don't know about photos, but a quick Google search shows at...
Those are really interesting.  Thanks.   Makes sense about the toe.  I thought I remembered reading that the decorative stitching was originally a Muslim influence (Islamic art has lots of geometrical flora arrangements) that came from Spain to Mexico and then the cowboy boot.  The Eastern European connection could fit that narrative, since Islam has had a strong role there.  Does that sound right at all?
Beautiful stuff.  I wish I could afford a pair of your full wellingtons.  Still holding the dream of taking the class with you someday too.   Fwiw, I had heard the cowboy boot was of Spanish origin too.  Were some of the elements Spanish, like perhaps the pointed toe or decorative stitching?
That moment has come.  Enjoy till the new year to cool off.  After that, you're welcome back. The rest of you guys, be nice too. 
Very good.  Do you think that corduroy would work well as an unlined sport coat?  Do you remember the weight?  I may just go fully lined.  Am wondering if the corduroy would have too much friction otherwise.  Edit:  I see on their site that the 10 wale is about 11 oz and there's an 8 wale at about 16 oz.  I think I may go w/ that latter for a sport coat.  But either way, your pic has me sold on the dark olive. Probably was me.  I had that wedgie issue on pants.  This...
^Thanks to you.  Getting a good amout of wear in the rain and should get more this El Nino year.
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