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Good idea. I'd make the default band a bit stiffer than the collar itself. At least, that's how I've always ordered my shirts.
Fwiw, as usual, I think the rule is correct for the most part. So there are exceptions and I think you've got a few here. Again fwiw, the only two gray ones I think are close to successful are of Vox. Itsstillmatts could work too and reminds me of a black and white herringbone Harris tweed jacket worn with black or oxford gray pants. That was a pretty common look for decades. Looked good w/ a white ocbd and black knit tie imo. Although, it looked better w/ khakis or...
Black magic's been around, but only making a couple posts per username and usually not loading any pics. Probably realized it wasn't worth the effort.+1 Although, was the other one a theft? I thought so, until I looked closely. In any case, something needs to replace that little kid.
Verrihappily, two of your posts were deleted, neither of which was reported by Handmadeshoes -- even though, as an affiliate, he had the prerogative of having them deleted. Rather, they were both deleted because they were reported by multiple members as rude trolling. And each one was deleted by a different mod who agreed. I suggest you give it a rest.
I'll be there. Don't think I can bring myself to wear coat and tie though -- I'm on sabbatical!
Sorry this has been happening guys. I wish there was more we could do on our end. All we can do is look out for him, ban him when we find him, and warn you guys. Glad you got your money back, Viral. Hope the others can too. What payment methods are easiest and toughest to get refunds?
Bad news everyone: Maltess has been back. We've banned him as soon as we've become aware of his return. Previous usernames include Ackerman, Islay, Audley, Calvay, Bech, and, most recently, Bonney. He posts from Spanish IPs. Pls report any possible scams asap.
Hey guys, It looks like he is a scammer. He's been banned repeatedly and gone by usernames including Ackerman, Islay, Audley, Calvay, Bech, and, most famously, maltess. He does post from Spanish IPs. If you can get your money back, I'd do so asap.
Great choice. I was just about to post it. Of all the new watches at any price, this is my favorite. With a new daughter, it's def. over my budget, but I love it.I like your others a lot too, particularly the mention of the Vulcain alarm. I wish Vulcain, JLC, and Tudor would all bring back their alarms in 36-38mm with really plain dials (incl. no date). An alarm is the most practical complication imo. I have an old Vulcain that I use as a backup in case of power outage.
Thanks for deleting all the spam, Clags, IS and Mr G. I must've banned 30 users and deleted 300 posts (really, threads) in the past couple days. For a while on Sat afternoon I just hung out and banned about a dozen, right after they registered and before they'd had a chance to post. (I get an immediate pm for each newly registered user.)
New Posts  All Forums: