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I posted one a week or so ago that's perfect imo.  Everyone should own one.  Linen-cotton with w/ heathering, about the same shade as the forum favorite sky blue oxford, also in the pic:
The wedgie problem is a common one.  Luxire will know how to take care of it. Would you consider linen?  I know Luxire has some thin twills that you might use.  The tan washable wool blend pants I got recently might fit the bill.  And the trial pair they made for me years ago was similar.  I think it was a rayon/poly blend.  Very soft, light, and drapey.
^They look pretty good as is, imo, but Fiebings dye should work. 
This one I believe.  I could post the other fabrics if people want.
Oops, yep, I meant linen.
Some things arrived today that I've been wanting for a year or more.  Top left pants are the washable wool poly pant.  They'll replace a similar thrifted pair that I burned (melted) with an iron. Pants on the right are a lightweight ecru linen with beautiful heathering.  They'll replace a $10 pair from Old Navy. Then from l to r we have Albini OCBD, sky blue oxford (slightly finer and softer than previous versions as someone mentioned), blue/gray/brown checkered casual...
Yep, the george boots you made are as comfortable as slippers, both pairs.  I think I menioned that even without the laces tied, they hug the foot all over and so are secure enough to walk and possibly run in.
I prefer them to line up.
So far, the discussion has been pretty civil.  But a reminder for those who have been warned before:  Ignore, be nice, or be timed out.
For adding color, do people prefer Meltonian, Saphir, Glenkaren, or some other cream?
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