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The sweaters haven't been restocked for a while, at least the ones I was looking at. But there's a good chance they're made by this company, at least the construction details, measurements, and even odd color names match up: http://www.greatandbritishknitwear.co.uk
That seems a little low or recent to me. Iirc, it was that much about five years ago, while two years ago it was right around $1550.
Oh, I was thinking of Medialle D'Or too. I haven't tried the regular blue and yellow products. Meltonian's about $6 here, Woly's about $13, and Saphir MDO $19. Woly and Saphir both have more of a natural smell and feel than Meltonian, and are probably better at moisturizing, but Meltonian's better at providing color. Saphir's a bit more water resistant than Woly.Yep, that's it. I posted a while back, fwiw, that I always get a light, unfused lining in the collar band. ...
^FWIW, I would always order lining in the collar band (and always unfused), even though about 2/3s of my shirts have unlined collars.That's interesting, but I guess it makes sense. Here in the US it's about double the price of Meltonian, which is very good and used by a lot of high end companies, as is Kiwi. Personally I've found Saphir to be good but overrated. Woly has the same, pleasant odor as Saphir and seems about as good at moisturizing. Meltonian seems to give...
I like recommendations when they're unobtrusive. +1 on NMWA setting new standards.
I.e., the right kind of people.I think had a pair of pleated jeans around 86-90. I know I had pleated denim shorts back then. Pretty sure they were single pleat. Probably reverse. Those were my gigolo days of jr. high.Seriously though, try the 522s. They don't look weird. I think they're the perfect CM cut. Don't tell Fok though. Actually, they're cut about like Ambrosi pants now that I think about it.
Or the cuff looks loose.
PB, you might try the Levis 522. Fok tipped me off to jeans w/ a wide upper and slightly tapered legs. The Levis are a pretty cheep version and so very comfortable. They have a high rise, something like 12.5" front, 17" back, on size 33". I got the gray pair w/ 1% lycra. Wore them on 24 hr trip to Asia and have never been more comfy. Tempted to buy them in other colors, like the dark blue one w/ 30% wool, 70 cotton, but I've recently gotten a hemp pair from Luxire and...
I like that Ash grey corduroy a lot. I had a very similar pair made by Grapevines that were my favorite pants for about 15 years. I sewed holes in them a few times. Still have them at my parents' house, I think.I think I know the ones you mean. But iirc, the tab extends past the pleat and has a belt loop, no? My suggestion would be for something in the middle, with the tab extended right to the pleat, not before or past it, and w/o a belt loop. That's how I like it, at...
Forward or reverse, G? I've gotten single forward pleats on all my pents except for a corduroy pair and love 'em.
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