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Impressive!  Love the Louis CK clip too: "Everything is amazing right now, and nobody's happy."  I need to watch his show.
Yep, TheRedFox was TheBeardedGatsb's sock.  The sock's been banned and the TBG's been given the standared 2 weeks off for a sock.
Ya, I've sent a several expensive custom garments and they've always arrived at both destinations.  Once there was a brief holdup (2-3 days iirc) when India's customs thought something I'd declared as used wasn't used.  It was of course and Luxire was able to clear it very quickly.   Thanks Turner and MGoCrimson about the white oxford.
Congrats on getting married, Turner!     Would you say the pinpoint oxford is the elusive partner to the sky blue oxford?  I love the flower idea.  I repair little holes in clothes, but the stitching looks like a spiderweb usually.  If you could post a a pic of the flower when it's done, I'd appreciate it.   Below is a pic of the Ventile trench soon on its way to me, which looks like it was taken late at night when poor Ashish was the only one there and still hard at...
 Well, I see your point, and I used to share it.  But from a maker's point of view, it wouldn't be very wise:  There are three possible causes when a customer claims an error was made: the maker, the transporter(s), and the customer and household (family, friends, pets or in Vox's case servants and groupies).  If we assume it was the first, the maker would want to know how and why the error occurred, and seeing the garment could be very help.  If it was the second, the...
You have some good reasons, but ultimately I think Luxire's in the right this time, even generous.  Their policy, stated on their website, its that errors of any kind by them or by the customer, will be fixed by them for free, with them the customer paying to ship to them and them paying to ship to you.  This policy is fairly common to online or traveling tailors, and one I recommended to them.  It sucks for either party when the error was clearly on the other end.  But...
Thanks.  Not sure if those are default.  I think size of collar point depends on one's face as well as preference to some degree, although I think people too often think bigger is better.Looks great.  Imo, the fit can't be criticized.  I agree w/ you and Thrifter that the shoulders are narrower than ideal and w/ him that the jacket could be a bit longer (but not the sleeves). I would also add that I prefer patch pockets to be lower, to start about level with the bottom...
The collar's unlined, w/ unfused collar band, half inch tie space, 3.25" points.  I think that fabric is sold out.  There was a blue version that was great too and may still be available.
Here's a pic of the standard Luxire BD.  It's perfect imo. http://www.styleforum.net/g/i/741711/a/381166/applemark/sort/display_order/
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