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Still there, or here, for a couple days.
The shoe's moving along well: The shoemaker and bagmaker experimenting on the leather splitting machine with the woman in charge of fabrics in the background: Snacking on some pani-puri, sev-puri, and mango lassi, while wearing the hemp shirt: The food kicks the butt of any Indian food I've had in the US or UK. Incredibly fine silk rugs from Kashmir:
Anyone remember the heavy upholstery linen I posted long ago? Basted fitting coming up: A Luxire last w/ my name on it: You guys need to come to Bangalore.
Excellent. Thanks Shaun. The fit guide was helpful as is, but obsessives like the usual SF member would definitely appreciate measurements too.
^Yours was the first I thumbed. It started the avalanche.
Oops. Didn't mean to thumb one of those four. I get carried away sometimes.
^I like the bottom right one best, but no idea what's best for the client.I go w/ Gore-Tex. I'm a modern man.
Not even during Advent?Manton, thanks for the insights into Mach.
Despos suit, Ercolino shoes, Nomos Metro
Here's my attempt to summarize The Prince fwiw: Machiavelli sought to unify Italy to protect its citizens from external enemies and internal squabbling. Toward this aim he wrote to advise a ruler how to gain and maintain power. He believed it best to be loved, but he advocated that one seek to be feared, since people’s affections are fickle and fear is easier to inspire than love. To be feared, a leader needs fortune (Lady Luck which must be dominated) and virtù...
New Posts  All Forums: