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Not sure if they have any herringbones, Jrd, but worth finding out.  Lorinda at Cisco's the one who's been helping me recently: lsavage at ciscohome net
 I was at the Alden shop in SF yesterday and again disappointed to see how the welts were sewn.  The stitches were pretty high count but they were not very well done and welts stuck out so far from the shoe.  Otherwise, the shoes looked good.Big plus one for Luxire.  I may never get a shirt from another company.  Pants and other things too.
I visited the P Johnson guys when they were here, thinking I might order a sport coat in the airy hopsack.  But in their Roma line, which has suits starting at 1600, a sport coat in Drapers airy hopsack was $2150, iirc.  Def over 2100.
Drapers stuff seems really expensive, at least that airy hopsack was. Not sure I'd call it a hopsack, though it may be technically.  It's  a really large weave, w/ each square about 1/8".  They'd all make great jackets.  Heavy, but comfy.  Ideal for SF and plane travel imo. Yep. 
For those of you who were interested in heavy, slubby linens and hemps, I got the swatches from the company where I bought that upholstery linen made into a sport coat.                     The "Lan" ones are really tweed-like.  Twice as thick as the others.   Not sure the exact prices or weight, but iirc, the weight ranges from 15-20 oz and prices from $50-80 per yard.
Belt and wallet are often out when going through security, and an ID, credit card, or belt tip are helpful for slipping on shoes.
Love these pics.  The Paone one imo immediately takes its places as one of the all-time greatest pics on the forum.  I'm a pretty boring, staid guy who doesn't relish in the breaking of rules, but he's breaking a few of SF and my own personal ones, and I think it just looks terrific.
Phew.  Glad I can keep liking Jesse.  Not sure I can say the same about the beard.  It should be good after a trim though.
Sounds good.  You might try ironing the underside of the collar.  Another adv. of it is that it helps prevent setting any minerals around the collar that may have remained, even if not visible.  As you prob know, ironing those more or less visible minerals is a big cause of ring around the collar.     Usually I don't iron casual linen shirts at all.  After all shirts come out of the wash, I just give them a good shake and then pull tight the collar at the points, the...
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