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Great meeting you too, D!
+1 re. Streetwear.  Plus,  Mario Rubinacci looks great in (what seems at least like) a black linen suit.
Neat.  I like these:  
And us, you.
Here's a quick and grainy selfie, but there are much better pics of it worn by the Armoury guys (or their dummies) online.    
Got the dark brown shawl collar cardigan for Christmas this year.  I'd been looking for one for several years, and this one's perfect imo.  Love the fullness of the lapels and how they lay down nicely.  Great heathering and good heft (feels almost twice as heavy as old US-made Peconic Bay Traders one I have).  Really nice fashionioning of the undercollar, shoulders and placket.  Plus, I prefer the welted pocket over patch ones.  In sum, perfection.   Thanks guys!
Ouch. Good to know.  Thanks.  I ordered size 32 and 33 and kept the 33 (gray, which I love but aren't on the site anymore).  Was thinking of doing the same w/ a black pair, since the ones I ordered from Lawless never came, but decided I have enough clothes.
Thank you!  My three favorite plaids are probably the three cotton and linen shirts from Luxire, on the right in the pic below.  I also like the white, tan and navy seersucker on the left (Patagonia) and the blue seersucker in the middle (Luxire):  Something like the red/black/gray linen would be great but with navy substituted for the black.   I don't know if others would be interested in patterned seersucker (Please chime up if you are!), but imo, there's no better shirt...
I'd like seersucker in gingham (1/8-1/4") and plaid patterns.  
Thanks DW.  There certainly is a large variety there in your work.  I love the black and whites.
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