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When was the last time? Gustin? We're trying to put together something w/ HonourMark and we'll try to pick a day I can go!
Safe trip, G. I'll be w/ the baby, but have fun guys!
The pattern needs to be cut in more of a U shape than a V.Welcome to the L-side, T.
It's a good idea imo. Ideally a 50/50 cotton/poly twill in khaki, ~10-12 oz. No hand sewing. Just the basic pant in a basic fabric for a test pair.
I really like natural colored linen sweaters. Matt has the nicest one I've seen. VenturaIV, that was a good show and the clothing was pretty neat, but I'm not sure I'd wear it today. You could probably find something like that in a martial arts store or have Luxire make you a heavy linen version.
I'm among those who think the holes are ugly. Much rather a nail nick, thumb stud, thumb disk, or flipper. Haven't tried a wave.
It's for a linen jacket? If so, self lining would be a good option, as long as the sleeves are unlined. But I'd probably go w/ Bemberg, unless you intend to wash the jacket instead of drycleaning it. Imo the only reason to use shirting as lining is for a jacket that's to be washed instead of dry cleaned. In that case, something like poplin would be the obvious choice imo.That said, It is an interesting idea to use a lining w/ an open weave, and linings can easily be...
He said you were trolling, not that you're a troll. Your desert island comment sure made it seem like it you were. Glad you've clarified though. I haven't carried a pocket knife since TSA started confiscating them. Before that I kept a Wenger pocket tool chest or Leatherman micra in my bag, and they were very useful. Wenger makes, or made (TSA's change hit them hard, so they were bought by Victorinox in '05 and discontinued in '13) a TSA compliant version I've thought...
I really like Cordo-Hyde.
Fwiw, I'd probably go for something more smooth for a lining.Perfect Fourth of July shirt and great for any time in the summer too imo.I highly recommend sneakers.I'd love a flannel in a pattern like this and with a buttondown collar.Excellent. You might never go back...
New Posts  All Forums: