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Exactly. We like our teenage boys. They just need a little tough love now and then.
JE and M, that's correct. We don't delete threads. I thumbed FM's post, but I disagreed w/ that point. PB, when you find out, let me know.
There's some truth to this. We do allow a pretty rough atmosphere around here. And ter in particular is just being the same petty jerk, he is in many threads. But I wouldn't say I scolded him. I just pointed out that his reason for being a jerk wasn't really reasonable. It was a rationalization. As was his follow up.Certainly neither Rory nor Andrew look pure in this, and they deserve some measure of criticism. But there's a difference between fair criticism and the...
ter, his behavior doesn't excuse yours.
And he hasn't even delivered.
Those are very nice, JH. Have you also considered Delfino for hemp/wool blends or Ariston, Solbiati, Zegna or Loro PIana for linen ones? They have some that have higher contents of linen, which doesn't make them better. Cooler wearing but likely more prone to wrinkles.
Thanks guys. Interesting about the ties, C. Makes sense about the jackets, S.
Interesting. I would think practically would be a reason to give them more consideration. The defense mechanism sounds more reasonable though. I'm not really a collector, but kind of. I just like small collections I guess. You could stay at 10 pairs of thoughtfully-chosen shoes. Fewer things but better things, imo. There's so many things I like, that I could never collect anything. House, furniture, art, electronics, sporting goods, charitable donations... And...
Ya, there they look very good. All burgundy and no tan. Even some black tones. They look pretty much exactly what I was recommending for that light blue tie, light navy jacket (color wise). What last are they on? I think shoes are what I think about the most. In part because they're the least trendy and the most durable. Also perhaps because people say they say so much about a person. I wonder if you think relatively little about them because you posted pics w/o...
Thanks C. In that pic they look burgundy. If they were mine, I'd use navy and black shoe cream to darken them up so they looked more like that stock photo. As they are are, they are certainly interesting, as an individual item. But that's what makes them so tough to pair w/ other things. This is all just my opinion, of course, and based on one pic that may or may not be accurate. If they were mine, I'd def only wear them w/ suits. I only have one captoed oxford, a...
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