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Friendly reminder to prospective buyers:     Do not agree to send payment via Paypal personal/gift (also called "friends and family").  If a seller requests this, please report the seller to us and to Paypal.
^I agree.  It's very good for Bay Area weather.  But I prefer something heavier w/ an open weave.   My favorite fabric for hot weather is this Zegna: At least, I think it's heavier than the Drapers.  The Drapers says it's 7.5 oz and 240 grams.  But 240 grams is 8.5 oz. +1 @edmorel? I like this jacket posted by parkman24, which he says is made by Ring Jacket.  Maybe he could let us know who made the fabric.: This is something I took a pic of at the NMWA trunk show: I can't...
I've been very happy w/ my pents (6).  They hang w/o creasing, allow perfect mobility, and have never had a seam, bar tack, or button come loose.
 That stuff looks great, but iirc, it seemed too densely woven for hot, humid weather.
Love the logo.  Hope you visit San Francisco.
 Thanks to you and UC for correcting me about his jacket.  It's great either way.  In a perfect world, I'd love to have both cream/brown and black/cream.  By black/gray, did you mean the one you posted a pic of, this one?: Quote:Originally Posted by edmorel really wanted to get this plaid but its doublesided and too thick I thought, the pattern makes for a great sportcoat and so hard to find in linen but unfortunately had to pass on this:  It looks more cream than gray to...
 This one?  I like that a lot.  The glen plaid?  If we could get something like that woven in about 10 oz, I'd be in.  I've been wanting a summer version of the T4phage Breanish glen plaid.  I'd probably prefer cream and dark brown to black.  And maybe a blend over pure linen, like UC's linked above.
FWIW, I almost never get pants lined, certainly not linen or other warm-weather clothing, like fresco or tropical wool . 
Hey RF, I was talking about the house we recently bought in SF.  Thanks for the info about SO.  Love ultimate.  Or I did.  Played it once a week or so in grad school. I was mostly a Georgetown fan, but rooted for SH against Duke.  Watched the Bobby Hurley story recently on a flight.  Too bad he didn't go to SH.   I'll definitely hit you up for advice if we go.  Looks like it'll be next summer.
GuP, that's an old, pre-Luxire MyTailor shirt.  The collar's pretty nicely cut but too stiffly lined, as you can see.
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