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No exp w/ the men's shoes.  Imo they look too "classic with a twist" and I'd rather have plain classic.   But my wife has a couple pairs of the women's shoes (pointy leather flats and suede driving mocs).  She really likes their fit and simple styling.  The flats have pretty nice leather.  The mocs' suede seems OK, but their lining is a fairly plasticly corrected grain.
Good pt. about the Delfino hemp blend.  I saw it made up as a jacket, but I think the fabric could be used for a suit, and thus for pants.  Hmm...   It wouldn't be quite as wrinkle-resistant as I've been hoping for, but it would be better than pure linen.
No direct matches, LD.  Sorry for the delay.
@valmont44, there's lots of good linen or linen/cotton options in sky blue. Btw, found an old post w/ pics of the shorts I was talking about.  Been very happy with them: 
Thanks Concordia and DWW.  I have suits (1 each) in the heavier fimeresco and standard crispaire.  Iirc, Ed recommended crispaire to me before.  I'll take a look at both.     I'm looking for something pretty pale.  Not tan, more of an off-white, something like the LL jacketing called "oats":  https://www.flickr.com/photos/thelondonlounge/7900382746/   Edit:  I should say that I'd also be open to a wool/linen blend.  Or wool/hemp.
Seems like the reasin is that the yarns are diffferent for 8/9.  Two ply (warp or weft, but not both iirc) for 10 oz and single, high twist for 8/9.   The 10 oz sand color has some very nice heathing, imo.  I would be happy with less heatherning, but probably not no heathering.   Really I'm just looking for a wrinkle-resistant, dressy alternative to linen in a natural, oatmeal color.  Fresco would be great, but I'd be happy with tropical wool if it was the right color and...
Just heard from Minnis regarding the "sand" or "oatmeal" fresco we were hoping they could make up in 8-9 oz.  They haven't been able to find a good yarn to make up the cloth, and their attempts to piece dye it weren't very successful.   Sorry, everyone who was interested in that cloth. Maybe we could look for a lightweight tropical wool.
Adapted from a pair of shorts.  Took a pair of BB shorts and asked for side button adjusters instead of belt loops, an extended front tab, and just one rear pocket.
I have some Luxire shorts, and imo they're definitely worth the money for the fit, styling, and fabric of one's choice.  True, there's a smaller amt of fabric used, but the same amount of labor goes into making shorts as pants.
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