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I've been thinking something similar, but you said it much better than I would've.+1 But I also think the haters of the haters bring nothing new, unlike me, the hater of the haters of the haters. JK. I don't hate anyone. I like all the weirdos.Haters.
We may have the same mother. But over the years I've mostly convinced her by letting her know that cheaper stuff tends to be made by workers who aren't treated well and with processes that harm the environment and thus the people living nearby. Also, the materials in cheap shoes won't last as long as those in high quality shoes, and thus, if cared for, the high quality shoes will be cheaper in the long run. I might also mention that JC came not only to bring life, but...
^I wouldn't go, GT.Drugs?
I don't think Arai makes a photochromic shield, do they? They do make an insert though. I thought of getting that, but I'll be replacing my helmet in a year and the extra expense didn't seem worth it.
I too prefer boots (and loafers) to regular lace ups and have four. A couple of MTO's from Alfred Sargent, an extra-high Holburn in dark cognac shell, and the first pair of Millers made (w/ AS wingtips): Riderboot RBCB1 in #6: George boots in black shell from DW Frommer II:
Are you sure the tan pants are velvet and not moleskin or a brushed twill? Velvet's pretty thick and rarely used for pants. The interviewer will mostly just care that you look like you took the interview seriously. So as long as you look clean and neat, anything you've mentioned should be fine. That said, I'd probably go with comrade's advice as long as you'd feel comfortable in it. Or maybe just the sweater since it'll be at Starbucks. Together the sweater and camel...
PB: "like us in all things except sin."
Interesting. I don't think I'd ever want a fused collar band. One reason is comfort, but there are other reasons:But if you really want a fused collar band, the outside layer seems to be the one to fuse.
Thanks for the thoughts guys. I decided to order the clear. I do a lot of night riding and wouldn't want to swap visors, since I can be forgetful and am usually running a little late. For the past six years or so I've used one of those tinted plastic films that attach to the top of the shield w/o any glue and are removable. Good enough for commuting, but if I was on the bike for hours I'd wear sunglasses.
Anyone have any experience w/ yellow, light smoke, or light blue face shields? For the first time I'm buying a replacement face shield (after a dumb experiment w/ a car headlight cleaner) and I'm thinking of getting something other than clear. Dumb idea? I'd be for all-purpose use. Helmet's a 4 yr old Arai Profile, if it makes a difference. GreenFrog, For about five years I rode in Boston year round, w/ the exception of when there was more than an inch of snow on the...
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