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I wouldn't line linen pants.  That would defeat the purpose of staying cool, imo, and require dry cleaning.  I have a couple pairs of light colored (cream/natural) linen pants from Luxire that are unlined and haven't had a problem with them being see-through or scratchy.
^A little success, but the closeness was the main reason I decided to branch out a bit.  I got ten sport coats/suits from them from, but I kept asking them to make the shoulders a bit extended, the sleeves and body wider.  The last couple things fit really well, but the first eight are slightly tight.  Patrick and Arnold really like or liked a close-fitting jacket.  Their pants are pretty much perfection, at least imo.   Since then I've tried P. Johnson, Formosa through...
Yeah, either "was" or "were" would be grammatically correct, but "was" would indicate that you think it's possible, or even probable.  I have faith, PB, that you'll find a fabric like DW's, or that you'll get one woven if you can't find one.  The question is, do you have faith in yourself?
^If it was black.  Think positive.  Yes you can.
Thanks R!  It is a very nice design.  I was thinking mainly of the asymetrical counter in particular.  Who came up with that part?
Me too, except I'd be happy with just the first two. The pennies would have to be like the Alden LHS though, and the chukkas high, like the george boots DWF has made me.
I have a Zegna wool/linen/silk sport coat and it's my favorite fabric. I agree that blends often have the best of both/all three worlds.  I'd probably convert all my single-fiber fresco, linen, and cotton sport coats to it if I could.  
I have a pair of gray Levis 522 (high rise, tapered) with some stretch and I love them.  They're all I've worn for long flights for the past few years.
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