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Thanks guys.  I've been wearing a pair of hemp blend Levis Calders the past several years, and right now.  Probably will get a pair of the Brave Stars. Only thing holding me back is that I kind of want to try a pair with some Dyneema mixed in.  Taylor Stich made a pair, as do Chrome and others, even Levis.  Not sure about the fit of those though, and fit would be more important than the Dyneema.  
^As mentioned above, the now defunct Levis 522 would work.  You can find them on eBay or non-US websites.     I'd like one with a fit you describe (high/mid rise with roomy thighs and a taper) and sanfordized, but I'd add selvedge and some stretch.  If anyone knows something like that, pls. let me know.  @Snoopy, perhaps?   These Brave Stars are the closest I've found.  They even say they fit like Levis 522s.
Interesting stuff.  Thanks.   One thing though:   I think wabi-sabi would be a compound noun, since a portmanteau is a combo of parts of two words.  A true portmanteau of wabi and sabi would be "wasabi" (yum), although that would be ironic, since life without it would be old and empty.  Not that I'm against empty.  Or old.
 We've had a Min bed for about 8 years and have loved it.  Very solid, but light and easy to disassemble for moving.   My wife had two dealbreakers when it came to house shopping: no spiral staircases and no staircase that leads straight to the front door.
My favs.  You tried them?   I actually like most blends, as you may recall too.  Bought a pair of wool/poly blended cavalry twills from Gurteen for bicycle commuting and general wet, dirty weather, like spring in Boston.
Just caught up on the madras discussion.  I like madras, but what I really like is seersucker, particularly checks and plaids.
I really like the 522.  They're discontinued, unfortunately, but you can stil find them on eBay.
ErikJN's post that SVB linked to is very formative.  And here's some posts I made from Luxire headquarters, here, a few more starting here, and again here. I highly recommend a visit to anyone who has a chance.  Bangalore's a great city.  Luxire stocks all kinds of fabrics not loaded online, you can have fittings, and you can meet Ashish and team!
 If i understand you correctly, then this is one of my grails.  Been looking for a nice heathered oatmeal wool or wool blend summer fabric.  Something with the look of natural linen but with better wrinkle resistance.  50 wool, 50 linen would probably be ideal.
I don't like cream very much, but I do enjoy what I'd call oatmeal.  The difference to me is that oatmeal has some heathering and a hint of silver/gray.  Somewhere I posted pics of a pair of pents made of Drapers oatmeal flannel, back when people were getting the Fox oatmeal run.
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