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Like Clapy, I think shoes are really difficult, like tailored jackets. But Ashish is committed to excellence, so I'm sure they'll get them right after they find the right people. I certainly hope they do, since there are shoes that are no longer made or that could use a modification or two. For example, I believe I was one of the original three testers and ordered a pair of suede loafers based on the old, legendary Florsheim Yuma/Langsford/Cobra Vamp. They followed the...
If you want the honorary degree, you'll have to give a big speech.Wow. Just looked at that thread for the first time in a few days. 154 new posts!
Back to the belly discussion for a sec., here's a good pic of lapels w/ the right amt of belly imo: Got it from a blog I think. Can't remember which one.
^ Imo a university stripe would too. Does anyone know which fabric this is?: Got it from a blog I think. Can't remember which one.
Excellent. I'll be there.
Wow, I've been planning to visit myself! We may be there at overlapping times.
Yeah, I think it's good to try all the different ways and pick whatever's best for you. That may be always dimpling, never dimpling, or letting happen what happens. Usually, I just let the tie have its way with me. Some ties dimple almost automatically and others take more effort. Sometimes the dimple goes in the middle and sometimes off-center. For a few years, I preferred a thin bump in the middle with a small dimple on either side. Not sure what that's called, if there...
When I was taught how to tie a tie, some time before 1985, I was taught that it was ideal to use a dimple. I'm pretty sure even the clip ons I had to wear before that as a kid had dimples.I think there's a temptation to label anything one learned on the forum or usually only sees on forums,"igent."
Oh, yes. Sorry, I always try on clothes my wife is interested in (women's clothes). It helps that we're about the same size (6' 170/ 5'1" 100).
WW Chan has the same policy. No matter who's at fault, you pay to ship to them and they pay to ship to you. So either way, both sides share the cost of the exchange. It's certainly frustrating when one side is clearly at fault, but I think it's a good policy as it saves on any need to find blame.Two things, I think. Looks like the Visvim one uses fewer stitches per inch and the garment was washed after being made.
New Posts  All Forums: