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^Thanks J. The second one is more like the one in your pic. The first one is more golden, although it was taken in the near sunset, so it's a little less so irl.
I don't know if these are good, but I'm wearing two different ones in these pics. First one's color is true. Second one is a little off. First sport coat is charcoal. Second's green. Looking at them now, the square might be too matchy to the pants in the first one, but I don't think too much about what I'm going to wear, as it prob. shows.
They mentioned that key members were going to Italy and Switzerland so communication would be slower for a couple weeks.
I have a couple checked ones and they are very wrinkle-resistant. Not sure if you can generalize that though. Friedrich, did you provide body measurements or shirt measurements? If body, it's much more understandable that the shirt turned out differently from what you expected.
DWW, we make a good team.
It's called a sock liner, and iirc it's generally better to have half of one than a whole one. DWFII has posted about this in the past.
I would wear a white shirt plus white square because: 1) they are thought to be the most formal of their categories, and 2) white squares are the most common of squares. So while I'm not sure white w/ white is aesthetically conspicuous, I'm sure that white w/ cream would be socially conspicuous and informal. And times there are times when I'd want to avoid this, such as a job interview.
I like cream squares in general . And I think either of those fits in Q would be fine with one, particularly the first one. But I also like and wear white w/ white.
Hope it went well, guys! We ended up getting our daughter a tricycle teaching her how to pedal. Very glad I made it last night though, as I was able to figure out my size on a few things.
I've posted both of these here before. What is the Foo-ruling?:A medium gray might be best. And while I like both of these, I have to admit that I had ordered a medium gray rather than the dark one, but a certain pentsmaker made a mistake.A great man. I like Tagle too.Excommunication for you!
New Posts  All Forums: