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Razl, Minnis will send you swatches directly and for free. At least they used to.Mmm... Döner...Great writeup!
Nice list and pics, TheNeedMachine. I own one of them, probably the cheapest one. But a convertible version.I thought of this, but then I thought it'd be cheating. Maybe you could have 50, one thousand dollar bills. Do they still make those? I suppose one could easily say 50 ounces, pounds, tons of gold. Or the worlds 50 biggest corporations...I think if I could have 50 anythings, it'd be 50 universities w/ research med schools -- not owning existing ones, but...
Wow, I'm not sure I'd want 50 of anything. Maybe ties.
Great movie. This place is the closest I can think of: http://www.old-town.co.uk/products/hemsby.htm
My CEGO shirts have nice, snug cuffs and enough extra length that I can reach up or out w/o restriction.
Parker, HS Crispaire has (or had) a lighter gray, that was almost as hatchy I'm guessing it'd be easier to find in some kind of blend.
Gettoasty, That jacket looks good to me. If anything it's a bit trendy. I'm guessing your team thinks all jackets look dated. Not sure how a chest would be altered. Did Despos or JeffD reply? The pants inseam looks good to me. They could be shortened and/or tapered a bit. And if those are cuffs, of course, people here, myself included will probably suggest making them wider.
I might also, but only with slim, uncuffed pants, which I generally don't wear w/ a coat and tie. I should probably add these to Manton's personal "rules" thread.
I screamed a little inside when I saw that word.FWIW, I like oxfords w/ suits and bluchers w/ sport coat. Hate captoed bluchers and really only like wholecut models or those "sleek" ones w/ angular, fairly vertical quarters.
^ you stole my line! Although, I was going to add "blue." I'm into color that way, while to some they all look the same. We tend to have that effect on people.
New Posts  All Forums: