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I think the sleeve width is good. But I hate when sleeves pull at my elbows while I'm bending my arms, for comfort reasons and because causes the elbows to tear prematurely.
Very nice. One of my favorite types of stripes, along w/ university stripes.
Was it from Greater Boston Motorsports? I got one of those from them when I bought my bike. Had some buyers' remorse, but surprisingly, it easily paid for itself. Needed at least two replacements from screws and things.
Soft, unfused spread collars w/ sport coat and tie are my mainstay, but I've worn fused ones before. It's just not ideal imo.
I've had a few made, CB. They were based on a jacket I sent in. And I wouldn't keep ordering if they weren't good!
For extended walking, a sport sandal is a good way to go. Teva and Chaco are probably the biggest names. I've owned sandals from both companies going back to around 1990, but I highly recommend Unshoes. I have a pair that I've been meaning to post a review of. They're custom, with the thin straps of the Feather but the strap configuration of the regular Wokova. They're made for people who prefer to run or walk barefoot. They have six different types of sole shapes...
Just to clarify one error, Thelonius, DW has rated Blake-Rapid above GY, not regular Blake. There is significant difference between the two. But yep, let this be the end of this discussion. As mentioned, it's been covered many times. Anyone who wants to relive it has plenty to read.
Am I the only one who thought the pirate comparison was a compliment?
Those were the days!That's what happens when a mod walks by.Were you anticipating my post, B?
The funny thing is that I originally wrote, "They just need a kind word of correction now and then." But at last minute I figured I'd throw a bone, see who came out. So to speak.
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