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Yes different, but there's overlap imo. Have you met Eric, their tailor? Great, young guy. I've never been to AG either, but guys like Binge and Imatlas have very nice looking stuff from his shop. I think the stuff is actually made in a factory in LA.
There's also Wingtip. Plus Beckett and Robb, Spoon, Indochino, Andres Georges, and others. But yes, no dedicated, very high end, locally made bespoke afaik.
If anyone could explain the differences required for a loafer or a lace-up last, I'd appreciate it. I've wondered this for a while.
Very comfortable, custom venetians from Luxire, x-posted from their thread:
Sal, you're the best! Wait, did I already say that?
That all makes sense, Roman and Sal. Thanks for it. I ordered the 12.5 oz. Kaihara w/ kevlar. Would you recommend I switch to the 15 oz Cone Mills?
Really enjoying the vest Small fits me perfectly (6' 170, 39 chest, 33 waist). Great design, Shaun. Snaps are way > than zipper for sitting.
Thanks D. And thanks for your thoughts earlier. Most comfortable sneakers I've owned. We'll see how they hold up though. And ya, the technology is impressive, but I think they're fairly pricy. I only got these since my wife's work gave them all a big credit on NikeID for completing a project. The joys of startups.
+1 I went w/ 12.5 oz denim for my kevlar pair. Usually during long-distance trips in hot weather I've worn lightweight cordura pants by Patagonia, maybe w/ some motocross shin/knee and hip/tailbone armor underneath. I figured the kevlar alone would be about as warm as these pants, and they'd be doing the protection, not the denim. So I went w/ lighter weight denim. DD probably has better advice for you.
D, I think these turned out pretty well: Normally not a fan of visible monograms, but yes, that is my screen name on one shoe. Well, it was a nickname 30-something yrs before a screen name. The other one was given to me by my jr high math teacher/principal since I'd always argue, "Ya, but..."
New Posts  All Forums: