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I posted this pic in the Poor Man's Watch thread but thought I'd post it here, since the shirt is by Luxire and one of my favorites.       It's a nice, lightweight poplin, I think, that resists wrinkles pretty well.  Would love a heavier oxford version of it.  Fabric here.
+1 for 36-38mm and vintage watches (ideally 36 for dress and 38 for sport imo).  For example, I love this old Waltham.  Despite having a few other watches, I end up wearing it almost every weekday.   Love those Sekondas, DG, particularly the blue one.
I'd say mine's a medium weight. It is casual in the sense that it makes a great OCBD.  In terms of formality, I think it's it w/ a sport coat and tie or on it's own.
I wore the Warzone oxford yesterday.  It's over four yrs old and has been worn at least 60 times, but it seems like it's new.  It was a bit stiff to begin with, but I wouldn't call it prone to wrinkling.
Did you look at Speed Queen machines?  If we had a little more room, I'd get one of those.  Instead we're probably getting GE compact ones (prob made by Samsung), and yes, they're more computerized than I'd prefer.  the one thing I like that they have is a moisture sensor for the dryer.  My wife and inlaws like to run our current dryer for a hour, even though almost everything gets dry in about 20 mins.
Congrats, Ron!
Hmm... that California succession movement that I laughed at a couple days ago is starting to gain some appeal.
I like it a lot, RL.  Not my preference, but I do like it. The countertop makes sense to me.  The only thing I'd have done differently is get retro looking appliances.  But I'm sure you looked into that too. 
We ordered a french door for the new place.  I think it'll be good.  Has an water dispenser inside, which I prefer to in the door, since we never use ours.  Have always just used tap.   Costco has a RO system for about $180.  Thought about getting it, but some say removing all minerals from water can be harmful.   Btw, here's a Halloween update on our place.  That back room that had extensive termite damage has mostly been rebuit.  It'll get a new roof next week.  The...
New Posts  All Forums: