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Great thread, UC, and threads.   + 1 for two buttons w that spacing. But only for sport coats.  And I'm more low tech in my request:     Btw, I like my quarters to be in between the X and )(  DW was talking about, like this:
I disagree, as did those who reported it.  If you think other posts are inappropriate, report them.    End of discussion.
Click and you will believe (that the shoes are real or my photoshop skills are unreal).
No tortillas.  Which is also the answer to DWW re. NYC. @agjiffy  Thanks for the first few posts of this thread.  I hadn't laughed like that since RJman retired to thumbs.
CE, by no means did I mean my uncle was exceptional in wearing a harrington for 50+ years.  He's always dressed about standard NE as possible. I rem And afaik harringtons have been the default casual jacket in NE for 50+ years.  Well, sometime in the 80's they began to be associated w/ old men.  Go into any thrift store from DC through Maine from 1992-2012 and you'd have seen a bunch of them, generally in khaki or stone, but sometimes other colors.  My uncle's, again,...
Interesting artilce.  It claims that they spread north, but when I was in college at least, which is the tail end of the heyday mentioned in the article, only southerners seemed to wear them.   Btw, the guy whose pic I posted, I've known since 92'.  He's from NY, or went there for high school, spent about 20 yrs in DC and has lived in NYC the past several years.     Above, CM mentioned pastels, FU pants, and Harrington jackets as not being very northern, but I don't...
Perlis and Duck Head were favored by Southern friends 20-25 yrs ago.  Are they still?
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