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We ended up replacing our windows with wooden, double hung ones like the originals but double pane and with tilt pac.  I wanted to have them refurbished (hate waste, love wavy glass), but they had been neglected for so long that a couple restoration companies said it wouldn't be worth it.  Lead paint too.  The replacements were made by an over 100 yr old family business that probably made the orignals.  
What would you like me to prove?  I'm simply letting you that DW did not say what you said he said.  You said DW said it would be cheaper for RTW makers to use felt and cement.  I'm just saying that DW never said that.
The point DW was Again, I don't think anyone, DW included, said companies could save money using paste and felt.
Hi Nick, I think you've misunderstood DW on this.  There are two terms you mentioned that could help demonstrate the difference, paste and way, both bolded in my quote of you above and my explanation below.   DW does think paste is less expensive than cement.  But the entire way or method of putting shoes together is more expensive if one uses paste.  In other words, buying paste is less expensive but using it is more expensive.  Part of it is the training, and part of it...
I just commissioned a laminated plywood table from this place.  Going for a rectangle w/ rounded corners.  Custom shape that I had to provide a rough cardboard template of.  1" baltic birch with a white top, 1-2 weeks, under 500.  I have some old bent plywood legs that we'll attach to it.  I'll post pics and let you know how they did.
Locked.  As mentioned above, the new one is here:
I think adding some Calacatta would make it even more busy.  But maybe I'm not imagining what you're imagining.  And I tend to like very plain bathrooms.  So I'm probably just biased. I agree.  Some mature trees would be a big selling point for me.  I can't understand why people take nice wooded lots, then clear cut them and build.  My dad's from Maine and I see that all the time there.   Re. the garage, what struck me is how prominent it is from the front.  I like garages...
I like Cararra marble a lot and used it for the kitchen and half bath countertops, but I think having it on the floors, walls, and ceiling would be too much.  Even just on the floors and walls is often too much imo.  But maybe it could be done well.  Do you have any pics of similar projects/places?
I just compared Brave Star's slim taper measurements to my Levis 522s, and the front and rear rises are about 1.25" smaller on the Brave Stars.  Guess I won't get them.
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