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Ah darn, I didn't imagine there was a yoke. Still might be possible from the sides, or the middle if split, but that would definitely complicate things and might not be worth the trouble.
If it's the same fabric as in the pic, pls. mark me down for one.
^Thanks. Is there any allowance up there that could be let out? Luxire usually builds in a generous amt of allowances.
Big plus one to #1. Thank God for weirdoes.Regarding #2, is "illness" light code for "too much wine"?The only thing I didn't like about it was imagining how the fabric would so quickly soil and tear. I love nature, so I hate waste. But if it looked like that Boccioni Bengal posted, it might be worth it.Well, you both like to look good and feel good (perhaps so, to paraphrase the philosopher Deion Sanders, you'll play good and get paid good).
Thanks Newcomer. Looking good yourself.Thanks. Yep. This jacket and three previous ones were made by duplicating (and improving upon) a Chan jacket I sent. The improvements made were broader shoulders, wider arms, and more rounded patch pockets.I agree that it's very relaxed. Goes well w/ jeans. I'm even tempted to wear it w/ a t-shirt and jeans. Looks great w/ the collar up too. I'll probably wear it that way while traveling on a cold plane or bus, or a chilly...
My wife wears Japanese bathrobes called yukata around the house. She gets them from a stone on the bridge in Japantown, and iirc they once had one for men w/ a pattern like Baron's.
Great choice! That should go well w/ stone/cream/oatmeal pants, jeans, or gray fresco.I'll probably go with this Drab Dugdale corduroy next. That or some Japanese-made, slubby, oatmeal cotton/linen I've been saving for a full suit.Very nice slanted cuffs!I've posted a bunch of pictures over the past couple years. The heavy linen one I posted recently was the fourth jacket. It had the benefit of fittings from my visit, but the first three (two cotton twills and one...
Thanks about the jacket, G and the squares, gyasih and Tweedyprof. Baron, I saw that in high school w/ a friend. He fast forwarded to all the parts of most interest to boys that age, was still kind of disappointing. But maybe we were just spoiled. His dad had quite the collection.
Very good. I ordered directly from the UK and it arrived from there in 2 days, iirc.
Thanks EP. Here's one
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