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Ouch, those look nice.I'm pretty sure I have a hat lined in this. Well, really a reversible bucket hat, but I usually wear the other, Epic cloth side outwards. I like the fabric. It'd make some very warm and sturdy pants imo. Fairly thick, spongy,breathable fabric, basically a woolen flannel. The color in the pic is true. It's more of a dark charcoal than a mid grey. The pattern is very subtle.
It's the policy stated on their website. No matter who's at fault, the customer pays to ship to them and they pay for the alterations and shipping back to the customer.Personally, I think it's a good policy, and one shared by several companies, such as W.W. Chan.
Ah, oops. I mean't Cleav. Not sure why I wrote Clags. Both start w/ a C, have five letters, and an A? Great idea, Cleav!!!
Tremendous idea for a thread, Clags. I give extra stuff to my students who are in the same boat (job/grad school interviews) but I'll keep my eye on this thread too.
Thanks, DW and NT. That's very informative. Doesn't seem like anyone here would recommend soaking leather overnight in alcohol.
Seems like DW does too. What do you keep the gallon of Angelus for, DW?
DL, I've posted a couple pics of it worn, here:And here.NS, here's the info about the fabric.I'll post a pic of the cuffs soon.
Thanks guys. JS: Yep, that's right. It's bemberg. NS: Is there something in particular you'd like to see?
I kept forgetting to post these detail shots of the heavy linen jacket I posted earlier:
Darn. But thanks.
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