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Out w/ my daughter.  She loves this playground:     Old hat, shoes, and sweatshirt (27 yrs old).  New pants.
The blessing and curse of being half Asian.
MF, I don't understand the parrallel you're trying to draw here.  One has sat for over a year on hundreds of thousands of dollars in unfulfilled orders, while the other refused to take back a worn and altered garment from a customer with a history of causing problems.  The only possible ground you'd have for comparing them is if you think all cases of legal recourse are of equal merit, which, of course, they are not.
CrimsonWave IIRC, the light one was a little lighter than that and the dark one a little darker.
As everyone has said in other threads and the pms you've initiated: It was your responsibility to determine whether the jacket was fine before you wore and altered it.   To ask anything more from Greg after that is unjust.   The NMWA return policy clearly states: 
Thanks very much.  Not sure which bunch they're in.  In my quest to find hemp, I met w/ Remy of P Johnson since they're known to carry some hemp.  They had a navy jacket and an oatmeal or cream one made, and he showed me swatches of a couple navies, oatmeal and tan.  I think that was it for colors.   Iirc, Remy said they had won a tailoring prize in Australia and used the oatmeal one.
I'd visit Luxire.  Chances are, they can make you anything you can imagine.  They're very popular here and several members will be jealous that you were able to go there in person.   Here's a writeup by one of our members who visited.  I've also been and have posted a few times, incl. a bunch of pics in that same thread.
Do you want fur or shearling, PB?  Black or brown?  I recently ordered some surplus camo stuff from an Etsy store that also has B3 jackets, in both colors: I could see you in this.  (Pic taken from their Etsy listing.)
Nice pants.  I just got a pair w/ similar styling but in dark blue camo:  Pic taken from the Etsy store where I got them, CruxUnited.  Also got a waxed camo jacket from them:  ^ Pic also from their listing.  Really nice guy who customizes the stuff (slimming, waxing, overdying, etc.).  I'll take some pics and post a review after I've worn them a few times.
New Posts  All Forums: