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^Very good.  I'm guessing they go well w/ heavy fabrics, like corduroy.  That'd be an advantage.   But I guess I'd rather a chukka, longwings, etc. when wearing winter pants.   BD22, someone else and I posted recently that we like black w/ blue jeans.
I've never liked the Westons due to their split toe, high toebox, type of vamp stitching, and curved chevron strap cutout (or whatever that shape is best called.  I only like the half moon ones of Bass Weejuns, Alden, etc.)  Dopey likes them though, and I like dopey.   I think the C&J Harvard would be my second choice after the Alden/BB LHS.  Sometimes you can find NOS made in the US models from Sebago, Dexter, etc. under $100 on eBay.  Incidentally, Dexter is credited...
No, 3r2 w/ patch breast is very traditional and my default for sport coats.  Strange that Ring doesn't allow it. 
I've worn both my whole life, but only inward-facing pleats.
^Looking good, FT.  Not sure if I've mentioned this before, but I'm a fan of your music and videos too. Personally, I'd prefer a longer inseam, but I do like the look you have there too.  They way I achieve it is to request a 1.5" wide hem (no cuffs) and have the inseam be long enough for a bit of a break.  Then, when it's hot, I can flip the hem up, and it looks just like regular cuffs and shows about as much ankle as you have there.  Here's a pic w/ a linen pair rolled...
Fwiwi, I'd add fabric to the seat and rear thighs.  The wrinkling at the knees looks normal for cotton pants that one's been wearning particularly sitting or crouching.  
Great video.  Thanks for posting it.
You know, this would look great w/ black penny loafers.
I did grow up w/ a fairly preppy style.  My dad was from Maine and appreciated Maine handsewns, particularly the beefroll versions.  My sister and all her friends wore Weejuns, often with pennies in them, if burgundy, or a dime if black.  They all thought low vamps were for women or old men, and that stuck w/ me I guess.  But I never thought I'd follow them into wearing any type of penny loafer. I was happy w/ my LL Bean camp mocs and pink or purple Converse All-Stars....
Eek.  I haven't been able to bring myself like either low vamp or full strap.  For a little more sleekness and elegance, I think going slightly narrow (D to C width, for example) would be a good idea.  Sator used to recommend this for RM Williams boots.   Btw, am I the last one to know ABoC has been back for weeks?  Love how you include a bit of commentary too, like explaining the history behind Cable Car Clothier's pairing of the deerstalker cap w/ the Warriors'...
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