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Yeah, I love those German windows too.  I have seen them in the US, but very rarely.  I'm guessing part them not being common in the US is fear that people will jump out them.
The house looks great, FM.  Thanks for sharing the blog w/ us.  I hadn't heard of that type of construction before. I'd probably prefer larger windows, but I'm guessing you went with that size for energy efficiency.   And thanks for the advice earlier about the door handles/knobs everyone.  We went with levers partly due to accessibility, although I have no idea if they're required by ADA.  
The door levers for the upstairs rooms arrived    Currently the knobs are a mishmash of really cheap stuff.  But there were two glass knobs that were probably original to the house.   We'll be using them on the main floor for two doors off the entrace hallway.
Yep, the contractor said it's copper to minimize the amount that the studs get cut.  I asked if there were going to reinforce the studs, maybe with one turned sideways in the corner, but he said there was no need.  There isn't a room above this room, so hopefully he's right.  Glad you like the work.  The plumber's from the East Bay. Would the trap help prevent waste from the toilet from bubbling up out of the floor drain?  After posting, I searched "wavy lines, vent...
Took a bunch of pics of the house the past few days.    Remember the wall I scraped the wallpaper, cornstarch, and mud from, the one with huge holes in the walls to rewire outlets?  Here it is patched, mudded and and painted.  Floors have been sanded and received a coat or two of oil varnish.     The bathroom's been tiled   The cabinet doesn't have the door on it, but there's a mirror in the back.  Not sure we needed that, but oh well.   Any idea what the...
That's supposed to be common, and magnetic docks are supposed to solve it.  At least that's what a sales rep at the place where we got our bathroom fixtures said.  For kitchen faucets, he suggested Rohl or California Faucets, because he said they have magnetic docks.  Apparently Delta's do too.  We went from planning to get a CF to a Rohl land now to a Delta (Trinsic pulldown). 
You're right: just one Nazi pic.  I should have been more precise.
Just FYI everyone, Sprout2 has been giving a month's TO for trolling, homophobic insults, and Nazi pics.  Hopefully when he comes back, he'll keep the humor but lose the mean edge.
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