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Luxire's strength is definitely unique orders. This is an ongoing debate on the CM side.  Is the better tailor more like Burger King (claims to be) or Seinfeld's Soup Nazi?  Somewhere in between may be best.  And Luxire does in fact let the customer know if they think a mistake has been made with measurements or other details, but different people have different tastes and I like how their tendency is to be open to anything.
Hurrah! Great work, UC and everyone he's selected.  I particularly like Adolesco's.
^Those look great @scrolls.  Fwiw, I like the Luxire toe shape a lot better though, at least from the pics.  That C&J last has always seemed too pointy on my foot.  No idea about yours though.  Maybe something in the middle would be perfect. Thanks @Beatlegeuse.  I only have a couple casual pants.  If I'm not in a coat and tie, I'm usually just in jeans, and all my dress pants have single forward pleat and cuffs.  But I think these turned out very well. Here's what I...
Thanks JHT.  They're just Toms with the labels removed, "black ikat" model iirc.  (I'm not convinced buying Toms is a good way to give to others, but I think their slip-ons make good warm weather travel shoes.)
Hate to be pedantic, but... I'm going to be anyway, since this and the next few posts by others confused me. (I was thinking, "Wow, is that shirt lined?")  The fabric inside a collar and collar band is more appropriately called "interlining" or I think "interfacing."  Here's a great old thread about collar interlining possibilities.
Thanks.  I should have taken a pic before they were bunched up inside a laundry bag overnight.  The more pronounced creases toward the bottom of the legs are from that.  The 30 hrs of wear mainly just rumpled the front hips/crotch and the back and sides of the knees. None of them worn, but they fit pretty much like other pants I have from Luxire, which I've posted ittt, as they were based on my usual pattern w/ some small tweaks (slimmer legs and no pleats).  Probably best...
Here are the 13 oz ecru pants after being worn for 30 hours straight (22 sitting on a plane) and then crumpled into a bag overnight.  They performed really well imo, rumpling softly more than wrinkling sharply, as heavy linen is known to do:     Excellent travel pants imo, particuarly with the high rise, relatively wide upper legs, and heavy linen with this particular weave that has a good amount of give to it.
^Would widening the lapels allow for easy fastening w/o lowering the notch?   Either of the two fabrics sound good to me.  What material is the one you have made of?  I'm very pleased w/ how the hot-washed flannel worked out.  Softer and more "lofty" than true boiled wool, but still pretty wind resistant.  Looks almost like a fine boucle.  Here's a closeup I took of the buttonholes for the Luxire thread (the maker).  It shows the fabric well:     The jacket was also...
I'd probably get belt loops w/ chinos.  Generally I prefer side adjusters though, not for appearance's sake but since they get rid of one step while dressing and one thing to bring while traveling.  Plus, it's a little cooler in hot weather to not have a belt wrapped around your wast.
I look at it occasionally.  Just deleted like 1000 spam posts, all created in the past two hours or so.  Nuts.
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