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Thanks very much!  That is helpful.  We're mainly looking for slubby shades of tan or brown.
Lovely.     I just ordered the natural ecru linen.  Almost the same styling but w/ a button fly, no cuffs, and only a right rear pocket.   Regarding the button fly discussion, I think they're a little softer feeling and ventilate a bit better, two things ideal for casual linen pants imo.  And these'll be for pretty casual wear, w/ polos or untucked button down shirts.  Thus the lack of cuffs.  I think I only have two pairs of pants w/o cuffs: stone linen and khaki...
A webbing or ribbon belt would improve it imo.  And fwiw, I tend to prefer French placket if no pocket, particularly w/ a nice open spread collar like that.  But it's great as is.
 Mostly for the Dutch forums, iirc.  We've been searching and will let you know when we find something.
Here's some good summer fabrics that I've posted in the past: The blue end on end linen is great too.
Chan has been very flexible ime.
I like the large, LL-like houndstooth or a very large scale glen plaid, like this T4phage breanish, ideally in hemp for Kolecho and me:Either way, a thick, relatively course weave would ideal imo.  Need some noticeable texture.
Everyone going needs to feel Mike, that is, as long as he's wearing that horsehide jackets.  So nice.  Could be what makes me get my first non-moto jacket.
Depends on the type of business you're in.  I could see Gus doing his quite well in it.  That's look's not bad imo.  
I haven't gotten any strange emails, but I did get two very helpful ones.  The first was an automated one saying my order had moved to the cutting area, and then Kahla, who must've replaced Sal, said that Roman was able to track down more of the fabric that was out of stock.  My order number's well over a thousand, but they said the new factory starts production on Monday, so they hope to clear out the whole backlog in 30-45 days.
New Posts  All Forums: