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Louis was a high-end, trend-setting store.  The jacket looks great.  If I lived in NH and had always wanted one, I'd keep it.   The person here who'd be most likely to give it a probable resale value is @SpooPoker 
In the '90s I had some 50/50 pants from J Crew that were part of suit separables.  One of my favorite fabrics.  Probably the most comfortable fabric I've worn in hot, humid weather.   I think I still have them somewhere.  They were pretty baggy but may make a return soon.
Our thoughts and prayers will be with you and your family.
P, I love it.  Shoulders look great, sleeves, everything.  Except maybe the height of the breast pocket.   A little lower and more towards the center would be better imho.  But it could be the picture.
Neolith was the brand my brother recommended.  He didn't have a lot of experience with it, but he said that as long as the installers are good, it shouldn't crack.    Subway tile is good.  If we didn't go with marble, we were going to get something like this:   It's the Oceanside Tessera Kaleidescope. 
We considered the porcelain stuff.  My brother, an architect recommended it.  We didn't go with it bec. reviews said it was very hard to install and cracked easily.  But that was for countertops, I think.  The stuff we looked at was about the same price as cararra (23-30/sf).
Yep, I think 3/4".   Thanks.  The we hate cleaning grout, so we figured we'd do stone for the countertop and backsplash.  Cararra was our favorite for looks and far cheaper than the quartzite marble lookalikes.
Thanks a lot, guys.  It'll be tough to move from this place, since we were able to redo a lot of things to our preferences.  The two things we'd like that this place doesn't have though, is a master bath and an internal staircase to the garage.     @brokencycle,  it's marble. @jbarwick, could you have the bathroom door swing the other way, from left to right?  That way when the door is open, you'd have easy access to the sink, which I think is used more than the...
Kitchen pics:   Door on the right is to a half bath and laundry.  The tape is up because they installed a threshold today.  Our GC bought an exterior door with all of its seals, because he thought that would shield the kitchen from smell and sounds from the bathroom.      We went with the larger pulls (@Parker cast the deciding vote), but I found a place for the two small samples I'd ordered.  We used them next to each other on the top two doors of the...
I'm a big fan of wainscoting, tile or wood.  I don't think I've posted final pics of our bathroom.  It's small, but nice imo.      We moved in a month ago, but little things are still being done.    We have some kind of burrowing animal.  Our neighbor says we should set traps.  When we started our renovation, the house across the street was about a third through a similar project (new wiring, plumbing, bath and kitchen down to the studs, etc.) and the owner of that house...
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