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That's supposed to be common, and magnetic docks are supposed to solve it.  At least that's what a sales rep at the place where we got our bathroom fixtures said.  For kitchen faucets, he suggested Rohl or California Faucets, because he said they have magnetic docks.  Apparently Delta's do too.  We went from planning to get a CF to a Rohl land now to a Delta (Trinsic pulldown). 
You're right: just one Nazi pic.  I should have been more precise.
Just FYI everyone, Sprout2 has been giving a month's TO for trolling, homophobic insults, and Nazi pics.  Hopefully when he comes back, he'll keep the humor but lose the mean edge.
The Professional.   Btw, oil or water based finish for hardwood floors, guys?
Lefty, I may have seen both, but I remember the green one best, or I thought I did.  It looked about as good as a jacket could imo.   Sure smilence, here's one, shown w/ Luxire shirt (warzone oxford) and pants (Minnis fresco):  
I have a dark brown one, @lefty has a very nice dark green one, and I believe @unbelragazzo has a navy one.  They're nice. 
 We had a B&W TV when I was a kid.  Flipper, Lassie, Three Stooges, Lone Ranger, Little Rascals.... Pong.Do you get flash floods?  If so, will the drainage be good?Amazing. +1  My sister and her family have a HT in the basement and I'm a little jealous.  It has a huge couch that overflow guests could sleep on, and it also functioned as her son's playroom.   One treat of the year we spent looking at houses was seeing old workshops guys had cobbled together. Reminded me of...
^That's one of my favorite styles.  I'd want mink (dark brown with hint of gray) or black suede.  But I have enough shoes.
Yeah, maybe antique brass is a good way to go.  All the fixtures in the bathroom will be chrome.  Ceiling lamps in bedrooms are nickel or stainless colored. One thing I worry about is that if we put in new hinges, the screws won't hold.  But maybe I'm overthinking things.  Thanks for the advice, guys.
New Posts  All Forums: