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Is it possible to make a collar that explodes if the wearer pairs it with a fat knot?
I have a couple belts from 84 or 85 that my sister bought me. LL Bean camp mocs and Florsheim captoes my dad bought me in 87 or 8. A Lee sweatshirt, Levis 501's, PE and football uniforms from 87-88. Lots of outdoors stuff from Patagonia and LL Bean I bought in 92, much of it sewn or patched up a few times.
Thanks CB. My wife got credit for a free pair from the ID shop and passed it along to me. I've been wanting to try the flyknit and free for a while. I like the black based ones, but I like the gray too. This was the best design I could come up w/. It reminds me of a pair of Adidas hiking shoes I had 20 yrs ago. They had green, tan, and gray upper w/ black wraparound sole. Against my CM background, I've been gravitating towards black and charcoal the past few years and...
Interesting. You're the resident expert on such secretions, so I defer to you entirely.
DW, my guess is that the oils in your hand have helped preserve the leather. It gets handled a lot more than shoe leather. Of course, it probably gets exposed to a lot less grit than your shoes. Some, but a lot less.
What do you think?:
I'd prefer to have mine last 30+. I still have shoes that are 26 yrs old and belts that are 30. I use both maybe once every other week now, but for over ten years I probably used them twice a week.To have things last that long, a conditioner like Bick 4 once or twice a year, or maybe after cleaning off de-icing chemicals, is quite helpful. And most here seem to prefer creams to polishes if required to choose one. But they all have their purposes. To overuse or...
Funny story. Well, more sad. A few years ago, wow, maybe six, I got to know a local shoemaker, just starting out. She'd taken Marcell Mrsan's advance course and he said she was his best student ever, at the time. She had also done an apprenticeship with Perry Ercolino and he had similar high praises. She was going to make me a pair of shell cordovan Venetian loafers. She ordered the shell from Horween and got off to a good start but was plagued by an old shoulder...
I'm 33% in agreement w/ you. Two horn, one MOP, but dark MOP for the sweet subtlety.
I used go to rodeos as a kid. We had a big one every year complete w/ a parade. Those were the days.
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