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Here's a pic after about 20 wears, mostly motorcycle rides in the rain.  
Btw, here's a pic of that second pair, after about 20 wears, mostly motorcycle rides in the rain.  I certainly don't find them ugly.   If your offer of $180 towards shoes from DW still stands, I'll take you up on it and go for some simple black punched cap oxfords. I'd be very happy to document the process and send the shoes to you for inspection. :  
Nick, why do you want a copy of a contract?  Is that the only way you'll believe he charges under $1,800?   If so, then that means you don't believe me.  You may perhaps think DW gave me a discount, but that certainly isn't the case.  The first pair I commissioned long before I was a mod or had any other special status on SF.  The second was actually more expensive than a pair commissioned by another member of the forum around the same time. No, you're comparing two very...
 What exactly is "bullshit"?  (You were replying to one of my posts.) The several shops that I and others posted didn't convince you? Btw, regarding  quality, Dieworkwear, a member here with one of the most respected menswear blogs, got to examine my second pair of boots from DW and he said they were nicest shoes he'd ever seen.  He owns several pairs of EGs and other high end rtw shoes and is familar with some English bespoke.  In case you (or anyone else interested)...
He's telling the truth.  I have two pairs to prove it. In addition to the ones Testudo_Aubreli posted directly above and the ones in the old post by DW that he linked to, there's a couple places in LA and one in San Jose (the latter of which posts on SF), as well as few featured in this old magazine spread.  There was a very talented student of MarcelHun and Ercolino who was charging under $1000 in San Francisco, but sadly she sustained a shoulder injury that cut short her...
It does a bit, but it also packs smaller and wears cooler.  
Such as this burgundy stripe shantung.  Mmm...   Shown w/ two older relations.
I really wish Minnis made the sand color in the high-twist, 8/9 oz fresco.  Would love heathered oatmeal-colored travel pants in fresco or the Luxire wool-rich.
Yep, I always get a pocket, two for most sport shirts.  With buttons, mainly so I can slip the sunglasses arms through the buttonhole so they won't fall out.   Edit:  Here's an old pic:  
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