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One of my favorite buildings too.  Hope to be there.  Thanks for organizing, G.
+1 for RL ones.  I've worn mine.     For a while I've been wanting a reversible O-ring belt for travel.  I have some ideas about how to get it made but haven't been satisfied with them.  If anyone has a suggestion, I'd appreciate it.
Pls. feel free.  I always omit guantlet buttons and tie stay holders.  That way when the collar frays it can be flipped over for more wear.  Those two details, the fit, fine stitchig, and lightly shirred sleeveheads are what make Luxire shirts my favorites.Oops, I missed that.  I'll request swatches.
I think it's worth it.  Fwiw, my pants are all made on the same pattern, whether flannel, fresco, cotton or linen. @fridayfriday, the site loads fine for me.
I like the curved chevron (or what do you call it?) shape of the bottom of elastic cutout on the chelseas. Hope @jerrybrowne doesn't mind my reposting these beauties here: 
Excellent. Thanks. Yep, same with me for the pants.  For soft knit shorts, I've always been pretty happy with the original Champion jersey ones, but these would be nicer for just relaxing.  For working out I like Nike's stretch woven shorts (Instinct, Gladiator, Power).  They feel like you have nothing on.
I do, but only when wearing a sport coat or suit.  Had a Ventile one made by Luxire recently.
As I mentioned, let's move forward.  Here's to a courteous and respectful future.
Thank you for your thoughts, JH.  I can see that you do not like being called negative, and I am glad for it.  I also appreciate your holding forth courtesy and objectivity as standards to aspire to.  If you are as courteous and objective as you ask others to be, I think you would admit it that your your "humorous recap" and other posts that simply express your "sincere opinion" were mocking and insulting.  They sought to be humorous, but it was at the expense of others....
New Posts  All Forums: