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Very helpful pics, deadAngle.  Thanks for taking the time to post them.
 I'm a big fan of green SC too. It's as versatile as blue, since it goes equally well w/ greys or tan pants.  Have two so far, herringbone tweed and linen blend.  Planning a corduroy one.  But that'll be it for me.  One summer, one winter, one shoulder.
I wore my Luxire-made Minnis 300 flannels today.  Such great pants. I highly recommend them.
Dense or a troll, I don't know.  But we've deleted several of his posts and given him some time to cool off.
Someone mentioned in the cloth thread that the Minnis cloths on sale are being discontinued and that the new flannels are going to be significantly different from the current/old ones.  If that's the case, I'd definitely go for the 0300 as it's often considered the flannel cloth to have.  I think Foo went so far as having 5 pairs made.   1up, thick buttons are often thought to be a sign of quality as they're usually rarer and more expensive than thin ones.
Yep, we've banned him.  Hope you both get your money back soon.  We have very few scammers and we hunt for them all the time, but sometimes one slips through.  So please do not ever use personal payment through Paypal.
Oh no!  Thanks for letting us know.  Glad to hear he's getting better.
Guys, be nice.
The texture makes it look like a linen/cotton blend to me. I'm not positive, but I think it's caused by the angle at which the pant legs are cut relative to the shape of your legs.  Solving it requires having the two correspond well and should be diagnosable with pictures.  I'd send a few pics to Luxire.  You might ask in the Tailor's Thread too.  When you find the answer, let us know pls.  I've had this problem on rte before and have occasionally wondered about it.  
I think a rusty brown herringbone is a great idea for your second thing from CD.  I have three herringbone SCs and wear them often:  green, tan, and charcoal. W. Bill x2 and Breanish, both of which I recommend, the former being tighter woven, heavier, and thus warmer.  If I lived somewhere colder, I'd be tempted to get more of the W. Bills, not bec. I don't like the Breanish, but bec. the WBs come in so many beautiful colors.   The green is my favorite, in part because...
New Posts  All Forums: