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Having sat across from Ashish for the past couple days while he and his team have been working on it, the answer is very much yes.
I thumbed this after reading just the first part. No idea what you mean by the bump.
Nothing's been deleted afaik. I checked the past 6 weeks or so, ~180 posts and none have been deleted. Did you mean to post this in a different thread?
I got the 556i and love it. Just wish it was a bit thinner. Would also trade the date for an alarm like the Vulcain cricket I posted a while back. So helpful when traveling.
It's a great book. He has a lot of crowdpleasers in it. I read it again years later, though, and wasn't a big fan of how he makes property the highest good.The only person I know of who grew that much that late took human growth hormone
Is it possible to make a collar that explodes if the wearer pairs it with a fat knot?
I have a couple belts from 84 or 85 that my sister bought me. LL Bean camp mocs and Florsheim captoes my dad bought me in 87 or 8. A Lee sweatshirt, Levis 501's, PE and football uniforms from 87-88. Lots of outdoors stuff from Patagonia and LL Bean I bought in 92, much of it sewn or patched up a few times.
Thanks CB. My wife got credit for a free pair from the ID shop and passed it along to me. I've been wanting to try the flyknit and free for a while. I like the black based ones, but I like the gray too. This was the best design I could come up w/. It reminds me of a pair of Adidas hiking shoes I had 20 yrs ago. They had green, tan, and gray upper w/ black wraparound sole. Against my CM background, I've been gravitating towards black and charcoal the past few years and...
Interesting. You're the resident expert on such secretions, so I defer to you entirely.
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