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This is a great jacket. I tried it on last week. Probably would have gotten it if it'd been 1/4 lined.
Very nice. Some of these young bucks breaking the rules ("Look ma, no socks w/ my oxfords, and my back blade is longer than the front!") are creating their own set of rules. Such is life.
I've just used a Patagonia messenger for the past 12 yrs. It's practical but very informal.
I have one with a spread collar and I like it a lot. I generally only wear sport coats, but I'd wear it w/ a suit. I think NOBD had one made w/ a spread too.I'd also wear it w/ a suit if it had a button-down collar. OCBD's are pretty commonly worn w/ suits in the US at least. It's a pretty traditional look along w/ penny or tassel loafers, which some also prefer not to wear w/ a suit.I'm w/ the Europeans on not drying shirts though, mainly for environmental reasons. I...
About a year after this thread first appeared, I got a dark brown fresco jacket and it goes well w/ light gray fresco or off-white cotton or linen pants. I don't think I've worn it w/ tan much.
Guys. Don't be idiots or your posts will be deleted, possibly more. And if you're going to report posts. Make sure that both sides in the argument are clean. End of story.
I have a 3 patch suit made in the standard dark brown. I like it a lot. If I could do over, I'd probably have just gotten the sport coat, since I rarely wear suits. The lighter Slew/DWW versions would probably be better for a sport coat. And w/ my complexion, I'd prefer DWW's less reddish version. Since I already own the dark brown, I'd now like to have a sport coat in a mid brown in a hemp/wool mix, w/ a little more texture than the fresco.
One interesting thing for me in the past few pages was the question of who invented the waterproof watch. Just saw something on Hodinkee that seemed a nice summary of Rolex's role:
1974 was a very good year to be born. But you're right, not everyone appreciates the best of things.
Thanks a bunch for your wise advice. I wish I'd known about Sinn when I was going to Germany regularly. Ordered the watch from Watchbuys last night. I like their option of shipping to RGM for warrantee work and a couple other little perks. Thanks for that interesting link too. The person in my sig wrote about "intellectual conversion" which fits very well with that link's point that it's not the physical stuff that "makes" us happy.Thanks too, F. Rolex definitely...
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