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Fwiw, almost all of my pants unlined: fresco, flannels, linen, gabardine. I'd probably get pants lined for a cool weather, plain worsted suit. I'm surprised CA finds the lining makes them cooler.
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^It makes the jacket function more like a sweater. I've had four tweed jackets made, and they're all fully lined. But I used to own an unlined BB tweed jacket. The lack of lining probably made it slightly more casual, drapey, smaller to pack, and breathable. But I do prefer lining for easy on/off. My only concern w/ the moleskin linking is that it would make putting it on and taking it off a bit difficult, particularly when wearing a sweater. I'd go w/ the heavy silk...
Very nice, F, particularly from the front, although, I've definitely bought the recent/retro tapered look. I might do frog pockets on cavalry twill or a casual linen pair. Would't pair it w/ pleats or cuffs. Loving the jeans buttons. Just in time for my hemp pair! WIll they have the metal stems attached to the back?
Wonderful post, KB. Thank you. I believe Rub jackets will droop and become more rounded over time due to the lack of padding. They also are known for tugging the jacket and sleeves, which helps the shoulder settle down. You should be able to find old posts by itstillmatt about this. But probably wouldn't hurt to ask the folks there themselves. Edit: Here's a place where gdl, Matt and Manton discuss it.
These three:George boots by DWFII, extra-high Holburns from AS, and RBCB1 from Rider.
Very nice. I'm good for shell boots, but I hope it works out.
I used to like navy pants. Had to wear them w/ a school uniform as a kid, and got a pair of Girbauds in high school... When I first had pants made in 97 at age 23, I had them made in tropical wool in dark brown and navy. I wore those a fair amount, but less than khaki, stone, or grays I had. If one had to go mid-dark brown or navy, I think would look best in linen, cotton, or corduroy. But first I'd rather have three or four each in stone/cream, tan, light gray and...
Great. I hope he does. I heard of it from an article written by Derek Guy on PutThisOn.com.
Eccos aren't a bad choice for that purpose, but most people here will suggest you avoid bicycle toed shoes. You might look at plain bluchers from somewhere like Allen Edmonds or Loake.
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