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I could see reflective taping being desirable, but not ordinary fabric.
Lovely.  Looking forward to a group shot someday.
It's actually pretty common for online tailoring firms to create socks here promoting their own wares and criticizing others.
Looking at the site now, I think it's this one: http://custom.luxire.com/products/linen_pale_blue_end_on_end   I couldn't find it when I ordered too, so I just sent the picture above.  I thought it was a linen cotton blend, but it probably is pure linen.
I'm not sure what it is on the site, but the order sheet said this: Linen: Pale Blue End on End GOV_53132_1996 Not VB 93627 The weave is fairly porous.  In this pic from an old post from when I visited the shop, it's the left and center swatches.  The right one is the non-heathered version, that I think is on the site:   [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]]
I posted one a week or so ago that's perfect imo.  Everyone should own one.  Linen-cotton with w/ heathering, about the same shade as the forum favorite sky blue oxford, also in the pic:
The wedgie problem is a common one.  Luxire will know how to take care of it. Would you consider linen?  I know Luxire has some thin twills that you might use.  The tan washable wool blend pants I got recently might fit the bill.  And the trial pair they made for me years ago was similar.  I think it was a rayon/poly blend.  Very soft, light, and drapey.
^They look pretty good as is, imo, but Fiebings dye should work. 
This one I believe.  I could post the other fabrics if people want.
Oops, yep, I meant linen.
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