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Hi Glen,I prefer cream because I like the feel and I'm told it adds some moisturizer. I don't need a high shine. Have been enjoying your stuff and wishing I'd ordered more colors.I thought his post was pretty funny. If you want to block his posts, hit "Ignore," but pls watch your language.Edit, I did assume the "she" in his post was a pair of boots. It was, wasn't it, PCK?
The cream mohair blend seems like it'd make great pants for summer wear w/ a fresco or linen jacket.Oh, I ordered it when I was visiting in Bangalore, so I don't have an order number. But Ashish may know. Or you could probably just say "emptym's black jacket."I wouldn't want taped seams, as tape is adds bulk and rigidity, and it's usually the first thing to go, ime at least. Plus, Ventile recommends using double lapped seams in their construction guidelines, along with...
I ordered two, a navy version of this trusty old RLX monza:and a stone trench like this one:Ashish said the fabric is in and the patterns are done. We're just finalizing a few details. They'll be mostly unlined, for packability, but have internal self-fabric "capes" front and back, to prevent moisture from rubbing through there. Part of me was wondering if I should have gone w/ a hooded version of the navy, like this:Nice boots!The Luxire shoemaker does great...
Well, to say that dressing must either be science in the early modern sense (of being "real facts" based on universal, necessary "logic") or it is simply personal preference is... also to follow a tradition with its own groupthink, namely the late modern or postmodern one of total relativism. A fundamental rule of our culture's tradition is to rebel. One think's one's being a free-thinker and self-starter, but one is simply doing what one has been socialized to do.Life...
Imo, "more simple = more formal" is a helpful general principle but not quite a universal, necessary law. Otherwise, a plain black suit would also be more formal than a tux with it's embellishments of satin or grosgrain lapels and pant stripes. As in Manton's quote, a plain toe oxford or pump have traditionally been the most formal of shoes, at least since tuxes and tails have been around. That said, I do like wholecuts, ideally w/o medallions. But I don't own any. If...
So do we!
Yep, thanks Gus and everyone else who made it!I did hear his wife wants him committed for it.
They look like some kind of felt footbed to me. Maybe intended for insulation for cold weather boots? Just a guess.
Do you mean the cuffs are too snug? If so, I disagree. Any looser and they'd cover his hands. If you mean they could extend further up his arm, then that could be, but that's a matter of preference.
I think the sleeve width is good. But I hate when sleeves pull at my elbows while I'm bending my arms, for comfort reasons and because causes the elbows to tear prematurely.
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