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Great. I hope he does. I heard of it from an article written by Derek Guy on PutThisOn.com.
Eccos aren't a bad choice for that purpose, but most people here will suggest you avoid bicycle toed shoes. You might look at plain bluchers from somewhere like Allen Edmonds or Loake.
Razl, Minnis will send you swatches directly and for free. At least they used to.Mmm... Döner...Great writeup!
Nice list and pics, TheNeedMachine. I own one of them, probably the cheapest one. But a convertible version.I thought of this, but then I thought it'd be cheating. Maybe you could have 50, one thousand dollar bills. Do they still make those? I suppose one could easily say 50 ounces, pounds, tons of gold. Or the worlds 50 biggest corporations...I think if I could have 50 anythings, it'd be 50 universities w/ research med schools -- not owning existing ones, but...
Wow, I'm not sure I'd want 50 of anything. Maybe ties.
Great movie. This place is the closest I can think of: http://www.old-town.co.uk/products/hemsby.htm
My CEGO shirts have nice, snug cuffs and enough extra length that I can reach up or out w/o restriction.
Parker, HS Crispaire has (or had) a lighter gray, that was almost as hatchy I'm guessing it'd be easier to find in some kind of blend.
Gettoasty, That jacket looks good to me. If anything it's a bit trendy. I'm guessing your team thinks all jackets look dated. Not sure how a chest would be altered. Did Despos or JeffD reply? The pants inseam looks good to me. They could be shortened and/or tapered a bit. And if those are cuffs, of course, people here, myself included will probably suggest making them wider.
I might also, but only with slim, uncuffed pants, which I generally don't wear w/ a coat and tie. I should probably add these to Manton's personal "rules" thread.
New Posts  All Forums: