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I just found this site myself and am interested too. I think I may pick up one of their scarves to see what the quality is like. At any rate, they have some interesting things and the prices seem reasonable.
@dieworkwear They asked for feedback so I quoted you on my last post on their FB. I'm slowly trying to temp them over to SF, let's see if they respond. 
I was pretty worried like you are now when I ordered my socks over a year ago. It takes a long time but your socks will eventually show up, they always do. Go read through this thread and you will see that that is just part of the Viccel experience. 
Sorry to bump this old thread but I thought I should share this info. I messaged gerstner on FB and asked if they had ever considered making a shoe shine kit. Here is a copy of our correspondence:    Me: "Have you guys ever considered making a shoe shine box? There are a few guys who have bought some of you smaller chests to make their own as you can see here:…/what-is-your-shoe-shine-kit-like but I think a purpose build box would be...
I just mixed up this variant on the sidecar:   Modified Sidecar 1.5 oz Metaxa brandy .75 oz Cointreau .75 oz Lime juice .75 oz Lavender simple syrup  .75 oz Domaine De Canton   I made the simple in a 1:1 ratio. 1 cup sugar, 1 cup water, and 1 tbps dried lavender.    I got the idea from a bar in Seattle however they use lemon juice instead of lime which is good too. My wife had this there and she was crazy about it.    
A riff on the Manhattan - I believe its called "the Staff Manhattan": 2oz Rye, 1oz Sweet Vermouth, 1/2oz Cointreau, aromatic bitters, luxardo cherry garnish.   I swear I saw this on the forum somewhere but I can't remember where. Anyhow, its quite nice and I think I actually prefer them this way (which is kinda nuts since I love the traditional Manhattan so much).   
I'm in at that price as well.
Also, I just came across this shoe: Its a dark brown museum calf double monk that is hand welted. I do not know much abour meermin but they appear to be fairly similar to the shoe we are all after.
If Skoak won't do it for the old price I may have a lead on someone who will. I don't want to out the vendor so I'll PM @LTDL with the info.
 I was not saying AE is a better value. To paraphrase, my question was who else has quality shoes for around $350 and don't say AE? Instead of getting many answers to the question everyone wants to talk about how AE is not as good as Carmina... it's ridiculous. So I need to thank @Bakes11771 and @Shawl Lapel for not missing the point and giving actual answers.
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