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If I recall correctly, (didn't bother to go back in the thread) but Mike explained something like there is enough of the shell for 10-12 pairs and could be enough for 18 given the design incorporates another material. Didn't hear a mention of getting more ruby shell, so I do not thinks its a issue of waiting. Just what guys want to do. To be forthright, I presented the makeup mainly because I like the design, and think the ruby shell would be a perfect fit. I like shell a...
For the ruby shell cordovan, in a effort to get more pairs of shoes out of the stock, perhaps a spectator wingtip, with burgundy (or similar to the ruby) color suede. Something like the Gaziano & Girling pictured below.
I wear a UK 11 and these are both a UK 11. In comparison of the two boots, one on the Simpson last the other on the Forest, the Forest last Balmoral boot has a narrower instep though it is described as "comfortable fitting" and visually looks rounder. I thought it was ironic considering the Simpson visually looks narrower and sleeker than the forest. Hopefully this clarifies a bit.
True to size, though the forest last seems to have a narrower instep……. ironically. Some people like variety, I like variety too…. in a different way.  You have no idea…… 
Would have to pass on the forest last jodhpur, it kills it for me. IMO the clean vamp of a jodhpur boot needs a sleeker last. Forest looks great for wingtips and captoes though.
Carmina for Epaulet Salinger Double Monk in Snuff Suede Size UK 11 and US 12 D     If you missed out on getting them from Epaulet as this is a rare size here is a chance to get them, and for over $100 cheaper. These shoes have born worn a handful of times and would rate them a 9 out of 10. See the pictures to best gauge the condition of the shoes. Comes with the bag and box shipped in the US. International shipping is extra. Fit true to size.     External...
I would be in on either… the all brown suede, or the suede with the calf strap… so long as the buckle's gold tone. Hopefully we can get some guys on board in time to see them before Spring……. 
Any interest in a dark brown suede jodhpur boot with the cross strap and a brass (gold tone) buckle. Basically the same last and style as the midnight calf boot but in dark brown suede with a brass buckle instead of silver tone.   This is JL but essentially the style/color but in suede.
Allen Edmonds Player's shoe in Chestnut. IMO this is Allen Edmonds best shoe model. Very good condition, this leather and color should age very well and develop a natural patina. My feet could not adjust to the double leather sole which is why I am selling them. These are NOT seconds, they are first quality w/o any defects.. Price includes shipping in the US. Comes with the shoe bags, if you want the box shipping will be a little extra.   Thanks for looking.
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