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Sorry about that, I have those came in the other day. UK 11. Then again, you've personally prolly snubbed me on many a pair size 12 shoes.
For $450.... Cannot be beat....
Ummm, how long have you been lurking? There's been a snuff suede double monk (still some stock left on Epaulet's web shop) and several winter boots.. with some sort of dainite sole.
Carmina has some stock models that will fit the bill, checkout their site (the one with the collection) or the online store. May be worth the look.
+1Edit: that makes 4 thus far.
Don't forget the dark brown suede jodhpurs.....   Yes, plz. Though I have to echo the chorus and say that I'd much prefer this on the Rain last. And suede with the calf cross strap gets my vote. [/quote] +1
Don't forget the dark brown suede jodhpurs.....
If I recall correctly, (didn't bother to go back in the thread) but Mike explained something like there is enough of the shell for 10-12 pairs and could be enough for 18 given the design incorporates another material. Didn't hear a mention of getting more ruby shell, so I do not thinks its a issue of waiting. Just what guys want to do. To be forthright, I presented the makeup mainly because I like the design, and think the ruby shell would be a perfect fit. I like shell a...
For the ruby shell cordovan, in a effort to get more pairs of shoes out of the stock, perhaps a spectator wingtip, with burgundy (or similar to the ruby) color suede. Something like the Gaziano & Girling pictured below.
I wear a UK 11 and these are both a UK 11. In comparison of the two boots, one on the Simpson last the other on the Forest, the Forest last Balmoral boot has a narrower instep though it is described as "comfortable fitting" and visually looks rounder. I thought it was ironic considering the Simpson visually looks narrower and sleeker than the forest. Hopefully this clarifies a bit.
New Posts  All Forums: