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If I'm not mistaken Skoaktiebolaget has 29 Carmina models, that is almost as many as are on the actual Carmina webstore…. well about 10 less, but the styles are better. I made a purchase with them, service is ABOVE par. In other news, ordered a pair from Carmina on the 29th… shipment was delayed because it was out of stock, then later received a size 8. Fit would be TTS if I were to walk on my hands. In the process of the return and exchange now, a bit of a hassle. Will...
Been wanting to try out the pants for very long time now, but a lot of them seem to have a 36' inseam unfinished. At 6' 3 I won't be able to cuff the bottoms, even the unfinished 38 inseam is pushing it……. 
Jodphur in brown Chromexcel York sole [/quote] Dibbs on the size UK11 of this model if there is one to be had. In fact, Leaves why don't you just sell them to me now?Consider it a soft opening.
When will you begin to take MTO orders for US based customers? and what is the means of contact or otherwise to place such an order? Thanks Apologize if I'm continuing to derail the thread.
Width? My main concern….
Outsole measurements?
Row two, second from right. Is that the ruby shell punched captoe?  
^ and here I expected to hear some sort of trade offer. Much appreciated none the less.
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