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Is there an update on the Navy Jodpurs? In... not in??
That explains it.
How did you manage to get both? Thought they were sold out, online at least in a UK11.    I'm empty handed. If any you guys having buyers remorse on a pair of UK11's shoot me a pm.
Not sure if anyone noticed, but the Gable, Westbury, and Biarritz models on Barneys.com price dropped again. They are $489. 
I like this idea, a lot.
PM me with any leads. Thanks in Advance.
You're right. It was, my mistake.
Epaulet has done a few boots on the rain last for both their standard offerings as well as MTO. In the realm of slim toe shoes, the rain last is not super slim by any means. I believe the previous MTO of this boot was not even on the forest last, but the robert. 
Hey Mike,   Is it possible to do the next Black Pebble Grain Balmoral Boot on the Rain last? Saw another's members make up and its looks very nice      
Two neckties I'm clearing out. Both hand-made and of excellent quality. Shipping is included in price to USA.   First is a olive silk grenadine from Brioni. 3.5 Inches wide at the large blade, approx 58.5 inches long. This tie is NEW has never been worn. Price is SOLD   Second is a gently worn brown silk and cashmere blend. Tie is self-tipped with a keeper. There are no labels on this tie. 3.25 Inches wide at the large blade, approx 57 inches in length. Price is...
New Posts  All Forums: