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Available to bid on for less than this list price.  Fit true to size, UK11 = US12D
Barker Black Wolfe Loafer UK11 US12  
Looks good. Love the seamless heel. How long did these take, seems pretty fast.
Thanks. The Jacket is a blend of cashmere/wool/cotton. The tie is wool/cashmere blend. My pictures are not ideal but there is a better image of the tie here. The jacket pulls out the blue in the tie, but a patterned silk handkerchief would be a needed improvement (if only I had any). I have usually only opted for solid white linen. 
I have the Carmina 80092 in Brown Suede (this same boot). If there is any interest I'll upload some piks of the actual boots. They don't fit in my rotation as much as I'd thought they would. Also I have the carmine Monks in my signature below. Both size UK 11 US 12.
No, it's not Ed. Sorry to disappoint. 
Thanks, actually calf/suede combination wingtips The color is a bit off in the pictures, the shirt is light blue, and tie appears orange but is more of a medium light brown. But I do agree with the ocbd.
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