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Thanks. Condition, brush, black cream polish, brush, condition, final brush.
Had my grain boots for about two years or so with limited wears. Decided to add burnish on toe and heel and darken the grain a little bit. Here's a couple comparison photos.
Oh and I'm also interested in the EG oundle & henley. And various boots: jodhpur, balmoral, chukka, or chelsea from the makers in the thread title (no cordovan). If you have any of these for sale or trade please let me know.
For sale or trade. Asking $500 Vass Budapest size 46 on the U last. Dark Brown Calf. [IMG][IMG]
Congrats man, when I met you, you were pushing a stroller.
Yes, they are. Thank You
This would be a good idea, a the U Last is a great last, and rounded toe version of it would fill in the gap imo between the U and F last. The k last seems redundant, like a too pointy u last. Their boot options could benefit from a chelsea model, as well as a jodhpur. And lastly, though not that big a deal, the edge dressing could be varied a bit. They seem use edge dressing that makes the sole one solid color be it black, or brown, and some styles would look better imo...
Am I the only one who feels this cognac shell/ saddle shell soap opera should have ran it's course by now?
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