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Wolverine 1000 mile boot Rust 7.5D.  After some consideration the boots dont fit me as good as I thought due to my wide foot.  They were worn roughly 2 weeks total wear time.   160 shipped within 48 states.
I used half a sole and they are fine to me.  
Crane,   I wear a size nine in dress shoes specifically allen edmonds 9E, but when I put the 8.5 on my toe has so much wiggle room it makes my feet hurt after wearing them for 3 hours or so.  I then bought a 8D and still has lots of wiggle room.  When I put the boot on with my socks I plan to wear after 12 hours of being on my feet all day I still get wiggle room so I ordered a 7.5inch from you guys.  The lady over the phone (Crane store) was very nice she measured them...
This is odd!!!  I bought a size 8.5D and then realized they are too big for me and then ordered a size 8D and the only difference between the two is 2mm in length!  The 8D fits almost identical in length as the 8.5D.  Should have it decreased in size by half a inch or so?    Man, gonna have to return these 8Ds to do 7.5D.  These boots need to stock to standard length size boots cause it fits odd.
James bond is too old also in skyfall?  he dresses pretty tight himself.....
I have to say these boots are pretty comfy!  I bought a half size too large from Crane and well I said mind as well buy the one that fits better so I bought the full size down from dress shoe.   Crane has been nothing, but spectacular (well after buying two of the same boots from now lol ).
Price drop 185 dollars since I bought me the size 8 already.  
These boots are too big for me.  I usually wear a size 9 in allen edmonds, but went half down and they 'felt' ok, but after 10 wears of outing (nothing crazy just casual wear) they are too big for me.    Will ship to lower 48 states at a rate of 15 dollars the other two states I will have to calculate.   I can email pictures if interested, thanks.
For OTR it looks great on you man...
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