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So, my Everlane experience: I haven't gotten Everlane tees in a while but my old ones are still going strong. Some collars have stretched and some are fine. Sizing seems to vary across all 10 or so of them, purchased at differing time points. I got a M oxford when the first came out, it was too tight in the chest. I just picked up the new indigo one to try out the "updated" fit. Fits much better, color is amazing, I will agree with others that the arms are cut strangely...
In regards to the PK fit I went with L. I'm 6'1 160 pounds ~38/39 chest. This shirt is shorter than the T's so I personally would not size down, otherwise it might be too short on myself. Overall I'd say the L pk fits like a medium everlane t-shirt with slightly wider shoulders and very slightly looser chest. The fit is much closer to medium t than a large t.  
I ordered a couple of medium black tees back in January and they are significantly shorter than all the other tees I have gotten from everlane over the past year. There does seem to be a lot of variation, but it was getting consistent for a while. Anyone know if they shortened the design?
So after seeing a few posts a couple pages back I was curious and checked out the zara store online as I have never heard of it. I saw this jacket and like the look of it. I am wondering if anyone knows how it will wear/fade. Will the bull denim died black fade uniformly?
Newest batch of shirts are my favorite iteration yet. Fit like a dream.  
I'm going to go with yes, but it's hard to tell. Thighs aren't going to stretch out a ton but they will stretch. Just have to be patient and give it time. I would recommend wearing a belt at all times, especially for the first few weeks as the waist is very prone to stretching. Wear them high up like in your picture, then every 2-3 weeks loosen the belt and drop them a bit, until you reach the point wear you want them. That will help loosen the thighs too.  
Have the t-shirts been shortened? In the most recent batch I've ordered the length is significantly shorter compared to the previous basic crew t mediums I have ordered.
Is it just me or do the pocket t's fit a bit tighter around the chest and shoulder area than the crew t-shirts?
Don't taper yet! I gotta stock up on medium crews before the taper goes into effect. They are perfect right now. Here's a quick pic.
Any recommendations as far as washing goes? If I toss it in the dryer should I expect the average shrinkage?   **Looking back, I just learned that all the fabric is pre-washed and that their should be minimal shrinkage with drying on low. So, my own question is answered.
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