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When do you guys get those promotional offers? By that I mean what time of the month. I was getting 25 free Buy it nows per month. I looked in my account this morning and I have nothing. I was getting them pretty regularly.
Looks good from here. Long Branch is a great boot. I agree with the other poster that said that you should apply some conditioner (although I have no experience with that obenauf product).Keep in mind that Long Branch's are more of a casual boot. Meant to be abused and used in the rain/snow etc. Unless you got some with leather soles.In terms of color, you can add darker polish to the lighter one over time and it will darken. Some folks here even use a product called...
Lining helps wool pants from bunching up on you during high static cling days. For me, mostly in fall/winter.
Nice. Need to see some "in the wild" pix, but this tone reminds me of my "brown" shell townleys:
Fit fine. I'm a little contorted sticking my hand out, bending sideways and trying to snap a pix with an iphone. Thanks.
Florsheim Imperial PTBs on Columbus Day:
Those look nice. Congrats.Are those shell? Calf would be ok with me. I've been tempted by some To Boot shortwings and Mezlan (I think). However, I'm not sure how they are quality wise.
Others can chime in but here are some models that are shortwing bluchers that AE no longer offers. In particular, I wish they would offer any of these shoes in brown. Also, I prefer singled soled versions with sleek lasts rather than blobby old mannish ones.Players: never was a fan of the walnut color. It never came in burgundy or bwnHinsdale: I actually own this shoe and think it looks great but the last doesn't work for meBel air: discontinuedConcord:...
The Ralph lauren store in Tysons Galleria has some C&J models. Also, the Brooks Brothers on CT ave usually has Alden models that you can actually see and touch.
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