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I want to get the 5th Aves in brown. What's the best deal for these? I don't mind the BB version, either. I seem to remember that all BB shoes were $150 or $125. Is that the best deal?
Townley Thursday! Probably need some mac luv.
What do you guys think about opening up a postal fraud case when ebay/paypal rules against you? I sold a pair of nwt jeans. The buyer was 1) not satisfied with the quality and 2) he had to go to the post office to pick them up (!). I've been through this before so I told him. Send them back (buyer responsible for return postage as per my T&C) and I'll issue a refund. He cries foul and opens up a case. Long story short ebay rules against me (Surprise!). I"m out my $$...
I purchased a D. Cremiux suit (Dillards house brand) on ebay that was made by Isaia. I can confirm that some of their stuff is not canvassed. My suit did have canvassed lapels, but that was it.
Looks like a nice pair of boots. As for care, it depends of the leather. If it's CXL it's pretty sturdy and just have to brush it after it gets some dirt. Other regular type leathers just brush and condition them. If you're putting them through a lot of wet muck then go with obenaufs or something designed for waterproofing.
Looking for a good low priced tailor that can shorten the length of a SC. I don't want to sink too much $ in this coat as I picked it up in a thrift shop. Dry cleaner tailors ok, too. Oh, and how much should this cost. I'm in Arlington.Thanks.
Picked these up for $21 (discount store). available. [[SPOILER]]
I won't unless you say how much you bought/sold for.
Here's a tie tip that has worked for me: I've been using a colorful (usually red) cheap Stafford tie on lower end suits (H. Boss etc). 4 times, I've had PMs where the buyer says: I want to buy your suit, but will you include that tie? First 2 times, I was using nicer BB ties. Now, I'll go with el cheapo ties.
[[SPOILER]] Townley Tuesday, er, Wednesday! Great choice.
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