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There are 2 camps to this. I'm kinda similar since I am a 9 in barrie and went 9.5 on everything rancourt so far. I did try the 9s and I could get my feet in there and everything but there was some tightness. Since everything I've tried has been cxl everyone says they stretch. However, I've been of the school that if something doesn't "feel right" off the bat, don't get it. So, I've gone with the more comfortable fit.A lot of guys on here will say, well they hurt for 2...
Is it possible to see only pictures in a thread? I'm thinking of a shoe thread and don't want to the endless posts about how much that shoe rocks or sucks.
I haven't gotten my ebay 'saved searches' emails the past 2 days. Have you guys? I usually get 10-15 every day. I guess it's just as well since I probably would be spending some cash on that, lol. edit: I also check my spam and nada.
Great idea. Just did and they are! Their person said that they don't put their logo on their shear lined products. Only the leather lined and unlined products.
Hey guys, Wanted to see if you could authenticate these boots. I think they are the grizzly boots, but they have no distinguishing markings saying quoddy of any kind. I picked them up used b/c they oozed quality and they fit (!). There are two line marks on the inside of the eyelets (11?). It looks like they're written with a silver sharpie, though. That's it. Maybe I'm not looking in the right place?
Townley, umm, Mundy: sox aren't as royal blue as the flash suggests.
My label is very similar to this one. The one above was called old Caruso. Any ideas for mine?
Looking to see if I can trade for this navy John Varvatos Italy made (Lardini) suit. 42R. Would like to see if any of you guys has a Patagonia down sweater or an LL Bean ultra down 850 in size Medium for it. I'll give it a week to see if anyone has a down sweater, if not I'll let it go for what I paid for it $25+actual shipping. Really great suit. Quarter lined; split vents, patch pockets, 2btn, FF pants, 70%wool/30%linen. There is an issue with the suit that prevents me...
In that vein, Kristle has a black shell cambridge and a burgundy shell bradley in 9.5D. $299. At least, she had them yesterday.
^^^Thx, Bobbers. Those Mills are a bit of a haul for me but for the right item, I'll plan a trip.
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