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Looking for a good low priced tailor that can shorten the length of a SC. I don't want to sink too much $ in this coat as I picked it up in a thrift shop. Dry cleaner tailors ok, too. Oh, and how much should this cost. I'm in Arlington.Thanks.
Picked these up for $21 (discount store). available. [[SPOILER]]
I won't unless you say how much you bought/sold for.
Here's a tie tip that has worked for me: I've been using a colorful (usually red) cheap Stafford tie on lower end suits (H. Boss etc). 4 times, I've had PMs where the buyer says: I want to buy your suit, but will you include that tie? First 2 times, I was using nicer BB ties. Now, I'll go with el cheapo ties.
[[SPOILER]] Townley Tuesday, er, Wednesday! Great choice.
Nice pickups! That walnut color looks darker than what AE has been putting out in that color.I always associate lug soles with bad weather shoes. And, I try not to wear shell shoes when there is a chance of rain/slop in the forecast. So, for me, lug soles on shell boots=probably not.
I'm going to be travelling to Jacksonville in a week or so. Any spots that I should hit in one free afternoon? From random talk on this thread, FL isn't the thrifting Nirvana. So outlets or other "good deal" menswear places would be fine, too. PM if you don't want to reveal deets. I promise to blow up NOT raid your honey holes.
Did you guys get the free listings promotion yet? It's already the 7th and nothing. The past few months, ebay has showered me with 20000 free BINs and variations on that. Nothing for 2014? Thanks.
^^^Scottyboy, I don't see why you'd want to give this guy more airtime. It's like giving a bullhorn to a heckler. Just wait a few weeks and someone will come over here and spew off about how bad his AE shoes are.
[[SPOILER]] Congrats! Those look great. Except for the wheeling and the perf captoe, those look like my Townleys. Yes Tampatravel, tomorrow! I can't remember what last my Townleys are on. Here's the post when I first got them in April: http://www.styleforum.net/t/141581/allen-edmonds-appreciation-thread/18930#post_6287876
New Posts  All Forums: