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[[SPOILER]] IMO, you shouldn't be shoe polishing brand new shoes. Condition yes, but polish only sparingly. I would have applied conditioner to those captoes when new to see if it would be absorbed. It could have been leather shoes that were sitting on the shelves and they dried a little bit. I don't see any cracking.
Shell townleys today:
Could I have rubbed the color off these black Shell PTBs? I thrifted these a while back. They had years of polish on them. I rubbed them vigorously with a wet cloth, then Mac methoded them. Rinse and repeat. I worked up quite a sweat. Now, I can see an undertone of brown. Should I reapply black wax or cream polish?
Very cool D. Cremieux grey herringbone thick SC. No padding on shoulders with great touches. 3 roll 2(!) I'm a 41r to 42r and this fits more like a 43r to slim 44R. Perfect for fall/winter wear. Keeps you warm even if its unlined. This is a coat I bought new, but it needs some slimming for it to fit me: p2p = 23 slve=25.75 lenght=31 shoulder=19 Asking $20+ship OR I'm looking for a car coat type overcoat that I can wear over suits. Must be lightweight/performance...
Shell townley Wednesday.: The Alden guys have Whiskey Wednesday. I would have worn these on a Tuesday, but there was the threat of rain in the forecast yesterday
Great boot! Congrats. Navy pants are fine. Would like to see how this color compares to AEs current #8/burgundy.
I usually come to this thread to ask for help (!) or because something seriously went wrong with one of my auctions. Well, I'm turning the tables a bit and offer a tip. I sold a suit and one of the sleeve buttons was cracked. Matching these and finding one can be a hassle and you don't want to send out the coat with a cracked button. Well, most if not all coats have those inside wallet pockets and those always have a flap button for closure. Well, I removed the inside...
Thanks, MWS.
I picked these 2nds up over the weekend (neumoks). They are outstanding. A couple of questions: the website says they are double soled, but they look kinda thin. I've taken a sole profile shot. Some of my double soled shoes look a lot thicker. Also, the website says they come with the butyl sole. I've only seen one other butyl sole in person and it looked much darker and seemed to be grease infused. This one looks a little lighter in color. Thanks in advance.
All this talk about single and double soles made me think of this question: Anyone gone from a single soled shoe to a double one on their first resole? Or vice versa? Results? Pros/cons.
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