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These are a special Alden make-up for Pelleline, I think they're in Philly or N Jersey. Very cool.
Another shoe that AE should bring back. Looks good
Thanks, Mr DV. These are my size and I'll probably end up adding them to the rotation. I'm contemplating adding a crepe sole or vibram to make them AllWeather Walkers like. Suggestions welcome on that front.
I picked up these used Alden for BB PTB shells. Are these in cigar? They look really dark brownish. I thought that Alden only made black and burgundy shell for them. Or, did they "turn" in color. Thanks, gents.
Looking for a similar, summer weight suit in 41R to 42R. Pref. softer shoulders. Or, $25+actual ship.J Press 3 roll2 sack. Color is medium grey. Condition is good to very good. No tags to be found, but I estimate it to be a 43L to 44L. See measurements below to ensure accurate fit. Very lightweight and airy wool. Soft(er) shoulders. Flat front pants. [[SPOILER]] p2p 22.5toc 33slv 26wst 36 w 1.5 to let outins 30.5 w 3.0 to let out (cuffed)
Thanks! Here's a better pix of the lettering and the sole. Sole is very rugged commando.
I think these are C&J but I'm prepared to be overruled. Thanks, gents.
I'm thinking of outright banning all ebayers that ask stupid questions. Someone just asked me that my inseam cannot possibly be the same as the waist. My reply would be: BANNED! From my current and future auctions.
The problem with this is that you're unlikely to find your grail shoe find in a thrift & in your size. Sure you'll find some Aldens that may fit you but they'll be some All-weather-walkers or something like that Now, I just set my ebay saved searches or look out for sales in a model I want.
New Posts  All Forums: