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Pix of the your brown leeds? There are some crazy dudes at the alden thread that are paying hefty premiums for cigar shell.
[[SPOILER]] Stuart Mcquire (sp?). Pretty cool old school maker.
I'll answer that if you post your net worth statement What does FTW mean?
BB shell #8 PTBs today. I got these resoled with crepe by BNelson.
Hey guys, A while ago I nabbed these shell BB PTBs from a thrift shop. I posted them here. The soles were at the end so I sent them to B Nelson. I opted to get the crepe soles on them. I just got them back and they look great. I commented that these look almost cigar like but Alden/BB never made them in Cigar. Just burgundy and black. I'll take a pix of them in the sunlight when I wear them to see if you can still see any burgundy. They don't have that leather cover on...
Joseph Abboud.
[[SPOILER]] Macneil, one of AE's best models. Very nice
Church's Custom Grade, Diplomats. Nice.
I don't want any nails penetrating the insole. And I want the heels to last as long as possible. When should I get a heel replacement done? When the top lift has worn down? Or when the 2nd lift is worn down?
Yes it is. One of the few Lardini tags that isn't folded in half.
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