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Joseph Abboud.
[[SPOILER]] Macneil, one of AE's best models. Very nice
Church's Custom Grade, Diplomats. Nice.
I don't want any nails penetrating the insole. And I want the heels to last as long as possible. When should I get a heel replacement done? When the top lift has worn down? Or when the 2nd lift is worn down?
Yes it is. One of the few Lardini tags that isn't folded in half.
How would you affix a heel pad to a shoe? I posted this question on the Shoe care thread, but got nothing. These heel pads that I have on are self sticky, but the sweat/heat made that sticky stuff wear down. Hate having a loose heel pad around when walking. I thought about Shoe Goo, but I don't want to ruin the AE model and logo when/if I sell them. Will Shoe Goo scar the leather? Thanks.
As a sometimes ebay seller, I agree. Sometimes I'll sell something with a low price and it will hardly get a sniff (no bids). Relist it and a week later it goes for booku bux.I've listed stuff for $70 opening bid and $100 Buy it Now. Someone comes in and bids 70 and the BIN goes away. Most often than not it will go higher than $150 maybe more. Dudes, you could have had it for $100!
Looks good, wonsmith.
Pros/Cons to attaching some heel pads with Shoe Goo? The pads I bought were press apply and they eventually loosened. I tried some double sided tape and that didn't work. What about Shoo goo? Also, I sell shoes once I get bored with them so I don't want to mess up the nice logo on the heel pad area. Thanks.
Don't see anything wrong with the puckering above. Lace tab looks good too.
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