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Sam, I would probably pass on that Burberry label you show. It's kinda old and some of the construction I've seen hasn't been up to snuff. Be on the lookout for the following label: Much more recent and fabric quality has gone up. Better resale.
Here's the tag from my Zanella SC. I bought this new at Saks Off 5th about 2-3 years ago. I would say yes:
Agree on the captoe look for the PAs. That soho one is more to my liking. To complicate matters , here is the captoe on my Hale's in real world conditions, which I like. I know, I know the captoe is perforated but oh well.
PRL blue label shorts. waist is 33, even though they are tagged as a 35W. Outer inseam is 19". Color is navy with anchor embroidery all over. Ahoy mate! WANTS: 41R(!) or 42R suits, lightweight fabrics, Italian name makers preferred NO dbl breasts. Also craving a italianish suit w/unstructured shoulders (at this pt in my life) any brand. shell shoes (burgundy or black) 9 or 9.5D AE Strands in brown 9 D zanella flat front trousers (34waist) incotex flat front pants...
Nothing really earthshattering the past few days. My finds from the last week or so. 2 lands end ties. The one on the right is a silk knit, my first (!). Not available. L. Barbera L/S shirt. The tag says L on one side and 16.5/42 on the other. Not sure if this is a casual shirt . Made in Italy. Available. Flat front PRL blue label linen pants. Button fly. All linen. 31Wx28.5. Tentatively unavailable since I’m waiting to hear from another SF member about...
Now I understand why DM doesn't respond to PMs: he's just a high school kid!
Picked up a sweet navy BB made in Italy 90% cashmere 10% wool suit. My size! I don’t think I’ve ever owned an all mostly cashmere suit. Maybe more for colder weather? Feels breathable, though. I know there was some discussion about the BB Italy made stuff. Can provide pix and label tag if there’s any interest. Dropped it off at the drycleaners so it could be a while b4 the pix. Also, here’s some of my other finds: E Zegna XLT casual shirt. Long sleeve. Tagged XLT....
I also picked up a recent Corneliani. the pants are slimmer than your usual American brand stuff but not overly so. I think you'll do all right. Recent Corneliani is true to US maker size standards IMO, maybe w/ a slimmer cut.
If this thread was on fire b4, it is now a raging inferno. Congratulations.
good job on the cleaning. Maybe you can paint the metal eyelets to a darker color? Gives it a cockeyed look. Reminds me of this guy:http://www.unsungfilms.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/feldman01.jpg
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