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They may be tightening up. I tried to return a Marmot jacket whose zipper came undone (about 2 years since I purchased). They can look up your purchases by member # but conveniently could not find this marmot jacket . Funny since I kept the original tags with the REIprice tag. One day I'll find that receipt...Here are yesterday's finds:Coat is not as glossy as this pix is showing it to be. I’ll be haunting this thrift for the next few weeks to see if the pants/vest...
I have no affiliation with this seller, but i think this is a great deal for someone looking to take the plunge into the ebay selling world: http://www.ebay.com/itm/START-SELLING-KIT-35-lb-Postal-Scale-Mailers-Tape-Dispenser-Labels-Tripod-More-/360463315436?afepn=5335869999&campid=5335869999&PID=1225267
Not my size, but I appreciate you posting stuff like this.
Did someone post on here that the AE Shelton's were going to be discontinued? If yes, that would be a shame.
Bally Black Loafers sz 12D. Good to VG condition. Original heels. [[SPOILER]] Bally loafers, sz 9.5E. VG condtion. Original heels. Leather is super soft. [[SPOILER]] WANTS:41R(!) or 42R suits, lightweight fabrics, Italian name makers preferred NO dbl breasts. Also craving a italianish suit w/unstructured shoulders (at this pt in my life) any brand.shell shoes (burgundy or black) 9 or 9.5DAE Strands in brown 9 Dzanella flat front trousers (34waist)incotex flat front pants...
Also awaiting sizes on those oxforrds. Even though Atljon recently hooked me up with one (Thx!); my first. Some stuff from the past week: RL black label. Not available Bally black loafers. Good to VG shape. Size 12D. Heels are still the original Bally ones, it looks like. Available. Bally longwingy loafers. VG to excellent shape. Size 9.5E. Color is black and burgundy. Leather is super soft and the heels and soles are in even better condition than the Ballys above....
My strands are fine. However, this has been a problem pointed out b4. The consensus was how much you paid for em, how bad it was off, were they seconds, how anal are you? If it's minor, only you will notice it and 99.99% of the population won't.
Is it safe to open this thread now?
Brian would you be interested in this 36R tails tux? No name brand, I think it was “After 6”. I know, I know it’s not an S. Pants nowhere to be found. Did not cop. Canali SC. This fits me but bwn is not my color. Needs dry cleaning.
Just a couple of items for me this week. First were these B. Magli captoes. I see a lot of Maglis with cheap rubber soles or those one piece heel/sole rubber combo jobs. But these are nicer. They are welted and the soles are leather. This pix is from the back of the car and I DID get home in put them in shoe trees. Not available. And, this E. Zegna green turquoise aqua L/S shirt. Tagged XL Has big ass MOP buttons and the hidden button down action in the collar. Wish...
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