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Congrats, my man.Couple of E. Zegna dress shirts:Tagged 17.5/44, kinda off white with very faint yellow stripes, shoulder seam to end of sleeve: 25.5"solo pix of the one behind it, tagged 16.5/42. shoulder seam to end of sleeve: 26"both available.
Ok, if two trains leave the station at the same time, one heading east, one heading west, which train will get to the destination...Seriously dude you lost me at "People never seem"
A couple of beuts salvaged a long an otherwise *hitty day:
Lasts are not the end all be all to proper fit. a balmoral on one last can fit differently vs. another style on the SAME last. Luckily I wear a D size so they are readily available at Nordies or at their Rack. Even then I have gone up to E widths and to the slimmer ones. I'd hate to be someone with EEE or the As and Bs. Easiest thing would be to pay retail at an actual location since you can return and they can special order. However, I want to save some money on...
Will file this away as useful info to have. I'm sure it will come in handy in the future .Anyway, picked up this Burberry 42S recent charcoal pin striped suit (available) Took these pix when I got home with my crappy cell cam so it doesn't shoe the true color. I would say the waist is a 35 or 36 with 1-2" you can let out. inseam is a 29 with 1.5 more to let out. pants are dble pleated and cuffed, . arms feel short, but I felt some fabric in there to let out. I need to...
I can't believe that Plano, TX cracked the top 10. I mean, Frito Lay is based in Plano!
Arghhh moment today: I think about a week ago I posted about a NWT grey pin striped H. Freeman & Sons orphan pants that were my waist, pleated, unfinished/unhemmed that I left behind. Well, today I found the NWT coat at another GW a scant 3 miles away . I didn't buy the coat, but I went back to the GW where the pants were and, of course, they were gone . Oh, well. I didn't plan to thrift today but this GW was on my route to the Home Depot where I was gonna buy some...
Nice. I have 2 like this (not zegna) but I love wearing them in spring summer. Congrats.
How bout these rules: Don't buy a Russian-made car. Don't take fashion advice from an Austrian. Don't go grocery shopping while hungry...
I'm concerned that the plaid on the SC won't match the plaid on the pants. I'll allow you to break the pattern/pattern/solid rule. I know, I know, I'm anal.
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