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I can't believe that Plano, TX cracked the top 10. I mean, Frito Lay is based in Plano!
Arghhh moment today: I think about a week ago I posted about a NWT grey pin striped H. Freeman & Sons orphan pants that were my waist, pleated, unfinished/unhemmed that I left behind. Well, today I found the NWT coat at another GW a scant 3 miles away . I didn't buy the coat, but I went back to the GW where the pants were and, of course, they were gone . Oh, well. I didn't plan to thrift today but this GW was on my route to the Home Depot where I was gonna buy some...
Nice. I have 2 like this (not zegna) but I love wearing them in spring summer. Congrats.
How bout these rules: Don't buy a Russian-made car. Don't take fashion advice from an Austrian. Don't go grocery shopping while hungry...
I'm concerned that the plaid on the SC won't match the plaid on the pants. I'll allow you to break the pattern/pattern/solid rule. I know, I know, I'm anal.
Vexco bringing it strong to this thread.
As long as we're one the subject of shoe care, can some other glue substitute for Shoe Goo? I've got some topys that are starting to separate from my soles. I can't find my shoe goo tube and didn't want to go the Xmart to pick some up.
Or, 2 could be "get canned from job"3. Fark paying the drycleaners; let's buy ramen noodles and pay the rent4. After 60days drycleaners donates said clothes to the thrift.My day:Picked up a pair of Canali FF slacks in size 35x30. Unsure if I'll keep them. Maybe a little baggy so they could be available. Also a slim fit BB dress shirt, a PRL blue label tailored (slim fit!) white dress shirt. Finally, a lands end tie.Passed on:Zanella double pleated pantsH Freeman NWT...
I'm sure that AE would make good on that by giving you a new pair. However, if you've gotten attached to them, a cobbler can fix them. I had a similar problem with some old AEs and he ended up shaving them down so they wouldn't rock as much. it was about $5-10, if I remember correctly.
I made a stop at a Nordstrom Rack that is kinda far away from my house. Nothing in my size, however, I saw some clearanced AE Kearneys in sz 9.5M for $109 and some Emerys @ $49. The Emerys had that rubber sole (vibram?). I can be persuaded to pick them up for someone tomorrow if you kick in some gas $. If you can wait till next Monday, I will be there again for work and can pick them up @ cost +ship. Of course, they could be gone by then .
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