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I selling this pair of new Allen Edmonds MacNeil shoes, size 9.5D color brown, from their Rough collection. Nothing wrong with the shoes; only I’ve come to the conclusion that I need more dress shoes. Only tried these on when I first got them. And, that was on carpet. I have not worn them on the street or anything. The leather in these is a little distressed at parts, almost dry. I am told this is normal. I think AE recommends that you use conditioner and saddle soap...
Also, passed on this Pioneer TX8100. Was unpriced and I was going to ask the employees to tag it, but the line was humongous and they were short handed. Judging from all the other cdplayers/tapedecks they had there it probably would have been $25-35.Allen Edmonds Brentwood, sz 10d. Great shape and condition. The insole is rubbed out cheese grater style so I couldn't tell the model. I posted this pix to the AE thread and the fine gents there hipped me that these are...
Help id these AEs I bought @ a thrift. The model name of the sole has been washed out, but I think it begins with a B. Thanks in advance:
It's good. It's a government/company town so you find a lot of stuff that govt workers wear to blend in. Brooks Bros, HSMs, John W. Nordstrom stufff along with the usual Nautica, C Klein dress shirts that are all around the country. Nothing flashy that you would find in NYC or even Philly. With the rise in the contractor class, I've seen a lot of dress casual stuff like Banana Republic and the like that is showing up in the thrifts. If you apply yourself, you can pull...
Something from my rounds the last few days: Gitman white dress shirt, tagged 16.5 x 35, available NWT Coach braces, available 2 ties, the Lands End one is extra long so it’s for a longer torso. Most certainly available: Finally, NWT J Crew tan blazer. Size L. Picked it up to feed THE HABIT. I’m also disgusted with people stealing pix. On a related note, need to hit the torrents to d’load that new Avengers movie
Congrats. Nice choice.I'm not the authority on this, but I think someone mentioned that topys trap the moisture in the leather sole thus breaking down the leather via moisture. Leather soles are more breathable, if that makes any sense. Better to have a pair of vibram or rubber soled AE dress shoes when you're going to face inclement weather. Or, some rubber shoe covers could also work.
Darn you, AE! Any Kenilworth owners care to mention what they wear those shoes with? Suits, chinos, business casual, business? Thanks.
I have an old pair of shoes I would like to do this to. However, there is a little bit of cracked leather. Is cracked leather a dealbreaker?
I don't know about the walnut strands. I hope they do have them on sale.I feel bad having the SA bring out a bunch of different shoes sizes and me not buying . Although I've done it 2-3 times.Gotten into the habit of buying AE shoes on sale.Do you have a Nordstrom rack nearby? Much easier to try the variety of AE shoes there. That way you get a feel for what lasts work for you. If you have a too wide or too thin foot, I guess regular Nordstrom or the AE shop are your...
As to what Nordstrom will have, I'm not sure. I had a moment when someone said that there will be no bwn PA's (or strands?) on sale.For me, one good thing about Nordstrom is that you can try the shoes one in person and they will special order E or thinner sizes for no charge (when you are being fitted).
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