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Darn you, AE! Any Kenilworth owners care to mention what they wear those shoes with? Suits, chinos, business casual, business? Thanks.
I have an old pair of shoes I would like to do this to. However, there is a little bit of cracked leather. Is cracked leather a dealbreaker?
I don't know about the walnut strands. I hope they do have them on sale.I feel bad having the SA bring out a bunch of different shoes sizes and me not buying . Although I've done it 2-3 times.Gotten into the habit of buying AE shoes on sale.Do you have a Nordstrom rack nearby? Much easier to try the variety of AE shoes there. That way you get a feel for what lasts work for you. If you have a too wide or too thin foot, I guess regular Nordstrom or the AE shop are your...
As to what Nordstrom will have, I'm not sure. I had a moment when someone said that there will be no bwn PA's (or strands?) on sale.For me, one good thing about Nordstrom is that you can try the shoes one in person and they will special order E or thinner sizes for no charge (when you are being fitted).
I got these Hales from the 2/$200 sale: Loving them so far. 2nd time this week I wear them. They were 1sts. I was going to wait for the Nordstrom Park Avenue sale, but these are very similar. What's the difference? Maybe I'll get the PAs in bwn when that sale rolls around.
Ned from the show "Ned and Stacey". Another dated look, but at the time he was wearing different stuff compared to other TV characters i.e. Seinfeld.
GONE! Any interest in the following 42S Burberry suit? Pretty recent as it says Burberry as opposed to Burberry's old style blue label. Color is charcoal grey. 1st pix is kinda washed out, but the predominant color IS charcoal: 31" top of collar to end of coat 23" shoulder seam to end of sleeve. I think you have an additional 1.5" to increase the sleeve length judging from the fabric inside the coat lining 23" pit to pit layed flat, coat buttoned, and measured from...
Thanks, all for the feedback on the hermes. I may be on a fake hermes tear, lol. Here's a closeup of the tie and one of the buttons on the shirt.
I’ve been on a Hermes tear. Last week I found a heavy silk tie and this week this: I think it’s real, but I’m prepared to be overruled. This is a slim tie. Prior to this, I had not found any Hermes ties not even fake ones. Also, this shirt: I know these are prized and all, but there are 5-6 fabric pulls and the fabric looks like a cheap Nautica tie after 1 year. That is, some parts of the cloth have the look of white cotton candy (wear areas). I’m gonna...
Congrats, my man.Couple of E. Zegna dress shirts:Tagged 17.5/44, kinda off white with very faint yellow stripes, shoulder seam to end of sleeve: 25.5"solo pix of the one behind it, tagged 16.5/42. shoulder seam to end of sleeve: 26"both available.
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