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***GONE!**Anyone want these 9.5M Cable & Co. bluchers? I will be donating them to GW if no one wants them. I am the original owner of these. Have served me well over the years. I have topyed them 2 maybe 3 times. The topy may be coming unglued at the side. Also, the insole is starting to wear in the forefoot part. May need to replace the insole. Leather upper and soles. Made in Italy. Have kept them in shoe trees since I got them. Tagged 9.5M, but if you are a 9D...
Pretty old. I'd say 2-3 years old. Lightly worn by me. Still on original heels/soles. I believe they may have been discontinued.
This thread needs more "action" pix! Went with the Jackson's today:
3 stops only netted me this BBGF dress shirt, my first. Slim fit! This thing is sweet! The neck is spot on, but I need to have the sleeves shortened. If anyone wants to save me from this time and expense, get at me. Also, this shirt will need “the method” in the pits area . Passed on what I thought was a fake Hermes tie. Here’s why: the little man dragging that cart was different in two of the tags (I thought it should be reasonably identical). Also, one of the...
Was gonna slam you for "taking" AE's photo but then I saw the JAB trees. Nice shot! This photo looks better than some on AE's website.
If you'd lay your arms (at least 1) loosely at the sides, I'd have a better idea if that was too long.
Amen to that, brother.
Me, too. However, I rack up $25 or so heel replacement charges several times a year. A little less frequently but I also replace the soles more often.
They may be tightening up. I tried to return a Marmot jacket whose zipper came undone (about 2 years since I purchased). They can look up your purchases by member # but conveniently could not find this marmot jacket . Funny since I kept the original tags with the REIprice tag. One day I'll find that receipt...Here are yesterday's finds:Coat is not as glossy as this pix is showing it to be. I’ll be haunting this thrift for the next few weeks to see if the pants/vest...
I have no affiliation with this seller, but i think this is a great deal for someone looking to take the plunge into the ebay selling world: http://www.ebay.com/itm/START-SELLING-KIT-35-lb-Postal-Scale-Mailers-Tape-Dispenser-Labels-Tripod-More-/360463315436?afepn=5335869999&campid=5335869999&PID=1225267
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