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Excellent! Thanks.
What's an easy way to measure sleeve length the way American stores do? I've been measuring the shoulder seam to end of sleeve. I'd like to add the measurement that US buyers are comfortable with like 16x33 (my size). However, these Italian manufacturers only give you the neck and neck centimeter, I think. Thanks.
A couple of good clothing documentaries, but not necessarily about CM: Valentino: the last emperor Scatter my ashes at Bergdorf Goodman
Yes it is!
AE needs to bring back a sleek shortwing. You may be able to find a Belair on the bay. Another option is the Hinsdale (discontinued too).
Yep. TTS. Last is slimmer in the forepart of the shoe than the barrie last.
Went with the BB shell ptbs today:
Nobody special makes the Verona. I think it's the same makers that make the Saks Fifth Ave made in Italy shoes. I was talking to an AE SA and he said that they started selling these Italian style loafers and they caught on. They have really thin soles and are blake constructed so they're not as robust as their GW shoes.
Cool.Nick, could you put in a fiber or steel "normal" shank when you do a recraft of an AE shoe? That may be an option for me when I need some of my AE shoes resoled. I have some shoes with shanks and I can definitely feel more support. Thanks.
Pix of the your brown leeds? There are some crazy dudes at the alden thread that are paying hefty premiums for cigar shell.
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