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[[SPOILER]] I can't help you with the 2nd one, but I've seen this label on house Saks 5th Ave Made in Italy suits-black or red label. I don't think it's a "name" maker, though.
Did you get it via email or snail mail?
Barrel, Do I have something here? The patch says something like "Zimbabwe" cotton. Not selvedge. Only $5.
Thanks.This usually happens with coats that are new for me. I have square shoulders and don't slope down. That may be the problem.When you say reduce, do you mean reduce the padding of the shoulder pads?Any videos or illustrations about unpicking?
In a similar vein, I'm looking at illustrations/youtube on how a tailor removes that bulge on the top middle of the back shoulder. I think the term is "excess fabric under the collar". I've googled and nothing. TIA.
Pretty sure this is shell. Not a super deal, but could be if it's for your size.
That snyder southwick stuff is good. I tried on some coats at cent 21 a while back. No pants to be found. Stripes mostly. I would go for a 42r full on suit.
BB shell PTBs: Even though these are #8, I would call these cigar with a touch of cherry.
They could be following the Macy's/JAB model of sales all the time. They used to give you 25% off clearance shoes every once in a while (1sts). I noticed in the current sale it was 20% and the prices reflected the final discount. They used to take off the % when you checked out. I know cause I was checking out a pair of clearance shoes that never went down pre and post sale. Oh well...
BB shell Ptbs today:
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