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Thanks. That would bring back a buttload of returns. My saved searches kinda go like this:billy reid 42rboglioli 42rbrooks brothers 9d -alden (this only returns aldens by bb, in my sz)hanover shell cordovan 9etc.Basically, anything that catches my fancy in a retail store. Stuff for me in my size at ebay prices.
I ran out of my allowable saved searches on ebay. Other than creating another ebay account, how can I get more? Is there some sort of free site/app?
One of alden's best models. Congrats, sir.
Authenticity check? Buttons are def MOP. [[SPOILER]]
Hey guys, I'm looking for some cheap replacement laces for my mocs. Rawhide, I guess. These are the long ones that loop around the collar of the shoe. Also, how do you loop the laces around the eyelets. I seem to recall some sort of threader. TIA.
Hinsdale is a great model. Thanks for posting.Agree. AE needs a shortwing!
Alden for BB PTBs resoled to crepe. These are #8 but I think they're brown with minor reddish undertones.
It has been done before, but someone mentioned here that BB was severing their relationship with Alden. So, you may never get them.
[[SPOILER]] I can't help you with the 2nd one, but I've seen this label on house Saks 5th Ave Made in Italy suits-black or red label. I don't think it's a "name" maker, though.
Did you get it via email or snail mail?
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