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Can you gents tell me any info about this EG model I picked up? I looked at all the images on this thread and did not see a model that looked like it. I see that is B width but not sure it it is uk or us sizing. Thanks in advance.
Anybody interested in this Canali suit for $20 + shipping? What I paid. I missed 2 holes in the right front pants area. However, I repaired it. I ironed an iron-on small dot on the under side of the fabric. Then, I took some fabric from the inside seam of the pants leg and glued it in the hole. One looks better than the other. On one of the holes, I had to make sure the pinstripe lined up. It is tagged 50C (or 40S american). I think the coat will cover up the bigger...
So, I got a 500 free listings offer in the "Women's clothing" category. Would I get in trouble if I list stuff in this section even though all my stuff is mens? I know I don't even notice the category when one of my saved listings comes up. Thanks.
Hey guys, To those that have picked up shoes at Alden DC and/or have them shipped to you: Can I get some sort of break i.e. not having to pay sales tax? I figure 6% sales tax on $700 pair shell shoes is pretty substantial. Does alden DC charge for shipping? I'm able to pick some up and just trying to see if I can catch a small break. Thanks.
Looking to unload the following pants. Each are $10+actual shipping. As far as trades, looking for a medium to slim large Patagonia down sweater, a modern cut 40-42R SC/suits w/soft or unstructured shoulders, 7 fold ties (no name brands, ok). I can send you pants + cash depending on item. We can work something out. I ask that you send me any PP cash as a “friend”. Check my feedback and you’ll see I’m good for it. Top 2 are FF Zanellas “Benny” model. All are 100%...
That looks like a Saks "Black label" Made in Italy suit tag.
How long does it take to get rancourt to respond? I sent an email on Sunday asking about a resole. I know they got it cause I got a robo reply. Nothing complicated, just how to go about getting a resole. That's pi@@poor.
[[SPOILER]] Those 922s have a great color!
Can someone post an old pair of these with the rolls? I'm intrigued, but I'm afraid the unlined nature might mean tons of rolls
Can I say "Tom Ford" on my description for this Rive Gauche coat? Jompso?
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