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If anyone can pick these up for me, I'll pay for them + proxy fee and shipping. Thanks.
Same thing happened to mine. I contacted Quoddy and they wanted $100 for a new sole. I thought their resoles were more reasonably priced (below $50) so I declined. I also didn't use them heavily. All I can say is don't get any mocs with the vibram wrap.
Probably what all the high fives were about.
Noble,My wife really wants a Mercedes. Hasn't really given me a model, but I'm thinking E class or, my preference, would be an M class since I'd like to be able to drive an SUV once in a while. (I drive a Priius.) Probably a 2013 or so since I don't wanna buy new and take the depreciation hit. A friend of mine got an e class a few years ago when they were discontinuing body styles and got 10K or so off MSRP. Don't know if MB is doing that with their current "new" lineup...
I think that P. Grangard came by here about 2 years ago and said a SWing was coming. And, all we got was that LGA/Rockport comfort shoe.I can think of the following models off the top of my head that have come out the past 2 years: Mcgregor, Williams, Mcneil 2.0, and now this Atlantis. Still no shortwing.
My regional rate options seemed to have disappeared from paypal. I printed out a first class package for personal use and now I lost my regional shipping options. Anyone know how to get them back?
Looking for some sizing advice on some trail oxfords I want to pick up on the 'bay. I actually have some experience trying on some OSB models that may be able to help. I tried on the following when I was at the Independnce store early this year. beefrolls, in size 9.5D too big and roomy: Not sure if these are beefrolls, but I don't see them on the website anymore. Anyway, these were also 9.5D and they were nice and snug. I wore both shoes while wearing basic dress...
Can you gents tell me any info about this EG model I picked up? I looked at all the images on this thread and did not see a model that looked like it. I see that is B width but not sure it it is uk or us sizing. Thanks in advance.
Anybody interested in this Canali suit for $20 + shipping? What I paid. I missed 2 holes in the right front pants area. However, I repaired it. I ironed an iron-on small dot on the under side of the fabric. Then, I took some fabric from the inside seam of the pants leg and glued it in the hole. One looks better than the other. On one of the holes, I had to make sure the pinstripe lined up. It is tagged 50C (or 40S american). I think the coat will cover up the bigger...
So, I got a 500 free listings offer in the "Women's clothing" category. Would I get in trouble if I list stuff in this section even though all my stuff is mens? I know I don't even notice the category when one of my saved listings comes up. Thanks.
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