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Any shoe can look sleek if you make them pointy like that.
Hey guys, Looking to unload the following flat front Incotex pants. All are ~34wx29. Asking $30+actual shipping for all. Preference will be to those that want ALL of them. And, ask that you send me paypal as a "friend". I think the Zegna's are also made by Inco but not 100% sure. Added a good shot of the maker tag. Colors are Light gray zegnas (100% wool), charcoal grey incos (super 120s wool) and Light blue chino linos (roughly 50linen/ 50 cotton). Except for the chino...
[[SPOILER]] That bottom suit looks like Paul Smith.
Try the 333 last, grasshopper.
Prefer the one on the left. New one is too red.
Those are amazing!
Those are Grenson for Brooks, buddy.
I've got a Staple Pal Zileri Navy Blazer in 40R below. I can let it go for $8 + actual shipping (what I paid). 2 button dual vented. Coat is in "good" condition. Lining is tearing at the armholes. 21 P2P 30 BOC 25.5 sleeve
Hey boys, I won these AE shell loafers in size 9D. I'm a 9d on the brannock device but these fit me slighty long. I'm getting heel slippage. I can make them work with some heel thingys and/or thicker sox, but I'm not gonna do that. If you are a 9.5D they should work. Yours for what I paid for them: $112. Very good to excellent condition. Minimal if any foot imprint. Color is darker brown with hints of cherry. Not old enough to have developed patina. My pix: ebay...
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