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Two hauls in one post... Enjoy!   Shirts: [[SPOILER]]   Suits, Blazers   [[SPOILER]]   Pants: [[SPOILER]]   Wild Cards: [[SPOILER]]
Hey all,   At my local Marshall's there's a Brioni 46R long tuxedo jacket for ~$350. The original tag shows an MSRP of $5000.   What kind of flipping value would I be able to find, were I to pick it up?   Thanks!
    Glad to be here guys! Thanks for the insight on the Prada.       That was my insight when I originally posted, although I wasn't positive. Thanks for the confirmation!
Nothing great, but decent:   Shirts: Giorgio Armani (17) Prada (16) - Need confirmation of authenticity! Boss (15.5) SFA Made to Measure (Fits perfectly!) 2 x Pink by Thomas Pink (15, 15.5)   I'd greatly appreciate if anyone can comment on the Prada shirt. Thanks!   [[SPOILER]]   Ties: Canali E Zegna   [[SPOILER]]   I appreciate any insight on the Prada shirt.   Zegna tie and Prada shirt (assuming its authenticity) are available.
Hi all,   I'm from the Chicago suburbs, and will be studying finance at Notre Dame next year. I run track and do triathlons on the side. I love dressing well, and always enjoy browsing this site.   By the way, lately I've been thrifting quite a bit (maybe more than I should!) - after finding a perfect fitting YSL suit for $15, I've been hooked.   Cheers
Spanish made vintage leather jacket... Zipper reads "Areitio", No labels inside:   [[SPOILER]]     90's (I believe) YSL suit. Found the orphaned jacket, spent nearly half an hour searching for the pants! Every measurement matches mine perfectly:   [[SPOILER]]          
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