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Is there anyway to get a pair off the Mr. Porter UK site at the same pricepoint they sell for in the US? The quid to $ exchange rate is awful and boots that they sell here in the US for $690 go for $940 shipped to the US from the UK. 
thanks for the quick response!  I'm a 10 on the Alden TruBalance last or I'd be all over those! 
How does the price translate if you order from the US?  I've seen some things listed for $300 on the US site and they are 300 quid on the UK site?  I know about the VAT markup, but with the exchange rate of $'s to quid it's still a lot more. 
Any pics?  Is the toe-box structured on the MrPorter runs?  How much are you asking for them?
Is the toe-box structured on these?  How much are you asking for them? Would love to see some pics! 
I only inquired about the color 8 service boots and was told they are the exact same as the stock ones on Viberg.com
They did 20off last year and it worked on my Alden 405s....there's also a StyleForum code that gives 15off year round. 
Notre Shop in Chicago is getting in some of the stock colour 8 service boots.  Makes me wonder why other retailers don't order the standard stock options and sell in store/online that day?  Do they not offer that good of a wholesale price to purchase a whole run?  I understand they are expensive and somewhat of a risk at the pricepoint, but a lot of retailers order full runs of all sorts of Aldens. I really want to order my 1st pair of service boots, but the wait times...
I've got a Need Supply enzyme wash chambray I may be able to part with if the price is right! 
hows the sizing on them?  their website is a pile of shit and I can't seem to kind the sizing info hyperlink to work.  I'm 6' 170 and would like the henley to not be painted on....seem like they're pretty slim so I don't know if I should go with L or XL
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