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any word on when Viberg will get their hands on the waxed flesh? 
Any word yet?  Fall boot weather is coming on fast! 
Haha, yep! I'm up on the far SW side of Longmont. Whereabouts are you? I talked with one of the owners of Steadbrook a couple months ago about bergs a few months ago.
Any ETA updates? I'm camping up in Rocky Mountain National on Labor Day and would love to have em for it! 
I'm wondering too? Sold my other pair of vibergs and hoping to get a new pair soon! 
No worries. it's been in the high 90s for the past two damn months on the front range of Colorado and doesn't seem it's gonna let up for awhile so I def wouldn't be wearing the fattys just yet. Just hoping they arrive by my B-day at the end of the month to limit my wife's squakkin about my boot addiction! Haha
Any updates on the last rounds shipping date? 
Thanks for the quick response! Hopefully the fat's are in production now.....really excited to see the 110 in person.  Any idea how 3sixteen turns around custom makeups in 6-8 weeks?  I figure the SF MTO orders are similar in size to them.....assume it has something to do with the marketing they get from them? Anyways, I wanna get in on their natty mini ripple pre-order, but want to see the fat's in person before pre-ordering another pair. 
Any word from Guy on when these will ship yet?
man I love those 110 boondockers and still can't believe the price he sold them for! 
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