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I'd say the Viberg 10 fits similar to a 1907 or 875 10.25....crazy I know, but thats the best way to describe how it fits me. 
I'd take the insoles out and see if you could comfortably wear them in a 8.5   I've got the 1907's in a 10.5 and I took the insoles out because I hated them and they are pretty damn big on me.  I've got the 875s in a 10 and they are kind of snug....same with the Red Wing oro-leather chukkas in a 10.5.  Anyways, a 10 in the 2030 is perfect on me. 
No rush, but curious when the 20 buck paypal vote deposit will be refunded?
WOW!  Can't believe the Fat Waxed pulled through again! Just placed my order and am calling it an early birthday present that hopefully will arrive near the actual day in August. 
Awesome, so having voted for the Fat I will be getting an email when I can pre-order after-all?  Is the ballpark time for another round about 3 months?
Damn! Was really hoping the Fat Waxed would get made this round! Is there anyway to setup an email alert when the next round begins?  I'm scared I'll miss it as I've only been checking SF for this thread.   Also, does the Fat Waxed have to secure a top spot in voting next round to get made or how will that work?     Thanks
Thanks for the update! Hoping since the same waxed flesh leather is being used on the fatty & slim that they will find a way to satisfy us boot addicts. 
I'm still holding out hope for the Fat Waxed!  Haven't heard FOK say it was a no-go yet... 
Sounds good man!  I think the Fat Waxed Flesh could end up getting a significant amount of orders from people who didn't get in on the voting in time. 
I hear ya. I'm still holding out Hope Viberg can do all 5. Dying for a pair of the fat waxed!
New Posts  All Forums: