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Anyone miss out on a size 10 of the Fatty Waxed?  I may be willing to part with my order after they ship....considering getting in on the 3sixteen natty pre-order.      Also, any updates from Viberg on when they'll ship?
Any word from Viberg on the waxed flesh yet Fok?  Drew seems to respond to emails really quickly compared to the response time in the past.....I'd like to know what's going on with my order.   Thanks
just saw that!  Think its more probable that they put a pulltab on the skinny waxed than a toe-cap on the fat, but who knows?  Sounding like there was some confusion with 2 similar builds coming in at the same time. Hopefully we get some clarification soon and they finish making my pair! 
I'd assume these are another MTO makeup for someone like Notre, BCC, the Bureau, etc...  I don't see viberg f'n up and just adding a captoe.  I do however think ours shoulda been the 1st ones made when the waxed flesh came in though having our order placed all the way back in April (tho I guess there's a slight possibility someone placed theres before us and was waiting on the waxed flesh as well)  Really hoping these are completed soon!  I could've done some significant...
Would love to know what time frame the waxed flesh 'could' be shipping so I can plan other purchases accordingly?  Thanks 
any word on when Viberg will get their hands on the waxed flesh? 
Any word yet?  Fall boot weather is coming on fast! 
Haha, yep! I'm up on the far SW side of Longmont. Whereabouts are you? I talked with one of the owners of Steadbrook a couple months ago about bergs a few months ago.
Any ETA updates? I'm camping up in Rocky Mountain National on Labor Day and would love to have em for it! 
I'm wondering too? Sold my other pair of vibergs and hoping to get a new pair soon! 
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