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Did these sell? Interested if they haven't
just gave them their 1st cold handwash....these guys are ready for a new owner! 
So some 15off unique codes still go out?  Figured you guys would have included one with the NS exclusive Alden Indys at that pricepoint? 
curious how I look so dated? the indys?
RoastdaySteez: Alden NeedSupply Indys, Baldwin duck canvas henleys, RogueTerritory chambray. 
I got these NeedSupply Indys about 10 days ago and finding it hard to even get into my 405s with how light and comfortable they are!  Really want to pick up a pair of longwings sometime soon....should've done it a couple months ago when Jcrew had a code that was working on Alden (which I assume very rarely happens).     Are there any other retailers that offer occasional promo codes on longwings?
Got the NeedSupply exclusive Alden indys about 10 days ago and didn't get one of the cards with the 15off promo code....the 405 indys I ordered in december came with one, along with a couple other orders my wife and I placed in November/December.   Is the promotion no longer going on?  Really dug the concept and the added 5% off above the SF code was a huge motivator on big orders like Aldens.
Thanks!  Didn't think there was anyone on the front range carrying Alden! 
Does Hickoree's ever send out promo-codes or have any spring sales on sweaters?  I've only ordered from them once...
definitely, being only a few days old it really pissed me off so I'm glad it worked out pretty well. 
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