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man I love those 110 boondockers and still can't believe the price he sold them for! 
can't believe they can turn em around that quick! Wonder if it's because of volume compared to SF MTO's or what?  
I actually think the corded sole doesn't make them look as unbalanced as the leather sole on the 2030 (tho I'm still not a fan of the corded and would prefer dainite).....to each their own, but the unstructured toe coupled with the leather sole and sleekness made them feel really pointy/duck-billed/elf-like on me.  The 110 boondockers just seem to look a lot better to my eye and I really hope I can score a pair sometime! I've got the 110 waxed flesh boots coming soon from...
Thanks man!  Would love to see some shots like that!  These appear more balanced than the 2030 roughouts I had in a size 10. 
Those look great!  Any full fit-pic shots you could share?  What size are these? 
  Do you pre-order just by emailing them?  I didn't see anything on their website.   Do they have a ballpark date for shipping them yet?  I'd love to see some more shots of the natty roughout mini-ripples on feet....I've only seen one on reddit gyw site so far. 
What ended up happening to a 110 boondocker? I just sold my 2030 boondockers because they looked really duck-billed in a size 10. Maybe I'm crazy, but I don't think an unstructured 2030 last works that well in bigger sizes on the boondocker.    I about bought the 2040 3sixteen natty roughouts, but it was hard to commit to the mini-ripple without seeing it and not being able to return.  How does the 2040 compare to the 110 last? 
Any updates on the ETA of the Fatty Waxed from the last MTO?  I'm waiting to try them out before getting in on another pre-order. 
Well that sucks....I'd order a pair for sure if I had the option to return it.  I've never seen a 2040 boot in person or the mini-ripple, so its hard to pull the trigger knowing I'd lose $150 or more reselling them. 
Has there ever been a 110 Boondocker on commando or dainite made? If so, I'd love to see some pics of it.     Also curious how the 110 last compares to the 2040 3sixteen is using on their mini-ripple boondocker-esque boot. 
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