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Well that sucks....I'd order a pair for sure if I had the option to return it.  I've never seen a 2040 boot in person or the mini-ripple, so its hard to pull the trigger knowing I'd lose $150 or more reselling them. 
Has there ever been a 110 Boondocker on commando or dainite made? If so, I'd love to see some pics of it.     Also curious how the 110 last compares to the 2040 3sixteen is using on their mini-ripple boondocker-esque boot. 
I'd love to see some shots of that mini-ripple on feet....that natty roughout looks awesome, but hard to tell if I'd like the sole in person. I wonder what 3sixteen's return policy is on Vibergs?
I'd love a 110 Boondocker in some variety (dainite, pull tab, etc...) but want to make sure my Fat Waxed fits 1st!  May just have to wait until the next round of MTO's...
Well, my brother in NYC flaked on making it to the sample sale. Just curious what size 10's were available to determine how mad I should be at him. Haha
I'm in the exact same boat in Colorado....would love to know what 10's are available and would pay for the service!  Shoot me a PM if possible, I'd really appreciate it! 
Got my brother planning to hit up the sample sale on Sat. morning....any idea if they are laying out everything tomorrow morning or gonna stagger it each day to keep people coming? 
I tried planning a visit to my brothers place in Manhattan just for this, but it fell thru!  Would love to know what size 10's are available? 
any pics of the 110 boondockers?
I agree that its impossible to find the Boondocker on the 110 (wish I woulda been able to snag up that pair that went for $250 on grailed!). I'm NOT a fan of the corded sole being used on the recent makeups, looks really cheap and out of place on such a beautiful boot.  I think this new makeup should have a partially structured toe, dainite, and could go either way on a pull-tab. Is the voting for the next SF makeups going to be in June?  Wish my 110 fat-waxed shitkickers...
New Posts  All Forums: