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I haven't been keeping up on the it no longer the same 3 guys who started TS running it? 
Did you mail it back? Trying to exchange or trade for an XL 
Got a Size Large Merino Henley that's a bit too small on me...anyone have an XL they'd want to trade for? They are currently sold out and I love the quality of it! 
I've got a Turquoise Yosemite from the original run in a size 40 if you're interested?
Credit card "Price Protection"?    I bought an expensive Billy Reid coat a couple weeks ago and the price dropped....I can still return it, but the retailer won't refund the difference and my size is sold-out so I can't just re-order another to save the $150. This got me to thinking about using my Chase Freedom credit card's "price protection" to get the difference back. I'm not exactly sure if they honor 'discount codes' or how it works so I thought I'd reach out to...
Why did Standard & Strange send back the 110s?
I've got the Yosemite in 3 colors and really want to add the BlackWatch to the rotation!  Anyone have a large or medium they are selling?
Is there going to be another run of the BlackWatch Yosemite this year?  
Are there any pics of Standard & Strange's 110 waxed flesh boots online (other than the shot Viberg posted on Instagram)?    Just curious how these differ from our makeup.
  Would love to see how these are looking today! I remember these belonging to a photographer friend of Brett Viberg's
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