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Any interest in a size 10US Boondocker on the 2030 from MrP?   I've only worn it about 10 times and thinking I'd like it better on dainite opposed to the leather soles. 
Thanks for posting that Burzan!  Now I'm thinking the 2030 is by far and away the best from that angle!  Haha     I'd only seen some shots from looking down on them and didn't realize how up-turned the 110 was. 
does anyone have pics of the Boondockers on the 2030 compared to other lasts like the 110 or 2045?  I've got them on the 2030 and thinking I may like them better on a different last. 
thanks man!  are those the waxed flesh on the 2045 on dainite?  same size as your 2030 boondockers? 
where's that pic, would love to see it! I keep going back and forth on whether I'd like my boondockers on something other than the 2030. 
I'm not sure how the commando sole would pair with the sleekness of the 2030?  I'd be open for other lasts, but prefer something kinda 'chunky' if its on the commando. 
These wouldn't happen to be a US 10 would they? Haha, I know how hard it is to part with really nice shit but man do I want a pair of these! 
Does anyone have any pics of how their SF makeup of these has aged over the year?  Anyone interested in another run similar?   
After putting a few holes in the heels of my Anonymousism socks, I picked up 6 pairs of Chups and am pretty impressed.    
Anyone have pics of a well broken-in pair of the Alden 7-Hills Indys?  I've had mine since last season and have em listed in the Marketplace, but am debating keeping them now. 
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