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I agree that its impossible to find the Boondocker on the 110 (wish I woulda been able to snag up that pair that went for $250 on grailed!). I'm NOT a fan of the corded sole being used on the recent makeups, looks really cheap and out of place on such a beautiful boot.  I think this new makeup should have a partially structured toe, dainite, and could go either way on a pull-tab. Is the voting for the next SF makeups going to be in June?  Wish my 110 fat-waxed shitkickers...
Any updates on a ballpark ship date? Can't wait to get my Fatty waxed 110's! 
What last do you wish you would've gotten instead?
Wow! Can't believe those sold for only $250, I'm a 10 on the 2030 and woulda risked sizing down at that price.  I assume these are the pair that guy Zack had who moved to LA and went vegan....wonder if he's sold his 2030 brown and black cxl's yet? 
I'm interested in some 110 boondockers as well!  Would love to see them in the next SF MTO. 
What size were they?  Must've already sold as don't see them up anymore. 
Would love to see some more shots of them!  Were they originally on leather soles?
Thats what I figured....did he say what last the ripple sole will be on?  I remember Johan or someone at 3six getting a really thin ripple soled boot that had a cool natural wood midsole awhile ago. (not exactly sure on the proper terminology of what the midsole materials are called)
Does anyone know anything about the 3sixteen coffee chromepacks Brett posted on Instagram?  I'm assuming they'll be the typical 2030 captoe service boots
How have people found their Workshop model to be working out?  I'd like a pair of the Trunks they have up now, but them not shipping until the end of June when 1/3 of summer is over makes me a little hesitant. 
New Posts  All Forums: