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Thanks for the update! Hoping since the same waxed flesh leather is being used on the fatty & slim that they will find a way to satisfy us boot addicts. 
I'm still holding out hope for the Fat Waxed!  Haven't heard FOK say it was a no-go yet... 
Sounds good man!  I think the Fat Waxed Flesh could end up getting a significant amount of orders from people who didn't get in on the voting in time. 
I hear ya. I'm still holding out Hope Viberg can do all 5. Dying for a pair of the fat waxed!
Is it possible to put the top 5 to preorder and see how they fair?  I posted the #13 fat waxed flesh on my instagram right as the voting was closing and had about 5 guys wanting a pair that didn't even know about this SF mto program
Can the total vote tally each boot got be posted? Interested to see how close the fat&slim waxed were. When does that 20buck voting get refunded?
You coming back to the 13 bro?
Wow! So pumped to see the fatty waxed flesh slip in! (Haha, that sounds really perverted)
On the 2030 last with that many eyelets, those look like something Prince would wear while bathing in the water of Lake Minnetonka
Anyone looking for one of the coolest Viberg boots ever made (that may never get made) has a 1/2 hour to vote for them at : http://www.styleforummarket.com/copy-of-put-your-money-where-your-mouth-is-vote-the-fat-waxed-flesh-service-boot/     Waxed Flesh that will age insanely well, 110 last, commado-sole.....absolute definition of shit-kickin, poon-gettin, panty droppers!   
New Posts  All Forums: