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I'm on vacation right now so I've been drinking and wandering around SoCal the past couple days and havent been keeping up, but I'm still in for #13. Is the only change now gonna be white stitching on the uppers? I'm cool with that. Basically the exact makeup of the photo I posted last week?
Just want to confirm that this build has the traditional white stitching on sole?  Is the estimated price going to be $720?     The "I-Can't-Fit-Into-the-2030-Because-of-My-Fat-Feet" Waxed Flesh Service Boot Model: Service Boot Last: 110 Leather: brown waxed flesh Leather (tongue): brown Eyelets: 7 vintage brass eyelet Sole: Commando Comments: plain toe, partially structured, pull tab, natural midsole, tonal upper stitching
If you decide to return, I've got a Viberg 10 from MrPorter I'm selling with perfect stitching. 
I totally forgot about the ripple sole! Is it too late to propose another build? If not, here goes.  We could call it "The Trimhound Special"   Model: Boondocker Last: 110 Leather: Natty CXL Roughout Tongue: Smooth Natty CXL Eyelets: 7, dark brown like the stock Boondocker Midsole: Natural Sole: Wedge, mini-ripple (cream) Other: Partially structured toe, pull tab, tonal stitching on the upper/white on the sole
What size are you? Haven't seen any pop up on MrP since X-Mas
Would Love to trade this Size Large Down Vest for a Medium in the exact same color.  I've only worn it 3 or 4 times as its a bit too big on me.     
Bought this at the beginning of the year from End Clothing for $479.  I've only worn it 3 or 4 times as its a bit too big on me.  I'd prefer to trade for this exact same vest in a size Medium if anyone has one?  The construction is unreal!   
These ones Brett Viberg's wearing here appear to be Navy and if so, are the coolest Navy ones I've seen.  
Yeah, I guess I'm willing to give them a try to get these guys made.  Really wish the photographer Jessie who had these originals MTO for him would post some more pics!  Love that top-down shot and definitely think I'll get green waxed laces if these end up being made.On another note, what's the current turn-around time on these orders?  I know a lot more retailers are doing custom makeups these days. (MrP, Notre, Brooklyn CC, etc)
Is the pull tab something that could be an option to have or not but still get the run made? It would be less manufacturing work for those who don't want it, but don't know if viberg would do a run like that. Edit: Also Found an image of them on feet. I guess this original was made for the guy who did some photography for viberg.
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