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awesome, thanks Karl!  Sounds like some really cool improvements over my last one.  The forearms on the old one were really tight on me and the canvas was still pretty crunchy after a ton of wears. Pumped to see the shading of this Italian canvas! I've got an Apolis coat made from Italian wool that has been great.
Hey Karl, is the ISC workshirt coming out soon goin to be the same as the one released in FW2012? I unfortunately just had to sell my size Medium of that run cuz it was getting a bit tight....really need another one!  I wore that baby daily for about a year!  If so, has the sizing changed at all since 2012?   Thanks
There are some here: http://keep.com/norse-projects-patrik-reverse-fairisle-by-need-supply/k/rjzMe4ABJk/
Anyone looking to trade for an Army Green Stark size Large in the new fit? I'd like a black or grey in a large.  Check my sig for details on the one I have available. 
I bought this beaut for $330 last season and wore it a lot!  Did one cold handwash on it and it shrunk a tad, so I unfortunately have to part with it since its a bit too tight now.   Better images available here: http://www.endclothing.co.uk/norse-projects-patrik-reverse-fair-isle-sweat-168220.html   Will ship priority for free anywhere in the US.  
cool! Wonder if it'll be the same exact thing or something different? 
Does anyone have a Large ISC shirt they are looking to get rid of from the Fall 2012 run?  I've got a Medium I'm looking to trade/sell as its gotten a tad too tight on me this past year.    Thanks
This beaut is from Fall 2012 and made from selvedge canvas. Probably one of the raddest shirts ever made by RgT! I'm only selling as I've put on a few lbs and it's now a bit too tight on me (only wore it once last year, after many great wears the year before) (If anyone has this same exact one in a large, I'd actually prefer trade as I really don't wanna sell) It has started to fade a tad and has some nice elbow honeycombs....runs really slim just like all rgt shirting.
Only worn a handful of times as it's a bit too small for me. It's very comparable in quality to my gitman vintage shirting, wish it fit me!  Comes from a non-smoking home and is in pristine condition.    Will ship priority anywhere in the US
Did these sell? Interested if they haven't
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