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I'm curious how shoe-trees affect the unstructured toe on the 2030 last?  Will it just delay the collapsing? 
Thanks man! Just found those and ordered 4 pairs for my wife and I.  Still really want the blue ones that aren't on sale tho! Hehehe
Thanks man! Figured the "in good company" would be excluded, but it worked on one pair I wanted.  Wish it worked on all of their Chup offerings.  Anyone know of other sites carrying them on sale?  Want to pick up a few more pairs. 
Anyone know where I can get Chup socks on sale?  Bought a bunch of Anonymousism from East Dane on their big sale last year and the quality is lacking on the basic solid cableknit ones....the ones with the patterns have held up a lot better.
What else was on the 10D list? 
Anyone have the 10D list they could share?   On another note, I over-creamed my Indys last week with the Alden cream.  It was my 1st time using it and I can now see a bit of it remaining in a shiny grease.....how do I go about removing it?  I've tried brushing, but its still there.  SHould I just wait it out?   Thanks
What's the general consensus on using shoe-trees on an unstructured toe on the 2030 last? Will it just prolong it collapsing? Ideally, I'd like to prevent the upward curve you get on boots that aren't tree-d.   Thanks
I'm curious how Vibergs double leather sole wears vs the dainite? What are the pros and cons of each?  
I've got 4 Gitman Vintages in my rotation, but have never handled one from their "Brothers" line.  How do they compare?
I've got a green Highlands shirt from last year's run in a size 40 if anyone is interested....worn twice.  Will have it up on grail in the next couple days. 
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