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While it's true that a button stance that is too low as a product of a suit that is too large just looks bad, the only downside of a low button stance on a well-fitting jacket is that it may bring undue attention to your monumental cajones.
The state of North Carolina.
I'm late to the game here, but I was just having this discussion with my Dad. My argument that if you care that much about what people think about you, use the few hundred you would have spent on a fake watch on something quality Ray-Ban or Persol sunglasses. He is willing to bet that even if you wore a $15K watch every day (which many of his co-workers do), you would get less comments on it than you would on a well done $30 haircut.
  A lower button stance makes you look taller, leaner, and smarter. Wear your buttons too high and risk looking like a waiter. Waiters don't get laid as much as you think.
Also, in my experience with two of them, prom is not necessarily a place where anyone is going to recognize how fly you look (even when you do). The cheerleaders are still going to go for the football/basketball/baseball players despite the fact that they are wearing white tuxedoes far above the tropics.   (I also forgot to mention that I was wearing a citizen watch on a nato strap and that my socks had sharks on them, which is my way of saying don't take yourself...
I just had my Senior Prom, this is the best picture I find that shows the look I was going for. (I couldn't find a good picture that got the ray-bans, lapels, pocket square, tie, pants, and sleeves together... this is a compromise)       I rented my tux from Men's Wearhouse and got this slim-ish fit, flat-front Calvin Klein. Since I wore my own shoes, I got to prom without spending more than about $125.   I believe the jacket is a 40 XL. I asked...
Same reason you don't wear white after Labor Day: because it's the "rules". However, I say if it looks good, wear it!
One of my favorite outfits is a black bottom-down collar oxford shirt that I got for American Apparel, some really light sand Levi's 501's, and either black or grey Sperry Top Siders. If the man wants you to wear dress shoes, throw him a curveball and get some black wingtips from Cole Haan in either leather or suede. They've got nike soles so they feel just like your favorite pair of sneakers.
(Accidentally posted that last one twice)
I think there's enough material for for cuffs on the pants that have been hemmed already. There is a good 2 1/2 inches of fabric inside the leg under the hem and each pair of pants is at least an inch too long. I'm hearing to forego the no break option on the flat-fronts, which is probably smart because I don't want to look like I've outgrown my pants. Is it outdated to ask for a diagonal hem so that the front has less break on the shoe than the back? I actually like the...
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